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2020 Loretta Lynn’s Two Motocross | Race Report



250 Moto One

As the rain continued to fall, the first moto of weekend number two at Loretta Lynn’s was off. Monster Energy/Star Racing/Yamaha’s Shane McElrath with Alex Martin alongside. As they entered turn number three, Alex Martin took a jab at the lead and became your new race leader, however, just a few corners later Alex laid over his JGR Suzuki and went from first to deep in the pack. Shane McElrath then re-entered the lead, with RJ Hampshire trailing in second. Cameron McAdoo made an early pass on RJ to pick up the second place position, and just a few moments later McElrath stalled his bike, giving Cameron the lead. Shane McElrath struggled to restart his Star Yamaha and dropped deep into the field. Derek Drake entered the pits, as well as Alex Martin, as the rain began to claim victims only a few minutes into the first race of the day. Meanwhile, GEICO Honda teammates Jeremy Martin and Hunter Lawrence entered third and fourth, with points leader Dylan Ferrandis trailing in fifth. Back up front, RJ Hampshire began applying pressure on Cameron and challenging for the lead. After a few laps of lurking behind McAdoo, RJ was eventually able to make the pass for the lead. Dylan Ferrandis reeled in Jeremy Martin and made the pass for this place after a few attempts. After running in the top-5 early-on, Hunter Lawrence was out of moto one. Back up front, RJ Hampshire remained in the lead but was now without goggles. Dylan Ferrandis reeled in the leaders in a hurry and quickly made a pass on McAdoo for second place. As the leaders fought through lapped traffic, Hampshire worked to keep the mud out of his eyes and Ferrandis behind him. A few positions back, Jeremy Martin made the pass on Cameron McAdoo for third place, while teammate Carson Mumford ran in sixth place. Dylan Ferrandis made the decision to run through the pits and grab a pair of goggles while running in second place and it seemed to be working in his favor as he began reeling in RJ with some clear vision. After climbing back up into a top-10 position, Alex Martin went down again and struggled to get his bike up, dropping him back a few positions. Back up front, with just two laps to go, Dylan Ferrandis sat just a few bike lengths behind RJ Hampshire. However, RJ’s smart line choice rewarded him with a few seconds to put on Ferrandis. As the checkered flag waved, RJ Hampshire took a very impressive win in moto one. 

250 Moto Two

As the 250 class left the gate for their second moto, Alex Martin and Shane McElrath were off to the early lead again. Shane entered the early lead but not for long, as he went through a hole and slowed momentarily, allowing both Martin brothers to make the pass. Alex led the field around, as Jeremy trailed three seconds behind. Just as the riders click off their first lap, the skies opened up and rain began to come down again. Race one winner sat deep in the field at the end of the first lap, as RJ Hampshire was listed in 27th. Back up front, Cameron McAdoo made the pass on Shane McElrath for third place. The Martin brothers continued to lead, as Alex Martin sat in the lead with a five-second cushion on brother Jeremy, who had over 20-seconds on the rest of the field. Nearly halfway through the moto, Dylan Ferrandis finally appeared in the top-10 as he passed Stilez Robertson for ninth. As the clock ran down to 10 minutes plus two laps, the GEICO Honda bikes seemed to all be smoking excessively, including Jeremy Martin’s machine. Meanwhile, Dylan Ferrandis continued to climb up through the field as he entered sixth place and began challenging Hartranft for fifth. Just as Ferrandis reeled in Hartranft, the TLD KTM quit on on him and ended Hartranft’s day. RJ Hampshire came around and got stuck just behind stranded Brandon Hartranft, who then went over and helped bail out the race one winner. The Yamaha teammates of Shane McElrath and Dylan Ferrandis began to reel in Cameron McAdoo late in the race and were both able to get around the Kawasaki rider for third and fourth place. As the checkered flag waved, Alex Martin took the race win after a flawless moto, while brother Jeremy Martin crossed the finish line in second and took the overall win. 

450 Moto One

As the 450s left the gate for their first moto, Justin Barcia was off to the early lead with Chase Sexton just behind. However, Sexton came to a stop in the second corner to pull a tear-off and lost a position to Freddie Noren. Meanwhile, Jason Anderson went down in the first corner and was faced with a moto battling through the pack. As Barcia continued to lead, his teammate Broc Tickle entered third place after passing Chase Sexton. Chase Sexton made a few more mistakes early on and gave up another position to Eli Tomac. Moments later, Noren went down while running in second and remounted in seventh. Max Anstie went down while running inside the top-10 and struggled to remount. Meanwhile, points leader Zach Osborne continued to battle through the pack as him and his Rockstar Energy Husqvarna teammates climbed closer to the top-10. Back up front, Eli Tomac put a pass on Broc Tickle for second place while Justin Barcia sat 28 seconds ahead. And back to the Husqvarna boys, both Anderson and Osborne made some more mistakes and hit the deck. Christian Craig made some mid-race passes as he got around Sexton and Tickle, rewarding him with third place. Adam Cianciarulo began making a charge towards the top-5 as he made the pass on Marvin Musquin. Points Leader Zach Osborne fought his way into the top-10 and sat in seventh place with three laps to go, meanwhile Marvin Musquin went into pit lane for some gloves and goggles. With just two laps to go, Eli Tomac made a mistake and gave Broc Tickle second place and Freddie Noren third. However, Eli continued to drop as his teammate Adam Cianciarulo also got around him and his bike began to stutter. On the final lap, Adam Cianciarulo passed into third place. After a dominating performance, Justin Barcia took the moto one win with a minute lead on his teammate and the rest of the field. Meanwhile, Eli Tomac’s bike quit on him before he could cross the finish line. 

450 Moto Two

The final race at Loretta Lynn’s for the season was off and Marvin Musquin was off to the early lead after a great start, but Max Anstie quickly got around Marvin and moved into first. Meanwhile, Eli Tomac was down in the first corner after clipping the rear tire of his teammate and remounted in dead last. Back up front, Marvin and Max continued to swap lines and battle for the lead. As Max Anstie secured the early lead and began to build a lead, Adam Cianciarulo moved into third place. Behind him, Christian Craig and Justin Barcia battled for fourth place until Barcia went down and lost a handful of positions, ultimately remounting in 20th place. After starting in dead last, Eli Tomac had passed up to eighth place in a matter of minutes. Upfront, Max Anstie continued to lead with Marvin trailing by four seconds. Zach Osborne caught up to the rear tire of Cianciarulo and then dove to the inside of him to pick up the position. Jason Anderson followed his teammate by Cianciarulo and took over the fourth-place position. Zach Osborne continued to charge, as he got by Musquin for second place and put his focus on Anstie and the lead. Moto one’s winner Justin Barcia climbed back up to 12th but then was forced out of the race. While leading, Max Anstie got stuck behind a downed lapper, allowing Osborne to make the pass and take the lead with just two minutes left on the clock. With two laps to go, Eli Tomac was stranded with another mechanical after climbing back up to eighth place. On the final lap, Marvin Musquin made the pass on Anstie and then challenged Osborne for the lead, but was unable to make the pass before Osborne crossed the finish line and collected another overall win at Loretta Lynn’s. 

Chase Curtis

Chase Curtis is an avid motocross and MTB rider, and he is the SML Video Editor. Completely self-taught, Chase is one of the best video editors in the sport and one of our biggest assets.

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