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Check Point | GNCC Racing Returns, oNX App, Russell’s Trophy Room & More



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Welcome to Check Point, a new weekly feature that will cover the ongoings in the off-road motorcycle racing world, presented by Moose Racing. Although motocross and Supercross is the center of the SML universe, our staff has massive respect for the varied disciplines of off-road, from SuperEnduro to Rally to GNCC to Big Six, and we always have an eye on what’s happening in the professional racing series. Every week we will bring updates from around the world, including race results, photos, video highlights, and new bike or product debuts.

Since this is an early installment of the feature, we want to hear your feedback. Drop a comment below and let us know what you think or what you want to see. 


Finally, some positive news. This week the GNCC Series confirmed they will hold their first event since the COVID-19 shutdown, the newly created 2020 Bulldog GNCC on May 16-17 at Aonia Pass MX in Washington, Georgia. The race weekend will be as normal as possible given the current situation in the world, as all competitors and attendees will be required to maintain the proper social distancing measures that have been mandated by the Safe-to-Race Task Force, but it will offer a full roster of points-paying classes and will allow spectators to attend.

Georgia being one of the first states to ease their restrictions on public gatherings makes this race possible and the series organizers quickly worked with the property owners at Aonia Pass MX to secure the date. Does it matter that it’s the same venue as the prior round in the schedule, the General GNCC? Not at all. At this point, every professional motorcycle racing championship will go wherever they are allowed to in order to run some sort of series, no matter if that means multiple rounds at the same site (with South Carolina as the next TBA on the GNCC calendar, we wouldn’t be surprised if they head back to Big Buck Farm). And if you remember, the outcome of the last race at the Georgia track was decided two turns from the finish line. Here’s hoping we see a similar bark buster-to-bark buster battle in the woods next weekend. Check back next week for a full preview of the pro classes…

MAY 16 – 17


A few months back we had breakfast with our friend Ted Livingston and discussed the latest project he’s become a part of, the onX Off-Road Trail Map. During our chat, Ted took us through the innovative app that has been created specifically to help all-terrain enthusiasts find the best roads and access areas around the country, and even showed us spots we never would have thought were legal to ride in our California locale. 

The oNX app is no overnight invention; it makes use of data that the developers collected over the last decade through their creation of a similar program intended for hunting. This shared tech puts thousands of miles of trails and millions of acres approved for public use directly into one place, which is then categorized through a color-coded system that differentiates the jurisdiction of the land (private, BLM, state parks) and trail types (green means an area is open to ride, red means it’s closed, blue means it’s a featured area that’s been documented with information like photos or a difficulty rating). If you want to get really granular, you can even filter the results to your preferred vehicle; the app will allow you to sort trails that are best suited or approved for two- or four-wheeled rides. 

That’s the simple sell that Ted gave us, but there are many more to the app, including the ability to plan out an adventure when logged into the site on your computer that will automatically be programmed to your mobile device when you’re ready to start the ride. Membership to oNX is 30-dollars annually, which is a steal when you consider the fact you probably already have a smartphone and won’t need to lug around an additional GPS device in your trail kit.

With the summer exploration season on the horizon, now’s the perfect time to add the app to your phone and start scoping out what’s in your area. For more information, visit www.onxmaps.com/offroad-app or give the videos below a quick watch.


The motorcycle/mountain bike crossover continues! This week WORCS announced that they have partnered with SCOTT Sports for a new e-bike program that will run at five rounds of the West Coast off-road series, starting on May 29 at the event in Mesquite, Nevada. Competitors will be allowed to sign up in one of the five offered divisions (Pro, Amateur, Women, Masters [50+], Youth [12-17]) for a 35-minute race on a designated loop. Event entry is 30-dollars for the amateur classes and 50-dollars for the Pro class, which will pay a purse to the top-three finishers. Click here to see the complete details of the series.


If you’re strictly a Supercross fan, then you’ve probably heard little about Tayla Jones. The Australian racer is a force in the Women’s divisions of off-road racing, evident in her back-to-back-to-back WXC titles in the GNCC series, wins at the iconic ISDE, and near-constant presence at the front of the field at GNCC and Full Gas Sprint Enduro events. Moose Racing just released a short video interview with Jones that shares more insight about her career ambitions and personality, mixed with clips of her blasting through the brush at Steele Creek. 


Odds are you know who Kailub Russell is, even if you don’t follow the GNCC series closely. The FMF KTM Factory Racing rider is one of the most decorated competitors in the history of the championship, thanks to his current record of 63 event wins and seven-straight XC1 Pro championships, plus his gold medal success at the ISDE and titles in Full Gas Sprint Enduro series. Russell made big news before the start of the 2020 season when he stated that this year will be his final year as a full-time racer, but with three wins and a commanding lead in the point standings, he looks to add an eighth number one plate to his already full mantle. Just how full is Russell’s trophy room? With plenty of time on his hands, he filmed a quick walkthrough of his man cave and shared details about some of the special items from his career.



There’s no better time than no to get your machine fresh and ready for the next day on the trail. Moose Racing has an assortment of parts and products to ensure a solid ride, including an assortment of muffler packing options, all of which are made in the USA. From loose material that you can stuff into the can in your preferred method, to pre-assembled “pillows” that reduce the workload and can be cut to fit, there is something for every type of pipe. Click here to see the complete offerings from Moose Racing that can help keep your bike quiet and running correctly.

Michael Antonovich

Michael Antonovich has a wealth of experience with over 10 years of moto-journalism under his belt. A lifelong racing enthusiast and rider, Anton is the Editor of Swapmoto Live and lives to be at the race track.

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