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2021 Salt Lake City One Supercross | Race Preview & Entry List


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Fifteen down, two to go. The 2021 Monster Energy Supercross Series is ready to wrap up a long tour with a pair of events in Utah, beginning this weekend with the 2021 Salt Lake City One Supercross. This will bring the 250 East Coast Region back to the starting line in what will be the group’s final full point-paying Main Event of their season (yes, the East-West Showdown pays points but it’s not a standard race) and will put the 450 Class one step closer to the conclusion of the championship.


Colt Nichols, Christian Craig, Cooper Webb, and Ken Roczen all come into this weekend’s race knowing that the championships could be determined on Saturday night, and they’ve certainly thought about the scenarios that could happen.

There are eight points between Colt Nichols and Christian Craig in the 250 East Coast region, enough to make this race and the East-West Showdown interesting. It’s possible for Nichols to win the title on Saturday, but a lot of things would have to go his way. If Nichols wins the 250 Main Event and Craig finishes in 15th or worse, the 1E plate goes to Nichols. If Nichols comes in second, Craig would have to finish 17th. If Craig can keep the margin between them under 26-points, the fight will go to the final round. Either way, Monster Energy/Star Racing/Yamaha will win this Region.

The 450 Class championship isn’t in the single-digits, but it’s still somewhat close, even if Cooper Webb has a good chance of wrapping up a second Supercross title a round early. Webb has scored 339 points through fifteen races, which puts him 16-points ahead of Ken Roczen. If Webb can score ten more points than Roczen on Saturday night, the championship will go to the Red Bull KTM rider.

What needs to happen? Webb will need to get another 450 Main Event win, and Roczen will need to finish in seventh or worse. If Webb finishes second, Roczen will need to finish in 10th or worse. But if Roczen finishes ahead of Webb, no matter what position either ends up, the championship will go to the final round.

We won’t get too far into Eli Tomac’s advantages or Jason Anderson’s struggles at altitude. Both riders know what they need to do to make the most of the situation here, as Tomac will be good to go and Anderson waited until the last minute to arrive in an attempt to limit the issues. 


This will be a “normal” Supercross track and nothing like what we saw in Atlanta over the last few weeks. The compact layout is very quick and is complete with two standard-size triples, three rhythm lanes, and a large whoop section. Guys only got to try a portion of the course during Friday’s media riding session, but it’s safe to assume that lap times will be under 50-seconds when Timed Qualifying takes place on Saturday afternoon.

The dirt is exactly what one would expect of Utah: dry, hard packed, and slick. Riders that know how to be easy on the throttle and can follow the race line will have an advantage, but the tight track will leave little room for error.


18. Jett Lawrence

29. Christian Craig

30. Jo Shimoda

42. Michael Mosiman | The Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing rider broke his hand in three places at the Indianapolis Three Supercross but is back for the final rounds of SX.

55. John Short | The BAR X/Chaparral/ECSTAR/Suzuki rider dinged his shoulder in a first-turn crash at Indianapolis Two and sat out Indianapolis Three, but will be back for the conclusion of the SX season.

57. Justin Rodbell

64. Colt Nichols | The Monster Energy/Star Racing/Yamaha rider is the 250 East Coast Region’s current championship leader. He leads by eight points.

87. Curren Thurman

88. Logan Karnow

95. Josh Osby

124. Lane Shaw

125. Luke Neese

162. Max Sanford

170. Devin Simonson

185. Wilson Fleming

193. Hunter Schlosser

241. Joshua Varize

509. Alex Nagy

512. Austin Cozadd

597. Mason Kerr

621. RJ Wageman

625. Jonah Geistler

693. Rene Garcia

773. Thomas Do

914. Geran Stapleton | The Australian racer was sidelined with four broken ribs and three compression fractures of the vertebra after a Houston Two crash but is on the entry list for the Salt Lake City rounds.

974. Brian Marty | The privateer suffered a separated AC joint, broken elbow, and broken rib in a practice crash early in the season and underwent surgery to correct the damage season. He is back for the final Supercross rounds.


24. RJ Hampshire | The Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing rider’s crash in Free Practice at round three left him with a significant wrist injury, including a perilunate dislocation, chipped ulna bone, and broken metacarpal. Hampshire will miss the remainder of SX but will be back for the start of Pro Motocross.

38. Austin Forkner | The Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider will be absent after a collarbone injury at Houston Three. He had surgery to have the fracture plated and will be on the starting line for the Pro Motocross series.

49. Mitchell Oldenburg | The Muc-Off Honda rider broke his ring finger and cut his hand at Atlanta Two and is out for the final rounds of the SX season.

76. Grant Harlan | The TiLube Honda rider suffered a small brain bleed, broken elbow, and broken wrist in a crash at Daytona. He has been released from the hospital and will miss an undetermined amount of time.

85. Kevin Moranz | Despite a hard crash and medical helicopter flight at Atlanta Two, the Kansas privateer has no significant injuries and will miss the final Supercross rounds.

