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2024 Seattle Supercross | Race Report & Results


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Round eleven of the 2024 Monster Energy Supercross Championship is officially in the books, as racing went off in Seattle, Washington. As expected, the track broke down quickly due to heavy rains in the week leading up to the race, which led to a challenging and technical race course for the evening. The fans inside Lumen Field saw a thrilling night of close battles, crashes, statement rides, and important finishes in the 250 West Region and 450 Class.

250 Heat One

The first start of the night went to Levi Kitchen, who had Julien Beaumer in tail. Though, Rj Hampshire made a quick pass through the whoops on the opening lap to advance past Ju Ju and into second place. Privateer Hunter Yoder ran in fourth place after a great start, while Ryder DiFrancesco made his way into the top-5 after a ninth place start.

Levi Kitchen laid down fast lap after fast lap to pull a 5-second cushion over Hampshire. Hunter Yoder made a few mistakes and dropped back to seventh place, which allowed DiFrancesco to advance into fourth place. Levi Kitchen snagged the heat race win after a flawless performance in-front of his home town. 

250 Heat Two

Jo Shimoda snagged the start and early race lead in 250SX heat two, while the Monster Energy/Star Racing/Yamaha riders struggled to slow down on the slippery start straight. Nate Thrasher ended up on the ground after sliding out, as his teammate Jordon Smith secured second place early-on. Carson Mumford cut around the first turn to pick up third place after a great jump out of the gate.

Jo Shimoda continued to lead, but Jordon Smith lurked behind and pressured for the lead in sections. Garrett Marchbanks ran in fourth place and Michael Mosiman sat 2-seconds behind him in fifth. With two laps to go, Marchbanks made a pass on Mumford for third place. On the final lap, Jo Shimoda cased a triple in the rhythm before the whoops and went down. Jordon Smith then jumped past and into the race lead, while Jo recovered in time to hold onto second place. 

250 LCQ

The early race lead in the 250SX last chance qualifier went to Blake Gardner, who had Joshua Varize in tail. While leading, Blake went down in the sand and fell outside of a transfer position. Varize then picked up the lead, but Lux Turner dove inside before the whoops to make the pass. 

Talon Hawkins then passed into third place before going after Varize. A lap later, Hawkins joined his teammate up front and made the pass on Varize to take over second place. With a few laps left, rookie Brad West passed into a transfer position. However, Matti Jorgenson took Brad wide to make the pass for the final transfer position with two laps to go. Lux Turner took the last chance qualifier win just a few bike lengths ahead of his teammate.


250 Main Event

The holeshot and early lead of the 250SX Main Event went to Levi Kitchen, who had Julien Beaumer in tail. The Star Racing Yamaha teammates filled third through fifth place. Jordon Smith made the pass on Beaumer for second place before the whoops. Rj Hampshire began making passes, as he made the move on Nate Thrasher for fifth place. 

Hampshire continued to charge up the field and passed Michael Mosiman for fourth place before going after Beaumer. Jo Shimoda entered the picture, as he locked on to Thrasher and Mosiman. Though, Jo went down as soon as he looked to be setting up a pass, dropping him to eighth place. 

Meanwhile, Levi Kitchen continued to lead and now held a 6-second cushion over Smith. Julien Beaumer was shuffled back a few positions, as he now sat in fifth place. Garrett Marchbanks was on the charge and passed both Mosiman and Beaumer to pick up fifth. After falling earlier in the race, Jo Shimoda was back on the move and heading towards the top-5. 

Marchbanks continued to advance, as he passed Thrasher for fourth place. Jo Shimoda also shuffled Thrasher back, as he too made a pass. While in second place, Jordon Smith went down hard after casing a triple in the rhythm before the whoops. Rj Hampshire was now running in second place and Marchbanks sat in third. 

While being lapped, following his crash, Jordon Smith cross-rutted again and went down. He then attempted to come back on track and caused two other riders to fall before falling for a third time in the same section. Jo Shimoda made the pass for third place on Marchbanks with three laps to go. Levi Kitchen crossed the checkered flag over 20-seconds ahead of Hampshire to grab the win in front of his home crowd. 

450 Heat One

The first 450SX start of the night went to Chase Sexton, who had Hunter Lawrence in tail. Hunter then made a big mistake in the second rhythm lane, which allowed Michell Oldenburg to pull alongside. Ken Roczen and Eli Tomac quickly joined the battle for second place, which resulted in Ken going down. Eli remained in fourth place, just behind Oldenburg, while Ken remounted in last place. 

