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60-Second Sell | 2020 Western Power Sports Sales Meeting



A few weeks back we made the trip to Idaho for the 2020 Western Power Sports National Sales Meeting. Many of the top brands that are distributed by the company were on hand to educate dealer reps on their products and between seminars, we asked them to share the same basic sales pitch in a condensed manner for our camera. Press play on the 17 short videos below, click on the company’s link to learn more and visit your preferred dealer to get it for your bike. 


Dave Kimmey gives us a rundown on the benefits of Engine Ice high-performance coolant. How often do you flush out the radiators on your bike? Maybe it should become a part of your maintenance routine every few oil changes.


Knee braces are a piece of equipment that you buy one time and use often, but they need some attention every so often. If a pair of POD knee braces are in your gear bag, Brett Nicholas says it could be time to give them a quick inspection to see how the various pieces are holding up. If there’s something that needs to be replaced, you can find the parts to do the repairs yourself in the POD catalog.


Is it time to update the appearance of your dirt bike? If you need replacement parts, want to add some protection, or would like to go wild with an all-new look, then Polisport should have something for you. António Vinha guided us through some of the products the plastic company produces for nearly every current make and model of off-road motorcycles.

Hinson Clutch Components

Few things have a bigger impact on your motorcycle’s performance than the clutch. A better basket, more durable plates, and different springs can change the way the engine’s power is put to the ground, and that is what Hinson Clutch Components specializes in. Ron Hinson explained the parts that the company makes for two-stroke and four-stroke motorcycles, many of which are used by pro race teams every weekend.

SCOTT Sports

What’s the difference between the SCOTT Prospect and Fury goggles? Primo Marotto explained the similarities and unique traits to the company’s two high-end goggles, which make use of the same large lens but have subtle differences in the frame design that allows them to fit in a wide variety of helmets.

For more information, visit www.scott-sports.com or your local WPS dealer.

Firepower Parts

Is it time to replace the chain or battery on your off-road motorcycle? Firepower is a newer brand in the industry that produces high-quality components, but at a lower cost than the OEM offerings. Kirk Alves gave us a quick rundown of the company’s products, which will soon include a line of motor oils and filters.

Maxxis Tires

Maxxis is known for its wide variety of tires, from BMX bikes all the way to full-size trucks, and their latest off-road motorcycle treads are some of the best in production. Developed with input from multi-time champion Jeremy McGrath, the MX-ST and MX-HT lines are designed for excellent traction for all terrain types, including soft to intermediate (that’s the MX-ST) to dry and slick hard-pack (that’s what the MX-HT is for). Ryan Witzel gave us a quick explanation of both tires and their application.

Risk Racing

Risk Racing is known for the creative details that they come up with when designing tools and accessories. Their utility jugs are complete with high-quality caps and vents, hoses that bend for easy pouring, and the ability to be locked up so they can’t be stolen, while their new motorcycle ATS stand features magnetic side panels that are intended to hold loose bolts and a pair of turnbuckles that allow the height of the base to be adjusted. And those are just two things in their massive catalog.

IRC Tires

Serious off-road riding requires a tire that’s able to grip on all sorts of surfaces (rocks, logs, loose soil) while still staying strong in the rough riding conditions. IRC Tires have found a balance of the two needs with their Gekkota line of rubber compounds, which feature soft knobbies but a durable carcass. Rich Larsen explained the benefits of the Gekkota rubber and tread pattern used across all of the models in the IRC Tires line.

All Balls & Wrench Rabbit

Is it time to put new bearings in the key areas of your motorcycle? Or is your engine is in need of a new piston and rings? All Balls and Wrench Rabbit make it easy to get all of the parts necessary to keep your bike running with the company’s kits that put multiple products together in one reasonably-priced package.

Sedona Tires

The tires in your car have steel belts in them, so why don’t your motorcycle tires? Sedona Tires has created the MX-208STR, a steel-belted radial tire that absorbs and disperses energy from the track while running a very low air pressure. The silica dual rubber compound used serves two purposes, as the hard properties are meant to hold up to wear while the softer side knobs allow for increased traction.

Shinko Tires

The rubber used in trial tires is excellent for off-road riding and recently have brands started to use the same compounds on their traditional knobby-style tires for motorcycles, including Shinko. Dubbed the “Cheater” line, the knobs of the tire are incredibly soft and pliable, which offer excellent traction while standing up to abuse.

Gaerne Boots

A splash of color goes a long way. Gaerne’s SG-12 platform has been proven by pro and everyday riders, so with no major need to re-invent the boot, the designers simply laid various color options to the boot for 2020. The SG-12 still features a hinged ankle, easy to operate buckles, and top-quality construction. If you have a little one in your riding crew, check out the new kid boot that scales down some of the same features.

Vortex Racing

Is it time for a new sprocket? Then check out Vortex CAT5, which is the same part used by Monster Energy Yamaha Factory Racing in the AMA SX and MX race series, and match it to an EK Chain. All Vortex Racing and EK Chain products are proven by some of the top riders in the sport and will be more than enough for your motor at the local track.

EVS Sports

Odds are high that you’ve had an EVS Sports product in your gear bag over the years. The company has come up with a wide variety of roost guards, shoulder braces, kidney belts, knee braces, neck collars, and many other protective pieces and for 2020, they have further refined the AXIS knee brace and created a lightweight, full-protection roost guard for riders as young as three years old.

No Toil

Tired of using harsh chemicals to clean your air filters? Then look into No Toil, a company that has created a line of air filters and oils that are easy to clean and keep dirt particles from entering your engine. The original alcohol-based filter oil is the company’s most used product, but they also have a water-based oil that is intended to work with filter brands that use glues or foams that don’t react well to the alcohol formula.

Technical Touch

Is it time to service the suspension on your motorcycle? Technical Touch now offers a full line of genuine replacement parts and oils for Showa and KYB shocks and forks. If you need to further fine-tune the handling of your bike, check out the triple clamps and bar mounts offered by X-Trig.

Michael Antonovich

Michael Antonovich has a wealth of experience with over 10 years of moto-journalism under his belt. A lifelong racing enthusiast and rider, Anton is the Editor of Swapmoto Live and lives to be at the race track.

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