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Fall Classic Round One | AMSOIL DBK Race Report



Dirt Bike Kidz

Fall Classic | Round One | Lake Elsinore MX Park

Post/Pictures: Carlos Green

There we have it, series opener of the Fall Classic is in the books clear skies and prime dirt made it perfect for an exciting day of racing! 

Ryder Darrigo #55 out of Corona, CA put up a fight in both of his classes placing 1st in both motos. It was a close race with Chase Brennan in moto 1, but Ryder on the GasGas was able to take the win! 

Chase Brennan #3 out of Winchester, CA was able to dominate the 65 open class taking first in both motos. Each lap he charged harder as the gap kept growing between 1st and 2nd. 

In the supermini class Issac Davalos on the husqvarna #00 took 1st place overall. It was a smaller class with 4 riders in it but they all stayed in a pack within 7 seconds of each other. Davalos also took 1st in the 85 big wheel open class. 

Round 2 will be an exciting one. We will see you at LACR October 23 for another round of exciting racing! 

Results & Lap Times

Moto 1

Moto 2

Moto 3

Moto 4

Moto 5

Moto 6

Moto 7

Moto 8

Moto 9

Moto 10

Moto 11

Moto 12

Moto 13


Moto 15

Moto 16


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