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2020 Oakland Supercross | Ken Roczen Foot Update


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The last turn, last-lap pass between Cooper Webb and Ken Roczen was the final big moment of the exciting 450 Main Event at the 2020 Oakland Supercross, as the two collided feet from the finish line. Roczen led early in the race and dueled with Eli Tomac before settling into second place in the running order. Webb, meanwhile, upped his intensity in the closing half of the race, passed Adam Cianciarulo, and caught up to Roczen in the closing minutes. In an effort to protect the inside line through the last turn, Roczen chopped down and cut his Team Honda HRC bike close to the corner, but still allowed enough room for Webb to stick the front wheel of his Red Bull KTM in. The contact caught Roczen’s right foot between their bikes and forced him wide, which passed the position to Webb.

The video below starts moments before the pass…

It was apparent that Roczen was in some discomfort as he rode to the podium, passed his bike to the team, sat on the ground, and immediately got his foot out of the boot. The Alpinestars Mobile Medical staff did an on-site check of his foot and toes, but with no obvious damage, Roczen regrouped and with through the podium procedure and post-race press conference. It’s worth noting that Webb came to talk to Roczen during the medical check and there was no sense of hostility between the two.

In the post-race press conference, Roczen said that he was initially concerned that he had injured his foot, but that he’s hopeful it was an immediate reaction to the pain. “I don’t think it is anything crazy,” he stated in the post-race press conference. “My foot, I don’t know if it got stuck in something or if it was just from the hit or whatever. It was a bit of a stinger, but nothing too crazy or that I’m worried about.”

We reached out to Team Honda HRC on Sunday morning to see if Roczen visited the medics after the race, and they told us he did not and because he went through the podium and press conference without issue, they’re thinking it is only something small like a deep bruise or pinch. Later in the afternoon, Roczen posted a foot of his foot on Instagram and said that he will get x-rays on Monday for final confirmation.

So, in summary: Roczen’s foot is fine, but the current 450 championship leader will still get an x-ray this week for precautionary measures. We just had to put it out there because people need an update after the cameras cut from him in pain…

UPDATE FEBRUARY 5 2020: We reached out to Team Honda HRC on Thursday morning for a Roczen update. His check-up on Monday determined nothing serious was wrong, so he opted for therapy on Monday and Tuesday to expedite the recovery instead of riding. With the issue and swelling managed, Roczen put in a practice moto on Wednesday and said that he is good to go for the San Diego Supercross. Roczen plans to take part in Friday’s media riding session to make up for a little of the lost time. Honda later posted an update on their social media that confirmed Roczen will race San Diego.

Michael Antonovich

Michael Antonovich has a wealth of experience with over 10 years of moto-journalism under his belt. A lifelong racing enthusiast and rider, Anton is the Editor of Swapmoto Live and lives to be at the race track.

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  1. Craig Gjerdingen February 3, 2020

    Webb is asking for pay back at this point.