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AMSOIL Swapmoto Race Report



AMSOIL Terra Firma Race Series | Round One | Milestone MX Park

And we’re off! The 2019 AMSOIL Terra Firma Swapmoto race series has officially begun, as we kicked off the summer series at Milestone MX Park last weekend. Despite the scorching summer heat, nearly 500 racers joined us at the popular Riverside, California facility for a day of racing. The track crew managed to put down a great amount of water in the days and hours prior to race day, which created a great track for racing that surprisingly held up throughout the day. Thanks to hundreds of excited racers, two perfectly prepped tracks, and a gang of enthusiastic spectators; round one of the 2019 AMSOIL Terra Firma race series was one for the books! 


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Our buddy and retired professional motocross and Supercross racer, Mike Sleeter, brought his Yamaha YZ450F out of the garage and lined up once again for some fun in the 30+ Pro class. Despite having little time to spin laps these days, it’s obvious that Sleeter hasn’t lost much after his performance at the AMSOIL Terra Firma series opener. Mike managed to lay down some fast laps and dominate in the 30+ Pro class with a 1-1 performance. In between races, Sleeter helped keep racers and spectators hydrated at the PNG Living booth and go play Moto dad while his son raced on the amateur track. Having some fun on the track, helping fellow racers in the pits, and supporting his youngster while he did his share of battling; it’s easy to see that Sleeter knows how to have a good time at the races. 


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AMSOIL Swapmoto race series regular Aidan Zingg did some damage in the 65cc classes at the opening round of the Terra Firma series! Whether it was in the 9-11 years 65cc class or Open 65cc (No Beginners) class, the youngster seemed to spend a majority of his day at the front of the pack. First motos went flawlessly for young Aidan, as he collected the win in both of his classes with a dominating led. Though, a mishap in the second moto of the Open 65cc (No Beginners) class cost him the moto win, his third place finish still gave him the overall victory in the class. And with that, Aidan Zingg left Milestone MX Park with three more moto wins and two more overall class victories to his name. Great ride, Aidan!


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It’s been a while since we’ve seen Manuel Moreno, as the once regular to the series has spent some time off the bike after suffering some injuries. However, Manuel made his return to the series known, as the teenager out of Lake Elsinore, California lined up for six brutal motos in the scorching summer heat. Despite the miserable temperatures, Manuel put his number-100 Yamaha YZ250F at the front of the pack in each of his six motos. The B-class racer seemed to have the Milestone MX Park course mastered as he consistently sent one of the biggest jumps of the track lap after lap. At the end of the day, Manuel Moreno left the facility with six moto wins and three class sweeps. Good to have you back, Manuel! 


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With so many familiar faces back out on the starting line, round one of the AMSOIL Terra Firma series seemed to be a reunion of some sort. Another one of those familiar faces was Swapmoto Live test rider Rene Garcia, who’s also spent some time off of the bike in the last year or so due to injuries. However, his break from racing wasn’t apparent, as Rene threw down some of the fastest laps of the day on his Yamaha YZ250F. We always enjoy watching racers that possess such great bike control and skill, that being said, watching Rene spin laps in the Pro 250F and Pro Open classes was nothing short of entertaining. Keep crushing it, Rene! 




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Chase Curtis

Chase Curtis is an avid motocross and MTB rider, and he has been editing moto videos for a mere two years. He's also the Swapmoto Race Series on-site photographer and reporter. When he finishes college, he will join the SML staff full time.

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