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2020 RedBud One Motocross | Race Report



No, it’s not the Fourth of July, but the 2020 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship is set to spend an exciting weekend at the RedBud Motocross. Rounds four and five of the series will take place over the long Labor Day weekend, beginning with the 2020 RedBud One Motocross. Scroll down to read the recap, scan the results, and see 84 photos from the day.

250 Moto One

As 250 moto one at Redbud left the gate, Ty Masterpool was off to the early lead as he crossed the holeshot line first with one hand in the air. Darrian Sanayei sat in second place early, with Joey Crown following in third. However, the GEICO Honda teammates of Jett Lawrence and Jeremy Martin were pressuring early. Dylan Ferrandis came out of nowhere into fifth but then swapped hard down the hill and hit the deck. Ferrandis remounted deep in the field but pulled right in front of a Gage Schehr, sending Gage to the deck. Once again, points leader Dylan Ferrandis was faced with a moto battling through the pack. Back up front, Masterpool continued to lead over Sanayei, with Jett Lawrence in third and Jeremy Martin in fourth. Jeremy Martin passed Lawrence soon after and immediately began working on Sanayei for second place. And, Jeremy Martin made quick work of Sanayei, as he passed him on the first attempt before starting his charge towards Ty and the lead. A few positions back, Cameron McAdoo pressured Jett for fourth place, as RJ Hampshire latched onto Cameron. However, Jett responded to Cameron’s pressure and built a larger gap between the two. Alex Martin then caught onto the rear fender of RJ, bunching fourth through seventh place within just a few seconds. Darrian Sanayei made a mistake ahead of this group, costing him five positions, as he dropped from third to seventh. Cameron McAdoo then bobbled in an inside line, allowing RJ to rip around the outside and into fourth place. RJ Hampshire then began working on Jett Lawrence for third place, just as Jeremy Martin caught Ty Masterpool and began challenging for the lead. And the battle was on between the kid and the veteran, Jeremy made a few shots at the lead but Ty was able to block and close the door. However, Jeremy was ultimately able to make the pass and secure the lead after carving under the kid. Back to the battle for third, RJ continued to pressure Jett, as they both reeled in Ty. RJ Hampshire finally had enough and charged to the inside of Jett down a hill and took the position. Meanwhile, Dylan Ferrandis finally joined the top-10, as he sat in eighth place with five minutes on the clock. Back up front, RJ Hampshire caught Ty Masterpool and made the pass for second. Ty attempted to respond and pass him back as he sent LaRocco’s Leap but was unable to repass. Jett Lawrence now began challenging Ty for third place with two laps to go. However, Ty continued to send the leap, giving him a few seconds of cushion each lap. As the checkered flag waved, Jeremy Martin took the moto win just ahead of Hampshire in second and Masterpool in third.

250 Moto Two

As the 250 class left the gate for the second time, Shane McElrath was off to the early lead but then Darrian Sanayei immediately took over the lead in the second corner. Just a few sections later, McElrath retook the lead and gained control of the race. Shortly after, both Jeremy and Alex Martin moved past Sanayei. And then, fellow PC Kawasaki fill-in Mitchell Harrison made the pass on Sanayei. Meanwhile, Dylan Ferrandis is nowhere to be seen at the top of the field. However, just a lap later, Ferrandis broke into the top 12 after picking off guys corner after corner. Back up front, the Martin brothers began to close in on McElrath and the lead. Jeremy Martin being the first brother to challenge Shane, got a few swings at the position, but McElrath continued to hit the leap every lap and open up a small cushion on Jeremy. Meanwhile, Mitchell Harrison hit the deck hard, snapped his bars, and put an end to his day. Dylan Ferrandis continued to pick off positions, as he passed Derek Drake for sixth place. Moments later, Jeremy Martin finally got close enough to make a move on McElrath for the lead and did so. Ferrandis then moved into fourth place after jumping the leap over RJ Hampshire. As Jeremy Martin crossed the two-lap mark, Ferrandis sat just two seconds down of Alex Martin in third. A-Mart was well aware of where Ferrandis sat, as Alex clicked another gear and sent the leap to attempt to stay in front of the Frenchman. On the final lap, Ferrandis showed Alex a wheel and then charged down the hill and into the inside of Martin to take third place. As the checkered flag flew, Jeremy Martin picked up another moto win and went 1-1 at RedBud One!


