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2021 Orlando Two Supercross | Race Report


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The 2021 Orlando Two Supercross proved something the 2021 Monster Energy Supercross Series: the racing is excellent no matter what class or region is on the track. The eighth round of the SX tour marked the start of the 250 West Coast region, a highly anticipated group of riders that all look to become a first-time champion indoors, and the first-race chaos claimed a few of the top contenders. The 450 Class action was just as eventful, with another statement win and shuffle of the front-runners that tightened the point standings.

250 Heat One

As the first 250 West Coast race of the year was off, rookie Seth Hammaker was off to the early lead with teammates Cameron McAdoo and Jordon Smith trailing. Chris Bloss sat just behind the Kawasaki racers in fourth place, with Jace Owen behind him. Jarrett Frye began pressuring Alex Martin for seventh place. Back up front, Cameron McAdoo made a pass on Hammaker for the lead after tripling into the corner and to the inside of his teammate. Back in the pack, Frye got shuffled back to ninth place, which allowed Schwartz to challenge for the final spot. However, just as Schwartz pressures for the final transfer position, Carson Mumford joined the battle. Carson and Schwartz played cat and mouse for a bit, until Schwartz went inside and gave Mumford a slight push, sending Mumford off-track and to the ground. In the end, Frye held onto the final transfer spot, as Swartz finished just outside of the top-9 and Mumford finished further back in the pack. Late in the race, Jordon Smith went down on his own while running in third place, dropping him a few spots. Cameron McAdoo took the checkered flag first and snagged the first heat race win of the 250 West Coast tour.

250 Heat Two

As 250 heat two left the gate, Hunter Lawrence was off to the early lead, as rookie Nate Thrasher was down after getting a great jump off the gate. Jeremy Martin made a quick pass for the lead on Hunter, and quickly began to build time on the rest of the field. Mitchell Harrison sat in third place, but then took Hunter wide for second. Hunter held onto second place for the time being, but the battling allowed Stilez Robertson to close in. Just a lap later, Justin Cooper joins the battle and passes both Robertson and Harrison in the same rhythm. Stilez Robertson then made the pass on Harrison for fourth. Justin Cooper reeled in Lawrence and began pressuring for second place. After about a lap of trailing, Justin Cooper secured second place after jumping to the inside of Hunter Lawrence. Kyle Peters began making moves, as he passed both Swoll and Harrison, placing him in fifth. Jeremy Martin took the checkered flag first and snagged the heat race win. While battling for the final transfer position, Sean Cantrell went down hard at the end of the whoop section.

250 LCQ

Coty Schock was off to the early lead in the LCQ after a great jump off the gate. Nate Thrasher ran just behind in second place, but was already searching for a way into the lead. Ty Masterpool held onto the final transfer spot, but Swartz and Soubeyras were behind and charging. Both Soubeyras and Swartz made the pass on Masterpool and continued to battle over the final transfer spot. Swartz went for a pass on Soubeyras but lost his momentum and had to double through the triple. Baily then made the pass on Swartz. Baily charged towards Castelo ahead and went for the pass with just a few corners to go, the two tangled, which allowed Swartz to jump to the inside of both of them and steal the final transfer spot. Coty Schock took the LCQ win after a flawless race. 

250 Main Event

The 250 main event was off and Garrett Marchbanks was off to the early lead after a great start but Cameron McAdoo immediately moved into the lead. However, just moments later, Justin Cooper passed for the lead. Meanwhile, Jeremy Martin and Stilez Robertson were down hard along with a few other riders. The red flag then came out for Alex Martin, who was also down hard before the whoops section. 


As the 250 main event left the gate for the second time, Justin Cooper was off to the early lead with Jordon Smith and Jalek Swoll just behind. Cameron McAdoo sat a little deeper in the pack but was making moves early, as he blitzed by Owen through the whoops. Jordon Smith went down hard at the end of the whoops while running in second place, ending his night. McAdoo was then left in second place, 5-seconds behind Justin Cooper. Seth Hammaker went down after Marchbanks dove to the inside of him. Mitchell Harrison went over the backside of a berm after casing a triple into a corner. Hunter Lawrence and Chris Blose battled over the fifth place spot, but Hunter was ultimately able to make the pass and secure the spot. Meanwhile, Garrett Marchbanks made the pass for third place on Jalek Swoll. Up front, Justin Cooper continued to lead with a growing cushion on McAdoo in second. Kyle Peters continued making moves late in the race, as he passed Blose for seventh place. Joey Crown jumped off track and went down on the final lap. Justin Cooper took the checkered flag first and collected the first 250 West Coast win of the season. 

