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2021 Salt Lake City Two Supercross | Race Report & Photo Gallery


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The final round of the 2021 Monster Energy Supercross Series had everything a race fan could ask for. All three titles were up for grabs going into the 2021 Salt Lake City Two Supercross, and although the points difference between contenders was double-digit, the potential for a long race on a short track made it seem like anything could happen. The 250 East-West Showdown delivered in terms of action and emotion, as a pile-up in the first turn caught a few riders while Colt Nichols and Jett Lawrence raced at the front of the field. Lawrence would eventually make a pass on Nichols for the top spot and continued the tradition of a young, promising rider winning the Showdown, and he was joined on the podium by brother Hunter, who finished in third. For Nichols and Justin Cooper, the night was about winning their respective regions, and both did more than enough to earn the 1E and 1W plates.

Cooper Webb and Ken Roczen’s rivalry was on display in the 450 Main Event, as Roczen got ahead early and kept Webb at bay with a number of blocking maneuvers. Chase Sexton put in a hard charge through the middle of the race to get by both riders and take the lead, but as the laps clicked off, Webb got back into a groove, tracked down both riders, and made decisive passes on them to earn his eighth win of the year and second 450 SX title.

250 Heat One (West)

As the first race of the night left the gate, Hunter Lawrence was off to the early lead after taking Justin Cooper wide and off the track. Jalek Swoll and Cameron McAdoo then made the pass on Hunter as the field entered the third corner. McAdoo then made the pass for the lead on Jalek, but it was short-lived, as Swoll fired right back and dove inside. McAdoo then got shuffled back to third as Lawrence made the pass for second. Hunter then dove inside of Swoll, but again he fired right back and retook the lead. Cameron McAdoo then made the pass on Hunter through the whoops and teammate Seth Hammaker followed. However, Hunter then re-passed Seth just a section later. Garrett Marchbanks entered the battle for third, as he closed in on Hammaker and Lawrence. Meanwhile, Justin Cooper passed into tenth place. Cameron McAdoo blitzed through the whoops and to the inside of Swoll to take the lead. Once again, Swoll fired right back before the first rhythm as he took the lead back for the third time. Just a few sections later, McAdoo took Swoll wide before the finish and finally secured the lead. Mitchell Harrison went down and dropped to dead last late in the heat. Hunter Lawrence then challenged Swoll for second, where Jalek continued to be relentless and fight back. However, Lawrence secured the spot a few sections later. As the checkered flag waved, Cameron McAdoo took the eventful heat race win. Justin Cooper just barely secured a spot straight into the main as he finished in eighth. 

250 Heat Two (East)

The second 250cc heat at the series finale had left the gate and Michael Mosiman was off to the early lead with Jo Shimoda just behind. However, Jo then got passed in the second corner by Stapleton. Jett Lawrence then worked his way up to Jo Shimoda’s rear wheel, but not before Jo could make the pass for second on Stapleton. Colt Nichols then passed into fifth after jumping by Thomas Do. Jett Lawrence made the pass for third on Stapleton after the whoops and Colt Nichols followed just a section later. Jett then began to pressure Shimoda for second place, as Mosiman used the clear track ahead to lay down some fast laps. Jett Lawrence rocketed through the whoops and to the inside of Shimoda to take over second place. Shimoda made a slight mistake, allowing Nichols to close in and challenge for third place. However, Colt ran out of time, as Mosiman crossed the checkers and took the heat race win. 

250 LCQ

As the 250 LCQ left the gate, Ryan Surratt was off to a great jump but got pushed wide by Neese, which allowed the 193 machine of Schlosser to snag the early lead. Derek Kelly then went down hard, ending his night. Soubeyras passed into the lead, just before Hunter Schlosser went down and collected Robby Wageman. Enzo Lopes then moved into second place and Coty Schock moved into third. Cedric Soubeyras then went down while leading and dropped back to fourth place, just behind Dilan Schwartz. Schwartz and Schock battled over second place. Soubeyras then went down again in the whoops. Moments later, Ryan Surratt went down in the rhythm while running in a transfer position on the final lap. Enzo Lopes crossed the finish line first and took the win in the chaotic LCQ. 

250 Main Event

The 250 East/West Showdown main event was off and Colt Nichols was off to the early lead as Mosiman, Marchbanks, and more were down in the first turn. Seth Hammaker, Jett and Hunter Lawrence sat just behind Nichols. Cameron McAdoo began pressuring Hunter Lawrence for fourth place, just as Jett reeled in Hammaker and began knocking at the door. Pierce Brown and Jalek Swoll were duking it out for sixth, where Brown was able to make the pass. Jo Shimoda then reeled in Swoll and kept him honest. Up front, Jett Lawrence rocketed through the whoops and right past Hammaker for second place. Hunter then went down a lap later trying to make the pass on Seth and dropped a few spots. Shimoda made the pass on Swoll and set his sights on Brown. A few laps later, Shimoda took Brown wide going into the first rhythm lane and made the pass. Colt Nichols continued to lead, but Jett was slowly reeling him in. Cameron McAdoo got a nice drive through the whoops and dove to the inside of Hammaker to make the pass for third. A lap later, Hunter Lawrence replicated McAdoo’s pass and took Seth wide after the whoops to take fourth. The crowd erupted as Jett Lawrence rocketed through the whoops and made the pass on Colt Nichols for the lead. Hunter Lawrence became impatient behind McAdoo as he began to look inside and on the final lap, Hunter dove inside before the rhythm to snag the spot away from McAdoo. As the checkered flag waved for the final 250 Main Event of the 2021 season, Jett Lawrence took the win just ahead of Colt Nichols and brother Hunter. Colt Nichols finished up second place and took the 2021 250SX East Coast championship, while teammate Justin Cooper crossed the finish line in ninth and took the 2021 250SX West Coast championship. 

