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2024 KTM 300 SX | Second Look



Presented by OGIO Powersports

We took delivery of our 2024 KTM 300 SX a couple of months ago and have been super happy with the EFI-equipped two-stroke. That’s not to say that we couldn’t nitpick the sweet orange ride: we had three main complaints.

1. The WP fork and shock, even when set up extensively, suffered from a lack of hold-up and excessive front-to-rear pitching under hard braking and acceleration.

2. In stock condition, the EFI bike never feels as crisp as a carbureted bike down low, and the bike also has a blubbery feel at high RPM that never really allows the bike to rev out.

3. The stock handlebar is rigid and transfers lots of engine vibration and track feedback up through the rider’s hands.

Addressing each of our complaints was easy and we knew exactly who to turn to for help. Race Tech produces a simple and effective spring conversion kit for WP forks that eliminates the air spring and effectively converts it into a single-sided mechanical spring system. Of course, while they were getting rid of our finicky air system, they installed the famous Gold Valve for greater control and also firmed up the settings per our request. The shock was valved to complement the new front-end performance, and we were very, very pleased with the new level of comfort and confidence we gained from the Race Tech mods. A more balanced ride was the result of the fork and shock mods, and gone was the diving and squatting that the 300 SX previously suffered from. The front end, especially, exhibits better hold-up and delivers a more precise and trustworthy ride entering rough corners.


Spring Conversion System (does not include spring cost): $549.99

Spring: $109.99

Gold Valve Kit (includes compression and rebound): $199.99

Fluid: $60

Revalve Labor: $200

Shock: Spring: $149.99

Gold Valve Kit: $199.99

Fluid: $29.99

Labor: $200


Last year, we tested multiple aftermarket exhaust systems on our 2023 300 SX, and the one that stood out, head-and-shoulders better than the rest was the Bill’s Pipes Works Pipe and Aluminum MX2 Silencer. The Bill’s system provides a crisp snap right off of idle, hits hard, and pulls hard and cleanly up top. We’ve got friends who have tried aftermarket ignitions and cylinder work on their 300 SX bikes…but the Bill’s system alone is the best bang for your buck in our opinion.

Works Pipe: $299.99

Aluminum MX2 Silencer: $169.99


Pro Taper is the original oversized handlebar brand, and its ACF (aluminum/carbon fiber) bar addresses a new issue with modern motocross bikes that have electric starter buttons, map switches, and more, on the bars. The ACF Bar has the same sweep and rise as the other bars in PT’s lineup, but the ACF gets the ends of the bars to their final placement quicker, so that there is more flat surface area to mount all of the modern cockpit accouterments. To make the bar lighter, yet stronger, the ends of the aluminum ACF bar are thinner-walled than the rest of the bar but are reinforced with carbon fiber inserts that both help add strength and help dampen vibrations. Pro Taper ACF Bars are the utmost in rider comfort and control.

Pro Taper ACF Handlebars: $142.95


Donn Maeda

Donn Maeda is a 30-year veteran in moto-journalism, having worked at Cycle News and Dirt Rider before launching MXracer Magazine and TransWorld Motocross Magazine. Maeda is the Editor-In-Chief at Swapmoto Live and you can catch him on a dirt bike or in the saddle of a mountain bike on most days.

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