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2024 Mini Monsters by SEVEN Class Structure


We have taken a lot of time to renew the youth class structure for the Mini Monsters event in 2024.  We feel like we have come up with an easier to understand structure that will work for whatever coast we are racing on.  Of course, adapting with some AMA standards will help us and riders that are moving up to National level events in the future.  We are also super excited to be welcoming Schoolboy and 125 classes for this 9th annual event.

Pre registration for our first stop at Glen Helen Raceway Feb 16-18 on January 11, 2024.  Make sure your AMA cards are current and get ready for a weekend full of laps at the world famous Glen Helen Raceway.  We also look forward to revealing a unique track layout for this event. 

Click the link below for a full class list!

2024 Mini Monster Classes FINAL

Stay tuned for a full daily schedule on the STACYC GROMCROSS and Mini Madness Night Race and up to the minute information by following us on instagram @minimonstersmx. 

We know there is a lot of racing this time of year.  While we work with every promoter who will pick up the phone to avoid stacking dates sometimes there isn’t a solution.  Mini Monsters is a one of a kind event for riders to stand out and get some high level and quality laps.  Riders will also be competing for #1 AMA Plates at the Glen Helen round of this years Mini Monsters.  The biggest Amateur National of the year has multiple dual region area qualifier weekends.  Check out February 22-24 at Hangtown for Midwest and Northwest and March 29-31 at United MX for Midwest and Southwest.  Good luck to you in your 2024 season no matter where you choose to race!




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