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2023 San Diego Supercross | Race Report & Results


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The Monster Energy Supercross Championship continued its time in Southern California with the 2023 San Diego Supercross, the second race in this year’s schedule. A basic, but technical track filled the floor at Snapdragon Stadium and tested riders through the night’s Heat Races, LCQs, and Main Events. 

250 Heat One

As the first heat of the night left the gate, Enzo Lopes was off to the early lead while Maximus Vohland was spun around in the first turn. Rj Hampshire was quick to pressure Lopes for the lead, as he looked inside on lap one. Cameron McAdoo and Derek Drake got together before the triple, ending Drake’s heat. 

Anthony Rodriguez settled into third place, as Wilson Todd trailed in fourth. Both Maximus and Cameron diced their ways through the pack; Vohland making passes just ahead of McAdoo. Enzo missed a rhythm and allowed Rj to jump to the inside and to the race lead. 

The heat race was then red flagged after Colby Copp went down hard at the end of the whoop section. 


After lining up for a staggered restart, the race resumed with riders in the same order they were in before the crash occurred. This meant Enzo Lopes was back in the lead, but the field was much tighter. Maximus Vohland again went down in the first turn, dropping him to last place.

Cole Thompson took Wilson Todd wide to take over fourth place. A few laps later, Rj Hampshire dove inside of Lopes after the finish line and took back the race lead. Cameron McAdoo was back on the charge and up to sixth place with one lap to go. On the final lap, McAdoo made the pass on Wilson Todd and nearly passed Thompson in the final corner. Rj Hampshire took the heat race win just ahead of Enzo Lopes. 

250 Heat Two

Jett Lawrence was off to the early lead in the second 250 heat race of the night, though Levi Kitchen went for a quick pass before the triple. Jett managed to hold onto the lead, despite the contact. While Levi had to double to triple, allowing Pierce Brown to pass into second place.

Mitchell Harrison went down hard over the dragons-back, ending his heat race. Levi Kitchen ended up catching Pierce towards the end of the heat race, but Pierce Brown held him off and countered each pass attempt. Jett Lawrence took the heat race victory and did so in commanding fashion. 

250 LCQ

The gate for the 250 last chance qualifier was down and Hunter Yoder was off to the early lead with Dylan Woodcock trailing. Joshua Varize sat in third place, but was immediately looking for a line past Woodcock. 

Meanwhile, Maximus Vohland got another bad start and was listed in 11th at the end of lap one. As Varize continued to pressure Woodcock, the field behind them bunched up. Mitchell Harrison now pressured Varize for third, as the two swapped positions. 

Varize finally made the pass on Woodcock before the triple, but Dylan now had to deal with Harrison. 

Maximus was up to fifth place and made the pass on both Harrison and Woodcock with only a few seconds on the clock. However, Maximus got cross-rutted and flew off the track before colliding with a medic. Maximus remounted in ninth place. 

Hunter Yoder took the checkered flag first and claimed the LCQ victory. Varize, Harrison, and Woodcock followed Yoder to the main event. 

250 Main Event

The 250 main event was off, as Jett Lawrence lead the field into the first corner. Levi Kitchen swapped hard into the first turn and took Wilson Todd and Mitchell Harrison down with him. Jett was trailed by Enzo Lopes and Phil Nicoletti, who had Cameron McAdoo knocking on their door. 

Rj Hampshire and Pierce Brown duked it out in the fifth place position, but Rj ultimately made a pass stick. Cameron McAdoo made a clean pass on Nicoletti for third place, as Hampshire began to reel in the pair. 

A lap later, Rj Hampshire took Phil wide before the triple and picked up that position. Up front, Cameron McAdoo had closed-in on Lopes. McAdoo cut under Lopes after the finish line and made the pass for second place. 

Enzo Lopes now had to fend off Hampshire, but Rj made a sneaky pass on the inside of a flat sweeper to take over third. A few spots behind, Mitchell Oldenburg and Phil Nicoletti were battling over sixth place. Mitchell made the pass stick after taking Phil wide before the triple. 

While leading, Jett had a close one in the whoops and was now dealing with lapped traffic. Behind him, Rj Hampshire had reeled-in McAdoo and was searching for a line to pass. Hampshire dove inside of Cameron after the finish line and completed the pass for second place with two laps to go. 

Jett Lawrence crossed the checkered flag to claim another victory and extend his championship points lead in the 250SX West Coast division. 

