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AMSOIL Swapmoto Race Report




AMSOIL Terra Firma Race Series | Round Two | Glen Helen MX

The 2019 Amsoil Terra Firma Series is well underway as the second round hit the hills of Glen Helen MX.  The summer weather has finally hit Southern California as both of the Terra Firma rounds so far have had triple digit temperatures.  Glen Helen is a favorite of many of the racers due to the high speeds and elevations of the steep hills surrounding the tracks.  The strong attendance in all classes was proof that motocross racers are both resilient and will race at any given chance.   The staff at Glen Helen worked very hard to keep the tracks in great condition with water trucks and water hoses being used all day long keeping the dust down.  The Terra Firma is the second series since the Swap Moto Race Series has kicked off and the popularity of the series is proving to provide every class a fun and competitive experience. 


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Thomas Wilcox had a hard fought battle in the Open Non-Pro class.  In the first moto, he had Travis Stake chasing him and making challenges throughout the race.  For most of the laps, Stake was less than a second behind and in many corners tried to make passes, but Wilcox was able to hold him off.  By the time Wilcox crossed the finish line, he managed to get a comfortable margin in take the first moto win.  In the second moto, Luke Moisoff got the early lead, followed closely by Brandon Peterson.   This left Wilcox back in third with some work to do to get the overall win in the class.  He made his way to second place on lap 2 when he passed Peterson, and by the end of the third lap he had passed Moisoff.   Peterson followed him past Moisoff and into second place, but Wilcox was just out of touch and finished the second moto with the overall win with 1-1 scores.   Peterson was second with a 4-2 score, while Moisoff finished the day with 3-4 finishes for third place. 


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The 12-13 year old 85/150cc class overall win was claimed by Ryder Garcia.  In the first moto he took a commanding win with a 27 second margin over the runner up Carson Millikan who made the journey from Surprise, AZ for the race.  In the second moto, Garcia wasn’t able to get the same lead he had in the first moto, this time over second place challenger Dane Morales.   Morales was able to keep Garcia in sight, but wasn’t able to close the gap and crossed the line in second behind Garcia.  This left Garcia as the class victor crossing the checkered flag in first place both motos.   Morales was able to claim second overall with 4-2 finishes.


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The 250 Pro class is always and exciting race to watch as they battle for a paycheck.   Brian Medeiros was the one that came out on top to take home the lion’s share of the 250 pro purse.   He crossed the finish line in the first moto with a big margin to second place Jakub Alvarez to easily claim the moto win.  John Roggero was the third rider across the line in the morning moto.   The second moto was more exciting as Alvarez got out into the lead right from the start.  He was able to hold onto the lead while being chased by Medeiros who had been challenging throughout the first four laps.   On the last lap, Medeiros was able to make the pass and claim the win in the second moto, finishing the day with 1-1 finishes, while Alvarez was on the second step of the podium with 2-2 finishes in the class.   Roggero rounded out the podium with a 3-3 performance. 


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The future of motocross looks very strong judging by the number of 65cc riders that come out to the Swap Moto Live races.   Every 65cc class is packed and often have some of the best racing of the day.   Travis Payne had the early lead in the 65cc Open class while the real battle was for second place between Jacob Garcia and Landon Bacon.  The 2nd place battle allowed Payne to cross the finish line in the first moto with a margin of over 20 seconds, while Garcia and Bacon traded positions early in the race and were dicing for position, then Bacon made a mistake and lost time and settled for third behind Garcia as the checkered flag flew.   When the gate dropped on the second moto, Payne again got the early lead and cruised home for the 1-1 victory for the day.   Bacon and Garcia swithched up positions at the end, with 2nd place overall Bacon’s 3-2 finishes nudging Garcia into third place for the day with his 2-3 finishes in the class.    


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  1. Dan August 8, 2019

    Do you guys still post photos from each individual race? The pictures above are the same for each Moto number.

    In the past you used to be able to find your race and look at photographs from the race you entered.

    Thanks you

    1. Steve Emter August 8, 2019

      There was a technical issue with the galleries, it should be corrected now. I apologize for the inconvenience.


  2. Cheryl Bowdish August 9, 2019

    Steve, Ive checked the pictures here again and it still appears as though the pictures are all the same.

    Maybe im looking in the wrong place..