450 Moto One

As the first 450 race of the day left the gate, Zach Osborne was off to the early lead after pulling the holeshot. The Suzuki’s of Noren and Anstie trailed in second and third but Adam Cianciarulo was able to make an early pass on both of them and immediately enter second place. Marvin Musquin then passed the pair of Suzukis and picked up the third-place position. While running in second, Adam Cianciarulo lost the front end in the corner before the lead and dropped outside of the top-10. That incident put Musquin in second and Christian Craig in third place. Meanwhile, Blake Baggett began to challenge Eli Tomac for seventh place, all while the pair reeled in Max Anstie. Eli responded to Blake’s pressure and made the pass on Anstie for sixth place. Freddie Noren made a mistake while running in fourth that allowed Chase Sexton to get by. After his first lap mistake, Cianciarulo continued to charge back towards the front as he passed Anstie and settled in behind his teammate in seventh. While running in fifth place, Noren suffered an unfortunate mechanical, ending his moto early. Chase Sexton made the pass on Craig for third place, as Osborne continued to lead. A few laps later, Eli Tomac reeled in Craig and began pressuring for fourth place. However, Eli struggled to get around lappers quickly causing him to lose ground to Craig. Eli Tomac regrouped and put together another charge at third place, but Christian made it easy on Eli as he tucked the front end and gave up the position. Back up front, Zach Osborne continued to lead with Marvin three seconds behind in second place. As the checkered flag waved, Zach Osborne took another moto win and built on his points lead. 

450 Moto Two

The last moto of the day was off and Zach Osborne was off to the early lead again. Adam Cianciarulo had another great start, as he sat just behind Osborne in second, but Justin Barcia was just behind him and eager to make an early pass. Barcia punts Cianciarulo out of the inside line and took over second place almost immediately. Marvin Musquin now entered the fight at the front, as he pressured Cianciarulo. Adam then responded by picking up the pace and reeling in Barcia, but then slid out a bit and lost some ground. About half a lap later, Barcia made a mistake as his rear tire slid over the top of the berm, allowing Cianciarulo and Musquin to reel him in. Cianciarulo then jumped to the inside and retook second place. As Barcia and Adam continued to battle, Osborne remained upfront and continued to build on his lead. Cianciarulo made another slight mistake, allowing Barcia to get to the inside and take Cianciarulo wide to again take over second place. Adam again fires back, and the two trade spots momentarily for another time. Meanwhile, Osborne now had a six-second lead on second place and the rest of the field. Chase Sexton made his way into the battle, as he railed around some outsides and moved past Marvin Musquin for fourth place. As we entered the halfway point, Eli Tomac was finally able to pass Baggett and move into sixth place. Eli Tomac then challenged Marvin for fifth place, but Marvin wasn’t giving in. It took a few laps, but Tomac was ultimately able to make the pass on Marvin and secure a top-5 position. Benny Bloss’s day ended short, as he was seen limping to the medics after a hard crash. Back towards the front, Adam Cianciarulo started reeling in Justin Barcia, just as Eli Tomac reeled in Chase Sexton. However, mistakes from both of the challengers opened back up the gaps in the top-5. With three laps to go, Eli closed back in on Sexton and again challenged for the position. However, lapped traffic played a role and seemed to work as a buffer for Sexton. The battles within second to fifth place continued until the checkered flag, however, they all crossed the finish line in the same position, as the last lap saw no position changes. Zach Osborne crossed the checkered flag first and took the moto win, going 1-1 at Redbud One. 


Chase Curtis

Chase Curtis is an avid motocross and MTB rider, and he has been editing moto videos for a mere two years. He's also the Swapmoto Race Series on-site photographer and reporter. When he finishes college, he will join the SML staff full time.

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