450 Heat One

The first 450 heat was off and Eli Tomac was off to the early lead with Justin Barcia and Colt Nichols trailing. Jason Anderson took third place from Colt before the third corner.

Aaron Plessinger and Chase Sexton went down at the end of the whoops; Sexton busted his radiator and was forced out of the heat with a mechanical. Christian Craig began lap two in fifth place, but was quite a ways behind Colt. Meanwhile, the top-3 remained in their same order. 

Late in the heat, Shane McElrath stalled before the whoops and lost a ton of positions while kicking his bike. On the final lap, Jason Anderson had caught Justin Barcia and took Barcia wide after the triple. Barcia went down after the contact but remounted ahead of Colt. Eli Tomac took the heat race win after an impressive ride. 

450 Heat Two

Ken Roczen lead the second 450 heat into the first corner, as Dylan Ferrandis and Adam Cianciarulo trailed. Malcolm Stewart got cut off on the start and was buried outside of the top-5.  Adam Cianciarulo made a quick pass on Ferrandis after the triple to take over second place.

On the first lap, Henry Miller went down hard over the dragons-back, ending his heat. After just two laps, Malcolm Stewart had climbed up to fourth place and had Ferrandis in sight. Cooper Webb was also making passes toward the front, as he secured sixth. 

Malcolm pulled alongside Ferrandis but Dylan fought back, as the two dove inside of each other a few times before Malcolm ultimately made the pass for third. 

Malcolm now switched his attention to Cianciarulo, but while battling the pair caught Roczen. Stewart went inside of Adam before the dragons-back and made the pass before going after Roczen. A lap later, Malcolm cut under Roczen before the triple and took the race lead on the final lap to collect the second heat race victory. 

450 LCQ

Justin Starling was off to the early lead with John Short and Chase Sexton trailing. Josh Hill sat just behind Sexton on the opening lap. 

John made the pass on Starling for the race lead, but now had to deal with Sexton, as he too passed Starling. 

Chase Sexton rocketed to the race lead after the whoops and began pulling away. Cade Clason also made advances, as he passed Josh Hill for fourth place. 

Shane McElrath was challenging Josh for fifth place and had Kevin Moranz knocking on his door. While attempting a pass on Cade, Josh slid-out and allowed Shane to make the pass.

Cade Clason then went off track after the whoops, ending his hopes of a night show. Sexton collected the LCQ victory and took Short, McElrath, and Starling to the main event with him. 

450 Main Event

The gate was down and Adam Cianciarulo was off to the early lead in the 450 Main event, while Cooper Webb and Eli Tomac trailed. Chase Sexton sat just ahead of Jason Anderson in fourth place, but Anderson made a quick pass at the beginning of the second lap. 

Malcolm Stewart collided with a tuff-block and went over the bars while running just outside of the top-5. Malcolm remounted in dead-last, but fortunately got up. 

Cooper Webb was going after Cianciarulo for the race lead, and made the pass after diving inside following the finish line. Eli Tomac then passed Cianciarulo before the whoops to secure second. Just a few sections later, Adam’s teammate Jason Anderson slid inside of him to make the pass for third place. 

A lap after picking up second, Eli Tomac repeated his earlier pass on Webb and took the race lead. Justin Barcia was the next to advance inside of the top-5, as he took Adam wide after the triple to pick up fourth place. 

While charging through the pack, Malcolm Stewart went down at the end of the whoops. Malcolm, again, remounted and this time doing so with a twisted-up motorcycle. 

Ken Roczen and Chase Sexton made passes on Cianciarulo, dropping Adam back to seventh place. Ken then went after Barcia for fourth place, as he pulled alongside in the whoops but was unable to complete the pass. However, a lap later, Ken then dove inside after the triple to make the pass. 

Justin Barcia fired right back a few corners later, as he made the pass on Roczen before the finish line. Jason Anderson slid out going across the start straight and dropped back to 10th place. 

The battle for fourth place, between Barcia and Roczen, now turned into a battle for third. Though, Chase Sexton also joined the battle once they hit lappers. 

Roczen got close at times, but never completed a pass on Justin Barcia. Eli Tomac fended off late-race challenges from Cooper Webb and grabbed the win in San Diego. 


Chase Curtis

Chase Curtis is an avid motocross and MTB rider, and he is the SML Video Editor. Completely self-taught, Chase is one of the best video editors in the sport and one of our biggest assets.

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