450 Heat One

As the first 450 race of the night left the gate, Ken Roczen was off to the early lead with Adam Cianciarulo and Cooper Webb just behind. Martin Davalos shuffled past Barcia early-on after a great run through the whoops. Cooper Webb leaned his Red Bull KTM over too far in an inside line and tipped over, dropping him to sixth. Webb seemed to recover quickly, as just a few laps later he was pressuring Barcia for fourth place. Back in the pack, Alex Ray held onto the final transfer position, but Max Anstie was on his rear wheel and challenging. Anstie made the pass, just before Oldenburg and Wilson joined the battle. Alex Ray unfortunately got hung up after getting passed and went down. The battle for the final transfer spot continued, as Dean Wilson now challenged Anstie for the position. However, Max Anstie managed to hold onto the spot and transfer out of his first 450 heat race. Ken Roczen took the checkers first and collected the heat race win.

450 Heat Two

As 450 heat two left the gate, Broc Tickle was off to the early lead after a great start. However, Marcin Musquin quickly passed for the lead and Jason Anderson followed. Meanwhile, Eli Tomac was burried deep in the pack after a poor start. Malcolm Stewart was making moves early, as he passed Friese for seventh place and set his sights on Ferrandis ahead. Tyler Bowers didn’t roll over east when Tomac attempted to make a pass, as he passed the champ back almost immediately. However, Eli Tomac took Bowers wide just a section later and continued on. Back up front, Jason Anderson was on Musquin’s rear wheel and challenging for the lead. After being held up for a few laps, Malcolm Stewart finally jumped to the inside of Ferrandis and made the pass, which resulted in Dylan hitting the deck. On the final lap, Jason Anderson made the same move Malcolm did a few laps earlier on Musquin and took the lead with a corner to go. Jason Anderson took the heat race win, just ahead of Marvin.

450 LCQ

As the gate dropped in the 450 LCQ, Brandon Hartranft was off to the early lead with Chisholm and Wilson trailing. Kyle Chisholm made a pass for the lead before the first lap ended and Dean Wilson followed by Hartranft. Behind Hartranft, Cade Clason and Bowers battled over the final transfer spot, which ended in Tyler taking the inside line and Clason on the ground after the two connected. Shane McElrath sat outside of a transfer spot and was reeling in Bowers, who held the position. Back up front, Dean Wilson made the pass on Chisholm for the lead. Bowers caught and passed Hartranft for third place, and McElrath took fourth place from Brandon shortly after. Dean Wilson took the LCQ win, just ahead of Chisholm.

450 Main Event

As the 450 main event left the gate, Justin Barcia was off to the early lead with Cianciarulo alongside. Adam Cianciarulo took the lead as they exited the second corner and Marvin Musquin pulled alongside Barcia. Musquin then got out of shape in the whoops, allowing Webb to blitz by and into third. Cooper Webb then passed Barcia for second place, leaving Justin Barcia to deal with a charging Marvin Musquin. Malcolm Stewart sat in fifth place and Eli Tomac sat under a second behind him. Eli Tomac jumped to the inside of Mookie, just as Musquin passed Barcia. Moments later, Tomac nearly went down coming out of a rut but managed to save it, however, the incident dropped him back to sixth place. Ken Roczen entered the battle, as he made a move on Malcolm Stewart for sixth place. Back up front, Cooper Webb closed in on Cianciarulo and the battle for the lead was on. Webb dove inside and under of Cianciarulo as he passed into the lead just before the finish line. Back in the pack, Barcia continued to hold off Tomac and Roczen, as the three battled over fourth place. Barcia, Tomac, and Roczen continued to battle, as Marvin Musquin began pressuring Cianciarulo for second place. Marvin and Adam swapped lines and continued to battle for second place, but Adam Cianciarulo went down hard in the whoops and appeared to be banged up. Tomac got hung up when he drifted to an outside line that held a lapper, allowing Ken Roczen to make the pass for fourth. With two laps to go, Jason Anderson blitzed by Tomac in the whoops and into fifth place. Cooper Webb took the checkered flag first in Orlando for the second weekend in a row. 

Chase Curtis

Chase Curtis is an avid motocross and MTB rider, and he has been editing moto videos for a mere two years. He's also the Swapmoto Race Series on-site photographer and reporter. When he finishes college, he will join the SML staff full time.

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