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2020 Spring Creek Motocross | Race Report & Photo Galleries



250 Moto One

As 250 moto one left the gates, RJ Hampshire was off to the early lead with Justin Cooper and Alex Martin trailing. A first turn crash caught up some riders at the back of the pack, including Stank-dawg. Back up front, Dylan Ferrandis began pressuring Alex Martin for third place and ended up taking over the position after taking an inside line before the end of lap one. Cameron McAdoo then passed Alex Martin for fourth place, but Alex wasn’t surrendering as he battled back and repassed for the position. Back up front, Dylan Ferrandis continued to take advantage of his good start as he passed teammate Justin Cooper for second place. Meanwhile, Jalek Swoll’s moto seemed to be over as he was in the pits with a problem on the front end of the bike. And back to the leaders, RJ Hampshire suddenly had little to no cushion on Ferrandis, as the Star Racing Yamaha rider reeled RJ in and pressured for the lead. However, RJ responded to the pressure and upped his pace a touch to regain some time on second place. Further back in the pack, Jett Lawrence made the pass on McAdoo and Jeremy Martin followed soon after. Alex Martin then showed Cooper a wheel and challenged for third place, but then cased the new triple feature at the top of the hill and lost the time he had just gained. As they neared the halfway point of the moto, Ferrandis had once again reeled in RJ but Hampshire was still not letting up. The top two continued to battle for the lead, all while opening up a large lead on the rest of the field. After spending nearly half of the moto challenging for the lead, Dylan Ferrandis was finally able to make the pass for the lead after leaping past RJ over the up-hill triple. Back in the pack, Jeremy Martin followed teammate Jett Lawrence past Cooper and secured a top-5 spot. The GEICO Honda duo then began to reel in Alex Martin and Jett Lawrence was the first Honda rider to challenge for the spot. After a few laps of laying the pressure on Alex, Jett Lawrence ripped around Alex on the outside of a corner and took over the position. As time ran down in the moto, the Martin brothers battled it out for fourth place. However, Alex was able to fend off Jeremy and hold onto the position. As the checkered flag waved in moto one, Dylan Ferrandis took the impressive moto win.

250 Moto Two

Moto two for the 250 class at Spring Creek was off and Shane McElrath was off to the early lead with Justin Cooper just behind and Alex Martin trailing. Dylan Ferrandis made a quick pass on Alex Martin and moved into third place. Jeremy Martin was also wasting no time, as he made the move on RJ Hampshire and then began pressuring his brother Alex immediately. Jeremy took the inside line away from his brother and entered fourth place, putting him just behind Ferrandis. Shane McElrath went down while leading, giving Cooper the lead in Moto Two. After challenging Alex Martin for fourth place, Cameron McAdoo was unfortunately forced into the pits after getting sick. After trailing his teammate and pressuring for the lead for a good chunk of the race, Ferrandis charged down the hill and made the pass for the lead. However, Cooper wasn’t giving up, though, as he fought back immediately. But a slight mistake through the whoops allowed Jeremy Martin to make the pass for second. Back in the pack, Hunter Lawrence was putting together a solid race, as he trailed McElrath in sixth place. Upfront, Jeremy Martin continued to push as he gained on Ferrandis lap after lap. As they neared the end of the race, Ferrandis and J. Mart seemed to be matching each other’s paces as they sat within a second of each other, and had nearly a 20-second lead on third place and the rest of the field. However, despite the charge from Jeremy, Dylan Ferrandis took the win in Moto Two and swept in Spring Creek. 


450 Moto One

As 450 moto one left the gates, Adam Cianciarulo was off to the early lead with Marvin Musquin alongside and Chase Sexton trailing. Blake Baggett passed into fourth place after getting around Osborne in the whoops. Osborne tried to battle back later in the lap, but Baggett was able to fend him off and continue charging forward. Back in the pack, Eli Tomac began making passes as he entered the top-10 following another horrible start. Upfront, Adam Cianciarulo continued to lead, as Sexton reeled in Musquin and began pressuring for second place. However, before Sexton could make a strike at Marvin and second place, Blake Baggett began challenging Sexton for third. And Blake didn’t sit behind Sexton for long, as he bolted down the hill and to the inside of Sexton to take over third place. Baggett then set his sights on Marvin, as he attempted to reel in both him and second place. Baggett and Marvin swapped lines, as they cut from rut to rut while battling over second place. The two continued to go from outside to inside for a few laps and swapped positions momentarily down the hill, however, Marvin was able to block the line and gain some time on Baggett. A few laps later, Zach Osborne reeled in the rear tire of Chase Sexton and took him wide to take over fourth place. As the clock ticked under five-minutes, Marvin reeled-in Adam Cianciarulo a-bit, but Adam upped his pace and rebuilt a more comfortable lead. With one minute to go, Blake Baggett mounted another charge towards Marvin, who then stalled at the bottom of the hill, allowing Baggett to pass into second place. Further back in the field, Justin Barcia caught Savatgy and pressured for sixth place, the pair went for the same line after the whoops and Savatgy went down, giving Barcia the spot. On the final lap, Chase Sexton went down while running in fifth and gave up several positions. As the checkered flag waved, Adam Cianciarulo was able to fend off pressure from Baggett and take the win in moto one!

450 Moto Two

As the final race at Spring Creek left the gate, Adam Cianciarulo was off to the early lead again with Blake Baggett and Zach Osborne trailing. Chase Sexton began pressuring Osborne for third at the end of the first lap and ended up making the pass through the whoops. Sexton then began to reel in Baggett, as Adam Cianciarulo opened up a two-second lead. It took a few laps, but Sexton made the pass for second after bolting to the inside as they went up the hill. Broc Tickle went down hard as they approached the halfway mark, after endowing up the triple step-up. The top-3 began to break away, as they all ran consistent lap times that were over three seconds faster than the rest of the field. Blake Baggett upped the pace and reeled in Sexton, forcing Sexton to turn it up some and go after Adam. Zach Osborne lost a few spots towards the end of the race, as he suffered some bike problems with the front end. The Rockstar Energy Husqvarna team was prepared for Osborne to come through the pits but he stayed out there and tried to salvage as many points as possible. Meanwhile, upfront Blake Baggett made the pass on Chase Sexton for second place, as Adam Cianciarulo opened up a two-second lead. Marvin Musquin went down with only a few laps to go and dropped to tenth place. As the checkered flag waved, Adam Cianciarulo took the win in moto two and went 1-1 on the day. 


Chase Curtis

Chase Curtis is an avid motocross and MTB rider, and he has been editing moto videos for a mere two years. He's also the Swapmoto Race Series on-site photographer and reporter. When he finishes college, he will join the SML staff full time.

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