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Garage Finds | Ken Roczen Red Bull Eight Pack


Garage Finds | Ken Roczen Red Bull Eight Pack

Presented by Throttle Syndicate

In July 2011, I visited Ken Roczen at his home in Apolda, Germany, to film him for the TransWorld Motocross DVD release Kickstart 3: Whiskey Throttle. Accompanied by my managing editor at the time, Chris Kinman, we had an adventure that we will never forget. After landing at the Leipzig airport, we rented a Mini Cooper and made the 70 kilometer drive to Roczen’s hometown. The drive itself was an adventure, as our Garmin navigation system didn’t function correctly overseas – even though I had purchased the Germany plug in – and we got lost for over two hours. When we finally made it to the hotel that Kenny recommended, we were shocked when we were denied access to the hotel wireless. “For hotel employees only,” we were told…

The view from the window of our hotel wasn’t bad. Kenny’s home was literally a five-minute walk away.

I’m not sure why, but neither Chris or I brought much cash with us. Perhaps it’s because we were too used to using our corporate American Express cards for everything but whatever the case, we learned quickly that when it came to eateries, the area of Germany that the Roczen’s live in is largely a cash-based society. For four long days, the only meals Chris and I ate were at the local McDonald’s – which was on the same block as the hotel – or in the convenience store section of the local gas station, which was also within walking distance.


The home where Kenny grew up was packed with motocross goodies and souvenirs, both from his illustrious amateur career in Germany and also from American racers who he idolized when he was a kid. His family owns a large property in which several motocross and Supercross tracks are laid out. Visiting racers are allowed to ride for a small fee, and while we were in town Arnaud Tonus was camped at the Roczen facility to spin some laps in between MXGPs.

Ricky Carmichael and Ryan Dungey jerseys hung on the walls of Kenny’s apartment, which was separate from the family’s home.

Our filming with Ken was delayed by a full day because Red Bull decided to stop by to do some filming with us. Even though we had traveled around the world to spend time with Kenny, we were forced to take a backseat to his largest personal sponsor so Chris and I decided to venture into downtown Apolda.

The architecture was amazing in Apolda, but not as interesting as…

Between the two of us, Chris and I scrounged up enough change out of our camera bags to have a real meal, away from the gas station and McDonald’s. I ordered something called curry wurst, and in comparison to the meals I had the first two days, it was amazing!

As one might imagine, the Roczen race shop was loaded with Red Bull, and stacks of a special Ken Roczen signature eight pack caught my eye. Knowing well that an eight-case of Red Bull would not make it back to the United States intact inside my checked bag, I disassembled one of the cartons very carefully and packed it inside my camera bag. When I got home, I bought eight new cans and reassembled to box. As best I know, these were never imported into the United States, and this is always a centerpiece of discussion in my garage.


We filmed this At Home With Ken Roczen video and it was stolen and hosted on someone else’s YouTube channel. But better direct views to the thief than the new owners of TWMX… haha!

When we finally got to film and shoot photos with Kenny it was amazing. Chris got great photos and I was stoked with the video footage. All in all, Roczen’s part in Whiskey Throttle was my favorite, both for the action and for the memories of the trip that it conjures up. Thanks for the hospitality, Kenny!

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Donn Maeda

Donn Maeda is a 30-year veteran in moto-journalism, having worked at Cycle News and Dirt Rider before launching MXracer Magazine and TransWorld Motocross Magazine. Maeda is the Editor-In-Chief at Swapmoto Live and you can catch him on a dirt bike or in the saddle of a mountain bike on most days.

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  1. Marissa Zachorecki July 5, 2019

    Hi I came from your recent Instagram account! I love how your website isn’t just focused on one rider. I like how it has so much information, videos and pictures for each post. I would also love to win Ken’s jersey as I have looked up to ken ever since I have started motocross! Me and my brother ride motocross and we also ride on Hondas and strongly believe they are the best bikes ever❤️ Thank you for reading and I have my fingers crossed❤️