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AMSOIL Swapmoto Race Series Racer Profile | Katelynn Ridgely



AMSOIL Swapmoto Race Series Racer Profile | Katelynn Ridgely

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Age: 12

Hometown: Palmdale, CA

Classes Raced: 125 Open, Women’s Expert

Sponsors: Fasthouse, Pro Circuit, Amsoil, Atlas, Zeal Racing, Cycle Gear, ASV, Eks Brand, Bell, Throttle Syndicate, Thousand Oaks Yamaha 

Young Katelynn Ridgely has been a regular at the Swapmoto Race Series for a while now, and she is a consistent front runner in the Women’s Expert class aboard her high-revving Yamaha YZ125. A little on the shy side, she obviously lets her actions on the racetrack do the talking, but she is nonetheless one of the reasons we love to help support the sport of motocross racing on the West Coast!

How did you become interested in motocross?

My brother rode before me, and then I just started riding with my family. It’s something that we all do together.

Is motocross your favorite sport? Do you participate in any other sports?

No, I’m not really into anything other sports. I like the feeling you get from riding a motorcycle. It’s like nothing else.

You’re riding a Yamaha YZ125, why do you choose this bike in particular?

Well, I was first riding a KTM 85 SX, but the whole thing blew up, so I had to get on this bike and now I don’t really want to go back to the 85. A bigger bike is easier for me. And I like the added power.

Do you do any other race series?

No, but I did race Mammoth.

Do you like the way we run our races?

Yes, I like the races you guys put on. They go by pretty quickly without a lot of waiting around, and the races are at all the tracks I like.

Do any of your girlfriends that you hang out with ride? Or do they think you’re crazy?

No, they don’t ride. My best friend wants to ride, but she doesn’t.

What about the boys at school?

Nobody knows except for my best friends. I just don’t want anybody to know, I just don’t tell people.

What are your favorite things on the track?

I like the straightaways. Some jumps are fun, but some are a little sketchy.

What is your favorite track then?

Glen Helen, I like the big hills.

Are you completely self-taught or do you have a coach?

No, my dad taught me everything I know, but he wasn’t really a racer before. So, I guess I have learned all on my own.

Who is a better racer now, you or your brother?

My brother doesn’t ride anymore, so me!

How important is your family in your racing career?

They’re my number-one support group.



Megan Maeda

Megan Maeda is a junior at California State University, Long Beach. She has been the Swapmoto Race Series onside reporter for four years now and is the editor of our weekly newsletter.

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  1. Brian Ridgely July 15, 2019

    I just wanted to let you know that you have the wrong Instagram for my daughter katelynn Ridgely it’s @kridge127 thank you for a great write up on her.

  2. Sean Mac July 16, 2019

    I guess the one thing that the social engineers in our American culture had made sure of, and that’s how to teach them young to be a slave to their desires, and how the minds of our children are their biggest commodity in the future of control..
    Brian if you truly realized what you were inherently allowing your child to be part of you might truly understand how your pride, self loathing, and desire to escape inferiority have enslaved you & by the predictability of your Human Nature you have been turned into a tax revenue generating consumer thinking that you are doing something for yourself when actually you are stimulating the very enslavement to a monetary system that has been set up by Zionist bankers namely the owners of the Federal Reserve and part of the faction that owns you and your child and we continue to capitulate this to our children in the disguise of many different forms of distraction. Enjoy the time with your children and your family but don’t be obsessed with being number one and spending as much money as you can to achieve goals that are priceless and never required anything but your strength of attention and your will of Honor and dedication to truth these are values they cost nothing,, try sharing that!

  3. Dillon Kirk July 17, 2019

    She’s a bad ass! Her and her dad are awesome people!

  4. Stephen Welch July 19, 2019

    She is such a special girl. Ive known her family for a long time and im so proud of them all. She inspires me to want to do better and be my best. Gods Blessings to them always….

  5. Stephen Welch July 19, 2019

    She is such a special girl. Ive known her family for a long time and im so proud of them all. She inspires me to want to do better and be my best. Gods Blessings to them always….

  6. Candice Phillips July 23, 2019

    Katelynn is my daughters best friend! Shes definitely a bad ass riding and a girl!! I didnt know she rode till after I met her dad! He had then shared some of her photos with me. Next time she had come over I asked her why she doesn’t tell anyone she rides lol she was so embarrassed. I however think its awesome!! Shes amazing in what she does and my daughter enjoys watching her race and going to practice runs. Keep it up baby girl!!!

  7. Kayla ridgely July 29, 2019

    You go sister! Do you ! Your amazing and fast as hell ! An tough as nails so proud of you an how far youve come doing what you love