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2020 San Diego Supercross | Monday Kickstart




PHOTOS | swap & Anton

And just like that, it’s time to get out of California. The 2020 Monster Energy Supercross Series wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Petco Park and we spent the weekend by the bay for the 2020 San Diego Supercross. With the city’s deep connection to the branches of America’s armed forces, the sixth round of the season was again meant to pay tribute to those that serve and nearly every rider or team did something to show respect. We posted a full gallery of the special gear and graphics, so check that out when you get done with Kickstart…

Want some behind the scenes sights and talk from the weekend? Here’s a rundown of what swap and Anton saw during the days at the track, and we have plenty more to come in the days ahead. Start scrolling.

Michael Antonovich

Michael Antonovich has a wealth of experience with over 10 years of moto-journalism under his belt. A lifelong racing enthusiast and rider, Anton is the Editor of Swapmoto Live and lives to be at the race track.

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  1. Tobias Schuster February 11, 2020

    would be nice to get some insights/information about the blue connector of all the factory helmets 🙂

    1. Cody Siler February 11, 2020

      I think you are talking about the Shock Doctor Eject system that is a requirement by the AMA.