450 Heat One

The gate was down for the first 450cc race of the night and Eli Tomac was off to the early lead with Musquin and Roczen just behind. Ken Roczen then flew through the whoops and challenged Marvin for second, however, he would have to wait until the following corner to take the spot from Musquin. Malcolm Stewart followed Roczen and dove inside of Musquin to take third in the next corner. Max Anstie sat in fourth with Tickle and Savatgy behind him. Out front, Eli Tomac continued to lay down fast laps and gap Roczen in second. Joey Savatgy then made the move on tickle and passed into sixth place. Joey continued to charge forward, as he passed Anstie just a lap later. Tickle followed Savatgy and passed Max a section later. Lapped riders got together in the beginning of the rhythm lane on the final lap and nearly collect Roczen. Eli Tomac took the heat race win after a perfect performance. 

450 Heat Two

Heat two for the 450cc class was off and Jason Anderson was off to the early lead with Aaron Plessinger just behind. Cooper Webb immediately began challenging Plessinger for second and was able to make the pass in the third turn. Justin Barcia sat in fourth but Chase Sexton was on his rear wheel and challenging. Cooper Webb closed in on Anderson and gave some revs in attempt to scare him as they entered the first rhythm lane. Webb then pulled alongside after diving to the inside but was unable to triple out of the rhythm to make the pass for the lead. Cooper continued to pressure Anderson, as Barcia and Sexton swapped positions behind. Ferrandis then made the pass on Sexton momentarily, but Sexton was able to retake fifth place. Chase Sexton continued to take jabs at Barcia for the position but Justin continued to ride a wide bike and keep the 450 rookie behind. Cooper Webb dove to the inside of Anderson on the last lap after the triple but again Jason was able to hold him off. As the checkered flag waved, Jason Anderson took the heat race win after holding off pressure throughout the race’s entirety. 

450 LCQ

The 450 LCQ was off and Justin Rodbell was off to the early lead but Joan Cros took over the lead in the second corner after Rodbell went down. Justin Starling sat in second, just ahead of Alex Ray. Starling jumped to the lead on the second lap as he got by Cros. Alex Ray then blitzed by Cros through the whoops and made the pass for second. Cade Clason entered the picture in fourth place and closed in on Cros. Nick Schmidt took out Pauli after the whoops. As the checkered flag waved, Justin Starling took the LCQ win.

450 Main Event

As the final main event of the year left the gate, Ken Roczen was off to the early lead with Marvin Musquin alongside. Cooper Webb dove inside going into the second corner and took the position away from Marvin as they jumped over the triple. Chase Sexton then made the pass on Marvin for third as they entered the first rhythm. Cooper Webb was wasting no time as he immediately began pressuring Roczen for the lead, but Ken wasn’t giving in as he battled back just as hard. Marvin then got back by Sexton after Chase made a slight mistake. A lap later, Sexton got back by Marvin and then began pressuring Webb for second. Chase Sexton rocketed through the whoops and by Cooper Webb to take over second place. A few spots back, Jason Anderson and Malcolm Stewart battled over seventh place, but Barcia then entered the battle as Justin and Jason began taking each other wide and duking it out over ninth. Up front, Chase Sexton got another great run through the whoops and set up the pass on his teammate. As they rip back onto the start straight, Sexton was the new race leader. Jason Anderson then pulled off the track after getting the sour end of the battle with Barcia. The Star Yamaha teammates sat in order from 5th to 7th, all within a few tenths of each other as they entered the second half of the race. Dylan Ferrandis dove inside of Aaron Plessinger to take over the fifth place spot. Up front, Cooper Webb began to reel in Ken Roczen and as they entered the first rhythm lane, Webb took Roczen wide and took over second place. Marvin Musquin then followed Webb and passed Ken on the next lap. A lap later, Roczen continued to fade as Ferrandis looked inside after the triple and took fourth place away. Malcolm Stewart then made the pass on Aaron Plessinger and just a section later took Roczen wide to pick up another spot. As Chase Sexton made his way into lapped traffic, Cooper Webb reeled him in. Aaron Plessinger then made a pass on Roczen for seventh, just as Cooper Webb made the pass for the lead on Sexton after a slight mistake from the Honda rider. As Cooper Webb began to run away with the lead, Ken Roczen continued to fall back after losing another position to Barcia. Eli Tomac was now on Roczen’s rear wheel and made the pass for ninth after a lap of trailing. Marvin Musquin reeled in Sexton and made the pass for second place before the duo sped onto the start straight. As the checkered flag waved, Cooper Webb took the final win of the season and the 2021 450cc Supercross championship.  

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