99. Hunter Sayles | The Wisconsin privateer will miss the remainder of Supercross due to a torn ACL, an injury that required surgery.

115. Max Vohland | The Red Bull KTM rider will miss the final SX races after suffering a dislocated hip at the Indianapolis One Supercross but will be back for the start of Pro Motocross.

116. TJ Albright | The New York privateer will miss the final rounds of Supercross due to a knee injury that required surgery.

122. Jeremy Hand | The Ohio privateer will miss the final rounds of Supercross due to a case of COVID.

134. Jess Pettis | The Red Bull KTM Canada tweaked his knee during Timed Practice at the opening round. After a further medical evaluation, Pettis and KTM have decided to sit out the rest of the Supercross season.

216. Devin Harriman | The Washington racer is dealing with an assortment of hand and elbow injuries and will miss the rest of Supercross.

260. Dylan Woodcock | The British privateer suffered a broken back in a crash at Houston Three. After a short period of numbness in his leg, Woodcock is back on his feet.

384. Lorenzo Camporese | The Italian racer will miss the end of the Supercross season due to a broken ankle.

604. Max Miller | The Orange Brigade KTM rookie suffered multiple transverse fractures to the lumbar vertebra in his back at the Indianapolis races. Although he is back on the bike, he is out for the last Supercross rounds.


1. Eli Tomac

2. Cooper Webb | The Red Bull KTM rider leads the 450 Class championship.

7. Aaron Plessinger

14. Dylan Ferrandis

15. Dean Wilson

17. Joey Savatgy

20. Broc Tickle

21. Jason Anderson

23. Chase Sexton

25. Marvin Musquin

27. Malcolm Stewart

28. Brandon Hartranft

34. Max Anstie

37. Benny Bloss | The Smartop/Bullfrog Spas/MotoConcepts/Honda rider has an ongoing ankle injury but will race in Salt Lake City.

43. Fredrik Noren 

44. Tyler Bowers

51. Justin Barcia

57. Justin Rodbell

70. Henry Miller

81. Justin Starling

83. Alex Ray

94. Ken Roczen

114. Nick Schmidt

118. Cheyenne Harmon

121. Chris Howell

280. Cade Clason

282. Theodore Pauli

309. Jeremy Smith

330. AJ Catanzaro

421. Vann Martin

447. Deven Raper

501. Scotty Wennerstrom

519. Josh Cartwright

722. Adam Enticknap

848. Joan Cros

976. Josh Greco


4. Blake Baggett | A contract dispute with Rocky Mountain ATV-MC/WPS/KTM and recent surgery have put Baggett’s career on pause for the time being.

9. Adam Cianciarulo | The Monster Energy Kawasaki rider will miss the remainder of the Supercross season due to a broken collarbone. He will return for the summer’s Nationals.

10. Justin Brayton | The Muc-Off Honda rider injured his hand in a Heat Race crash at Arlington Two and will miss the remainder of Supercross.

11. Kyle Chisholm | The Florida privateer had a hard crash and shoulder injury at Atlanta Two and missed Atlanta Three. He is currently absent from the Salt Lake City entry lists.

12. Shane McElrath | The SmarTop/Bullfrog Spas/MotoConcepts/Honda rider is dealing with pain in his back, something similar to the issues he faced in 2019, and will sit out Atlanta One.

16. Zach Osborne | The Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing rider has a bulging disc in his lower back and will miss the rest of Supercross.

19. Justin Bogle | The Rocky Mountain ATV-MC/WPS/KTM has an assortment of shoulder injuries from a hard crash at Arlington Three and was unable to race in Atlanta. He is currently absent from the Salt Lake City entry lists.

36. Martin Davalos | The Monster Energy/Lucas Oil/Team Tedder/KTM rider broke his collarbone and suffered a concussion in a crash on Friday and will miss the final rounds. A veteran of the sport, Davalos announced his retirement from professional motocross.

40. Vince Friese | The SmarTop/Bullfrog Spas/MotoConcepts/Honda rider sat recent rounds due to a hard crash at Atlanta One and sore ribs. He is currently absent from the Salt Lake City entry lists.

141. Richard Taylor | The California privateer tore his ACL and sprained his MCL in a practice crash, which will sideline him for the rest of Supercross.

805. Carlen Gardner | The Team BWR rider suffered an arm injury in the LCQ at Arlington One and will sit out an undetermined amount of time. 

824. Carter Stephenson | The privateer will miss the rest of the season due to a broken wrist, fractured sternum, and two broken ribs.

952. Ludovic Macler | The French rider has finished his limited time racing in the US with Team PRMX.

981. Austin Politelli | The HRT-backed privateer has been dealing with lingering symptoms from a concussion and another hard crash at Daytona has put him on the sidelines for Atlanta.

Michael Antonovich

Michael Antonovich has a wealth of experience with over 10 years of moto-journalism under his belt. A lifelong racing enthusiast and rider, Anton is the Editor of Swapmoto Live and lives to be at the race track.

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