While leading, Chase Sexton stalled his bike out of the sand section and momentarily could not restart the bike, which dropped him back to third place. That handed Hunter Lawrence the race lead and Mitchell Oldenburg second place. Chase Sexton, Eli Tomac, Adam Cianciarulo, and Justin Barcia advanced past Oldenburg after a few laps. 

Chase Sexton was up to second place and closing on Hunter Lawrence, but Eli Tomac was lurking behind in third. Sexton caught Hunter, but made a slight mistake before the whoops. That mistake allowed Eli Tomac to blitz past and into second place. Hunter Lawrence held off Tomac for one more lap and grabbed the heat race victory. 

450 Heat Two

Aaron Plessinger led the field into the first turn with Vince Friese in tail, Vince then went to the inside in the second corner to momentarily lead the race. Plessinger closed the door before the whoops to retake the lead, as Jett Lawrence then began to work on Vince for second place. Jett made the pass for second place in the sand, where Aaron Plessinger had already built a 2-second lead over the rest of the field. 

Vince Friese then went down and dropped to 19th place, which handed over third place to Benny Bloss. Cooper Webb made the pass on Bloss for third place on lap three. After a few more laps, Jett Lawrence rocketed up to the rear tire of Plessinger and made the pass before the whoops. However, Aaron didn’t give up, as he looked inside a couple of times and attempted to repass Jett. 

While in fifth place, Jason Anderson made a mistake and dropped back to seventh. Malcolm Stewart then passed into fourth place with two laps to go. Aaron Plessinger kept it close but Jett Lawrence took the checkered flag first and snagged the heat race win. 

450 LCQ

Ken Roczen led the field out of the first corner, but Ty Masterpool managed to pull alongside momentarily after a faster rhythm. Tristan Lane and Masterpool battled over second place, as Ken raced away with the lead. Vince Friese passed Rodriguez for the final transfer position on lap two. 

As Vince pressured Lane for third place, multiple riders behind them began to bunch up and join the battle. Vince took third place, but a charging Ryan Breece and Kyle Chisholm were looking for transfer positions. Masterpool had Friese, Breece, and Chisholm in tail; all swapping positions and trading lines. 

On the final lap, Kyle Chisholm went down hard after endo-ing in the rhythm lane before the whoops. Ken Roczen took the win in the LCQ, while Ty Masterpool, Vince Friese, and Ryan Breece followed him to the main event. 

450 Main Event

Chase Sexton led the field out of the first corner with Adam Cianciarulo and Ken Roczen in tail. Ken made a quick pass on Cianciarulo in the second corner to take over second place. Jason Anderson then passed Adam for third place, while Eli Tomac was buried in 16th place after a bad start. Cooper Webb was on the charge early, as he passed both Jett and Anderson to advance into third place. 

Jett Lawrence sat in eighth place after a poor start and a few mistakes on the opening laps. However, Jett made three passes in just over one lap and now trailed Anderson in fifth. Up front, Cooper Webb made the pass on Roczen to take over second place and laid down the fastest lap time on the track. Webb then reeled-in Chase Sexton, while Jett Lawrence had already passed Roczen to advance into third place. 

Before Webb could challenge Sexton for the lead, Jett was on his rear tire and pressuring for second place. Jett pushed the issue in the sand and raced into Webb’s rear tire, which caused him to go down. Jett remounted in fourth place, just ahead of Plessinger. Chase Sexton made a mistake while leading and nearly went down after cross-rutting. That mistake allowed Cooper Webb to cruise right up to Sexton’s rear tire, again. 

Meanwhile, Jett Lawrence was back in front of Roczen and now in third place. Cooper Webb continued to challenge Sexton for the lead, but Jett Lawrence was again the fastest rider on track and closing the gap between the leaders and himself. Much like the heat race, Chase Sexton stalled while leading and allowed Cooper Webb to take over the race lead. 

However, a lap later Webb made a mistake in the sand and Chase Sexton went back to the race lead. Cooper Webb then passed him back a few sections later, as the duo continued to battle the track while racing each other. Meanwhile, Jett Lawrence got hung-up by a lapped rider who went down, which put him 17-seconds back. 

Chase Sexton nearly went down and had to roll the double after the on-off, which gave Webb a 4-second lead. With just two laps left, Chase Sexton had closed Webb’s lead down to just over a second. On the final lap, Webb made a mistake in the whoops and Sexton pulled right alongside. Cooper Webb took the final corner as far inside as you could go and just edged Sexton out for the race win in Seattle. 

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