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2023 Seattle Supercross | Race Report & Results


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The 2023 Seattle Supercross was another thrilling round in the Monster Energy Supercross Championship. All of the things we’ve come to expect of the Pacific Northwest, like the region’s loose and soft dirt to its cool and rainy climate, came together inside Lumen Field and challenged riders in the 250 West Coast Region and 450 Class through the night’s Heat Races, LCQs, and Main Events. 

250 Heat One

The first Heat Race of the night was off as Carson Mumford was off to the early lead, but Hunter Yoder made an early pass and took the lead in the second corner. Pierce Brown sat in third place while Rj Hampshire was making his way through the pack after a bad start. On the second lap, Hunter Yoder made a mistake and mis-timed a rhythm, which allowed both Mumford and Brown to advance by. 

By the end of the second lap, Rj Hampshire had passed Anthony Rodriguez and secured a transfer position. Enzo Lopes went down after connecting with Varize while exiting a corner, dropping him back to 10th place. With just over a minute left on the clock, Pierce Brown finally saw a line and dove inside of Mumford to take over the race lead. 

Dylan Walsh went down hard and did not finish the heat race. Rj Hampshire advanced into fourth place after passing Kaeden Amerine with just four laps to go. On the final lap, Hampshire passed Hunter Yoder for third place. Pierce Brown took the heat race victory after a late race pass on Carson Mumford. 

250 Heat Two

As the second 250SX Heat left the gate, Levi Kitchen took to the early lead with Cameron McAdoo trailing. Stilez Robertson was shuffled back to fourth after the first corner, while Jett Lawrence advanced into third place. Jett looked inside of McAdoo and made the pass, but McAdoo returned the favor in the following corner and took second place back. 

Maximus Vohland passed his way into fifth place after a few laps and sat just behind Robertson. Back up front, Levi Kitchen continued to lead while Jett Lawrence lurked behind McAdoo. A few laps later, Jett cut inside and made the pass on McAdoo again. However, McAdoo then faded to the right mid-air and connected with Jett; sending them both into the ground. 

Both Jett and Cameron remounted after getting passed by Stilez Robertson. Jett then passed McAdoo for a final time and took third place. A lap later, Jett Lawrence passed Robertson for second place. Levi Kitchen crossed the checkered flag and collected the heat race win in front of his hometown crowd. 

250 LCQ

Derek Drake was off to the early lead in the 250SX LCQ and had Schlosser in tail. Mitchell Harrison was on the move, as he advanced into third place after a few passes. Austin Politelli then passed Silveira and took over the final transfer position. As Derek Drake checked out from the rest of the field, Austin Politelli worked to keep Jerry Robin behind him. 

Politelli then made a mistake with two laps to go, which allowed Dylan Schwartz and Jerry Robin to close in. Schwartz went down in the final corner, just before Austin Politelli took the final transfer position from Robin. Derek Drake stayed away from the drama and collected the LCQ win. 

250 Main Event

The gate was down for the 250SX Main Event and Stilez Robertson was off to the early lead with Hunter Yoder trailing. Cameron McAdoo ran in third but Jett Lawrence made a quick pass on the opening lap and took over the position. Jett Lawrence then rounded the flat corner inside of Yoder to take over second place. 

After some early troubles, Pierce Brown crossed the finish line in last place on the opening lap. Back up front, Jett Lawrence was pressuring Stilez Robertson for the race lead. Jett Lawrence looked inside a few times but Stilez fired back each time. Cameron McAdoo now entered the battle for the lead, just before Jett Lawrence completed a pass on Robertson. 

Stilez Robertson then made a big mistake through the whoops and went down hard, ending his night. Rj Hampshire then entered the picture, as he made a quick pass on McAdoo for second place. After securing second place, Rj Hampshire set his sights on Jett Lawrence and the lead.

Meanwhile, Pierce Brown was up to eighth place after going down in the first turn. After a few mistakes by Rj, Cameron McAdoo made the pass for second place. With two laps to go, Rj Hampshire was back on McAdoo’s rear wheel and pressuring for second place. Rj dove inside and cut under McAdoo to take back second place. Jett Lawrence crossed the checkered flag to collect the victory in Seattle.


