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AMSOIL Swapmoto Race Series Profile | Hunter Lawrence


AMSOIL Swapmoto Race Series Profile | Hunter Lawrence

Age: 19

Hometown: Landsborough, Queensland, Australia

Sponsors: GEICO Honda, Shift MX, 100%, Freeway Honda, Fox, AMSOIL, Alpinestars, ARC, Athena, D’Cor, D.I.D, Dunlop, Carbon Raptor, Ogio, Factory Connection, Motostuff, Renegade Fuels, TwinAir, Wiseco, Hinson, Vortex, Yoshimura

Hunter Lawrence cut his teeth on the FIM World Championship MXGP circuit, spending the first three years of his professional career in Europe honing his craft before directing his attention to the United States. Hired by the GEICO Honda team to compete in America in 2019, Hunter’s Supercross debut was delayed by a broken collarbone, suffered just before the series kicked off. All healed up and getting ready for this summers MX Nationals, Hunter decided to get some gate time at the second round of the Swapmoto Race Series West Coast Open at Perris last weekend. Needless to say, he went 1-1-1-1 in the 250 and Open Pro classes, and it was a treat to watch his smooth, fluid riding style out on the track.

What do you think of your first Swapmoto Raced Series event?

It’s awesome. We were a little behind schedule this morning and I was sitting there waiting for the start of practice with all of the kids on 50s and 85s. It has been a real trip down memory lane though. It is pretty awesome for me to come here and see all of the kids and listen to them talk, and remember being like that when I was young. It’s pretty crazy to think that’s where I started and to think where I am now in my career.

How does local racing in SoCal compare to Australia?

When I was a kid, club days seemed pretty big and super important at the time. Back then I would say the turnout might have been as big as today. What…I’ve heard over 500 riders today? But when you’re a kid everything seems bigger you know? there were a couple of years when I was still in Australia where it dipped down a bit. It’s good here today, and good for the local scene out here today. It’s awesome!

So you came out here today to get a few gate drops in before the start of the Nationals?

Yeah it’s been good to get out here and do some racing. But I swear, every gate drop so far today I have been last! I suck at concrete starts! (Laughs) I feel like I am using negative rpms and I am still getting wheelspin off the line. I am terrible.

It’s a bummer that you missed Supercross with injury, but you have to be pretty excited about the Nationals. I am sure your expectations are high for this summer.

I was really looking forward to Supercross and it was a big bummer but there is always next year. And yes, I am excited for the Nationals this summer. I’d say expectations are high but it is a completely new series and that is what I am working towards now. A one-day race schedule as opposed to two at the MXGPs, will be different. The tracks will be new, different climates. Humidity, and a lot of different aspects will be new. But at the same time it is motocross and I have ridden outdoors my whole life. Fitness will always be key and I plan to be ready!

Megan Maeda

Megan Maeda is a junior at California State University, Long Beach. She has been the Swapmoto Race Series onside reporter for four years now and is the editor of our weekly newsletter.

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