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2023 WSX Abu Dhabi GP | Entry Lists, Injury Report, Broadcast Schedule & Track Map



The FIM Supercross World Championship continues its second international tour with the 2023 WSX Abu Dhabi GP. Etihad Arena on Yas Island will be the site for round two, and a scaled-down track built with an interesting dirt, stacked starting gates, and eight lanes of obstacles routes around the floor and to a small section outside the stadium.

This is the first event for WSX since a new investment group with Kyril Louis-Dreyfus and Juan Sartori took over in September.

2024 WSX Abu Dhabi GP | Entry Lists


1. Shane McElrath | Mobil1 RWR – Yamaha
3. Chris Blose | Team Bud Racing Kawasaki – Kawasaki
4. Luke Clout | CDR Yamaha Monster Energy – Yamaha
16. Cole Thompson | FXR/Club MX – Yamaha
19. Justin Bogle | MDK Motorsports – KTM
20. Wilson Todd | Fire Power Honda – Honda
58. Hunter Yoder | Pipes Motorsports Group – Suzuki
59. Robbie Wageman | CDR Yamaha Monster Energy – Yamaha
66. Henry Miller | Mobil1 RWR – Yamaha
67. Cullin Park | Pipes Motorsports Group – Suzuki
96. Kyle Webster | Honda NILS WSX – Honda
99. Max Anstie | Fire Power Honda – Honda
122. Carson Mumford | MCR – Honda
125. Luke Neese | FXR/Club MX – Yamaha
137. Adrien Escoffier | Team Bud Racing Kawasaki – Kawasaki
141. Maxime Desprey | Team GSM – Yamaha
401. Jace Owen | Team GSM – Yamaha
604. Max Miller | MDK Motorsports – KTM
800. Mike Alessi | MCR – Honda
945. Anthony Bourdon | Team Bud Racing Kawasaki – Kawasaki


A lot has changed in the paddock in four months between rounds and the entry list for the SX2 Class reflects them the most. Departures for Enzo Lopes, Kyle Peters, and Gage Linville mean replacements are needed. FXR/Club MX brought Cole Thompson along, Honda NILS WSX picked up Kyle Webster for two rounds, and Wilson Todd is back with Fire Power Honda.

That wasn’t the only movement, as MCR and CDR Yamaha Monster Energy moved Mitchell Oldenburg up and Aaron Tanti to the WSX division. MCR has Carson Mumford and CDR has Robbie Wageman on the small-bore bikes starting in Abu Dhabi.


1. Ken Roczen | Pipes Motorsports Group – Suzuki
3. Vince Friese | MCR – Honda
6. Thomas Ramette | Team GSM – Yamaha
7. Anthony Rodriguez | MDK Motorsports – KTM
9. Aaron Tanti | CDR Yamaha Monster Energy – Yamaha
10. Justin Brayton | Fire Power Honda – Honda
11. Kyle Chisholm | Pipes Motorsports Group – Suzuki
15. Dean Wilson | Fire Power Honda – Honda
17. Joey Savatgy | Mobil1 RWR – Kawasaki
20. Gregory Aranda | Team Bud Racing Kawasaki – Kawasaki
45. Colt Nichols | Mobil1 RWR – Kawasaki
46. Justin Hill | Team Bud Racing Kawasaki – Kawasaki
49. Mitchell Oldenburg | MCR – Honda
68. Cade Clason | MDK Motorsports – KTM
69. Phil Nicoletti | FXR/Club MX – Yamaha
75. Josh Hill | CDR Yamaha Monster Energy – Yamaha
80. Kevin Moranz | Honda NILS WSX – Honda
85. Cedric Soubeyras | Team Bud Racing Kawasaki – Kawasaki
102. Matt Moss | FXR/Club MX – Yamaha
911. Jordi Tixier | Honda NILS WSX – Honda

More departures and additions in the WSX Class. Grant Harlan’s hip injury at the MXON is what prompted CDR to move Tanti up, Cole Seely’s second retirement is why Oldenburg got bumped, and an opening at FXR/Club MX left by Josh Cartwright will be filled by Phil Nicoletti.


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