450 Heat One

The first 450SX Heat was off, as Christian Craig led the field into the first corner with Kevin Moranz trailing. Aaron Plessinger sat in third place and had Cole Seely in tail. Adam Cianciarulo made the pass on Seely for third place, as Moranz dropped back to 8th place after a few laps. 

Justin Barcia then advanced into fourth place after a pass on Seely. Up front, Craig continued to lead and had just over a 2-second cushion on Plessinger. With a lap to go, Aaron Plessinger had caught Craig and was challenging for the race lead. However, Christian Craig fended off the pressure from Aaron and snagged the heat race win. 

450 Heat Two

Cooper Webb led the second 450SX Heat into the first corner with Jason Anderson in tail. Chase Sexton made a quick pass for third place during the opening lap. Grant Harlan was shuffled back to fourth place after a great start, but Ken Roczen was lurking behind. A lap later, Eli Tomac passed both Roczen and Harlan to take over fourth place. 

Chase Sexton was all over Jason Anderson and looked inside, but he cut down to avoid contact. Jason Anderson then upped the pace and caught back up to Cooper Webb. Moments later, Chase Sexton and Jason Anderson fought for the same inside line, where Jason stalled his bike momentarily and then went down after minor contact from Sexton. 

Jason remounted in fifth place, while Sexton switched his focus to Cooper Webb. Webb fended off pressure from Sexton and collected the heat race win.

450 LCQ

Juan Cros was off to the early lead after snagging the holeshot, but then was quickly shuffled back to third. Joshua Cartwright passed into the race lead and Cade Clason followed him in second. Cros then fell back to fifth place after a few mistakes, as both Noren and Josh Hill passed him. 

Cade Clason went down while in second place and dropped back to fourth place. Josh Hill then passed Noren and took over second place. Joshua Cartwright took the LCQ win just ahead of Josh Hill. 

450 Main Event

The 450SX Main Event was off, as Kevin Moranz rounded the first turn with the race lead. Chase Sexton was quick to challenge for the race lead, but Moranz fired right back. Ken Roczen then bolted past Eli Tomac to take over third place. Chase Sexton took Moranz wide and sent him over the berm, as he rode away with the lead. 

Kevin Moranz remounted in dead last after wresting his bike off of a tuff-block. Up front, Adam Cianciarulo and Cooper Webb advanced past Eli Tomac to enter third and fourth place. Cooper Webb then made a slight mistake that allowed Tomac to repass him. Christian Craig then made a mistake, as he came around in last place. 

Chase Sexton made a mistake up front, which bunched Roczen, Cianciarulo, and himself up. Eli Tomac then blitzed through the whoops and past Cianciarulo to take over third place. A few laps later, Eli Tomac again used the whoops to his advantage and passed Roczen for second. However, Ken then fired right back and took the position back, but Eli ultimately secured second place after Roczen cased a triple. 

Cooper Webb made the pass on Adam Cianciarulo for fourth place, just before Justin Barcia also made a move on Adam. Yet again, Chase Sexton went down while leading and dropped back to fourth place. After rolling past a down Chase Sexton, Cooper Webb made the pass on Roczen and secured second place. 

Cooper Webb now set his sights on Eli Tomac and the lead, while Sexton worked to pass Roczen for third. Justin Barcia made the pass on Sexton, dropping Chase back to fifth. Justin then went after Roczen and made a quick pass to enter third place. A lap later, Sexton passed Roczen, who would later drop back to sixth after being passed by Anderson.

Despite a mid-race charge from Cooper Webb, Eli Tomac opened up his lead to over 6-second’s in the final laps. Eli Tomac crossed the checkered flag to collect the win in Seattle. 

Chase Curtis

Chase Curtis is an avid motocross and MTB rider, and he is the SML Video Editor. Completely self-taught, Chase is one of the best video editors in the sport and one of our biggest assets.

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