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2020 RedBud Two Motocross | Race Report



250 Moto One

As 250 Moto One at RedBud Two left the gate, Ty Masterpool was off to the early lead again with his teammate Shane McElrath just behind. Jett Lawrence and RJ Hampshire battled it out early for third place, and RJ ended up taking over the position, just as Mitchell Harrison pressured Jett. RJ Hampshire then moved past McElrath momentarily, but Shane took an inside line back past RJ. Meanwhile, Dylan Ferrandis began making passes toward the top-10. Cameron McAdoo made a mistake while running in the top-10 and fell far outside of a points-earning spot. Jeremy Martin started pressuring Justin Cooper for sixth place, just as Ferrandis passed into eighth place. A few laps later, J-Mart was able to sneak by the outside of Cooper and take over the spot. Ferrandis then made the pass on his teammate a lap later and set his sights on Jeremy. Just a few sections later, Ferrandis was on Jeremy’s rear tire and challenging for the position. As Jeremy upped the pace in response to Ferrandis, the pair caught up to Jett Lawrence and Mitchell Harrison, who were having a battle of their own for fourth. Dylan Ferrandis looked inside for a move on Martin but ended up taking both of them down, however Jeremy got the worst end of it as Ferrandis was able to remount quickly. Jeremy now sat in 11th place and Ferrandis in seventh. Throughout all this, Ty Masterpool continued to lead McElrath with a couple seconds of cushion. Though, RJ Hampshire mounted another attack at Shane and began pressuring for second place again. After about a lap of pressuring for the spot, RJ finally made the pass on McElrath, just before Ty lost the front wheel and went down while leading, giving RJ the lead in moto one. Dylan Ferrandis had made a few passes but made another mistake and fell back to seventh place again. As the two-lap card came out, both McElrath and Lawrence closed in on RJ Hampshire and the lead. And then RJ made a mistake, went off of the track, and lost the lead to McElrath. And as the checkered flag waved just a lap later, Shane McElrath took the win in moto one at RedBud Two.

250 Moto Two

As the last 250 moto at RedBud left the gate, Ty Masterpool was off to the early lead yet again, with Jeremy Martin just behind. RJ Hampshire was upfront early again, as he sat in third with Mitchell Harrison and Carson Mumford behind. Hunter Lawrence and Brandon Hartranft went down on the first lap, putting them in the back of the pack. Hunter then was forced into the pits with a bent shift lever. Back up front, Jeremy began to pick up the pace in second place and reel in Ty. However, just when Jeremy reeled him in, Ty pulled the trigger on the leap and became the only 250 rider to hit the jump at round two, thus far. Just a lap later, Ty went outside again to hit the leap but broke through the berm and gave up the lead to Jeremy. RJ Hampshire then began pressuring Masterpool for second place. Further down the field, Jett Lawrence made the move on his teammate Jo Shimoda for sixth place, just before Ferrandis reeled in the pair. Dylan Ferrandis made quick work of Jo and railed around the outside and into seventh place. As Ferrandis set his sights on Lawrence, Lawrence began challenging Cooper for fifth place. And after sweeping far outside too far inside, both Lawrence and Ferrandis made the move on Cooper. While running in second, Ty Masterpool went down exiting a corner and gave up a few positions before remounting in fourth place. Dylan Ferrandis made the pass on Jett Lawrence and immediately went after Ty Masterpool, who he passed for fourth place just a few sections later. Ty Masterpool then went down going into a corner and Jett Lawrence went over the bars after hitting his bike. Jett was able to remount quickly but Ty seemed to be favoring his leg as he got back up slowly. As the moto neared the final laps, Ferrandis crept up to the rear wheel of RJ Hampshire. As they entered the final lap, Ferrandis and RJ were neck and neck. Ferrandis took many shots at the lead but RJ continued to block. It came down to one of the last jumps, where Ferrandis scrubbed by and to the inside of RJ, taking the position. As Jeremy Martin crossed the checkered flag to take the win in Moto Two, RJ crossed and took the overall win with his consistent finishes.  


450 Moto One

 Adam Cianciarulo was off to the early lead after picking up the holeshot in 450 moto one at RedBud Two, with Zach Osborne trailing. Marvin Musquin was running in third but Eli Tomac jumped past and into third place. Chase Sexton then challenged Marvin, as the two swapped lines throughout the first lap. Sexton then made a mistake, allowing Barcia, Craig, and many others to get by. Back up front, Eli Tomac started pressuring Zach Osborne for second place, as Adam Cianciarulo continued to lead. Justin Barcia pushed Marvin off of the track before the Leap and took over fourth place. Joey Savatgy made a move on Christian Craig for seventh place after diving to the inside. Eli Tomac dealt with some pressure from Barcia, upped the pace, and then reeled in Osborne and began challenging for second. And then Osborne upped the pace and closed in on Cianciarulo and the lead. As the lead group clicked through lappers, gaps between them continued to change and fluctuate. Eli Tomac reeled in Osborne again and was finally able to make a pass on the points leader. Adam Cianciarulo then is forced outside because of a lapper, allowing Tomac to close in, however Tomac wasn’t able to jump the leap and lost some time to Adam because of it. Meanwhile, Marvin Musquin managed to repass Barcia late in the moto for fourth place. Marvin then charged toward Osborne in third and made the pass just before the white flag. And as the checkered flag waved, Adam Cianciarulo fended off pressure from Tomac and took his first-ever 450 outdoor moto win.

450 Moto Two

As raw final moto in RedBud left the gates, Adam Cianciarulo was off to the early lead again with Savatgy and Osborne behind. Eli Tomac, Justin Barcia, Chase Sexton, and many others went down in the second turn. Back up front, Zach Osborne made the early pass on Savatgy for second, just as Marvin Musquin passed into the shot in fourth. Joey Savatgy responded to Marvin’s pressure and upped his pace enough to build a few seconds of cushion. Adam Cianciarulo continued to lead with a few second lead on Osborne in second. Meanwhile, Justin Barcia and Eli Tomac continued to battle through the pack just outside of the top-10. While running in third place, Joey Savatgy went down and collected Max Anstie who was also running in a solid top-5 spot. As they neared the halfway mark of the race, Eli Tomac passed into the top-10 after passing Anstie. After upping the pace and stretching out his lead, Adam Cianciarulo made contact with a lapped rider and went down, giving Osborne the lead and Baggett second place. Blake Baggett then began challenging Zach Osborne for the lead and showed him a wheel a few times before jumping from the outside to the inside of Osborne and taking the lead. Chase Sexton passed Christian Craig and moved into sixth place after his first turn crash but then went down again and got shuffled back to ninth. As the white flag came out, Blake Baggett had opened up an eight-second lead on Osborne and just a lap later took his first moto win of the year. 

Chase Curtis

Chase Curtis is an avid motocross and MTB rider, and he has been editing moto videos for a mere two years. He's also the Swapmoto Race Series on-site photographer and reporter. When he finishes college, he will join the SML staff full time.

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