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Dr.G on the SML Show


Dr.G on the SML Show

Presented by Ogio Powersports and FMF Racing

If you’re a hard core fan of the sport, you’ve no doubt heard riders thank Dr. G on the podium. Dr. H.Rey Gubernick is a sports chiropractor that has played a pivotal role in our sport for well over a decade, and it’s actually easier to count the superstar racers he hasn’t worked on than to name all of the racers he has helped. Dr.G first came into “moto fame” when we used to publicize him as Ivan Tedesco’s personal bodyguard, due to his prior size and menacing scowl that he can put on when needed, but the truth of the matter is that he is one of the best people we know and an unsung hero of the sport! We wanted everyone to get to know Dr.G, so we asked him to join us on the show. Enjoy!

Thanks to Ogio PowersportsFMF RacingAlpinestarsBell HelmetsFXR RacingODI GripsScott Motorsports, and FLY Racing

Donn Maeda

Donn Maeda is a 30-year veteran in moto-journalism, having worked at Cycle News and Dirt Rider before launching MXracer Magazine and TransWorld Motocross Magazine. Maeda is the Editor-In-Chief at Swapmoto Live and you can catch him on a dirt bike or in the saddle of a mountain bike on most days.

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  1. Carlos Briceno November 8, 2019

    Great job Dr. G