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Highlighting the Girls of Swapmoto Race Series – Round 1 Fall Series Sep 30 United MX Bakersfield


Girl racing has been on the rise at Swapmoto Race Series by AMSOIL and Dirt Bike Kidz.  Earlier this year we had a really cool practice and pizza day with all the 50cc girls coming out and since have had a great rider count!  We also are seeing the girls come up from STACYC Gromcross through the 50’s and they are now expanding the 65 class!  It’s great to see as myself, the race operator, has a 17 year old girl out there getting laps as well!

Recently we were approached by Paul Bahr and he chose to kick off a donation that would become a cash prize for the Women’s Open class on the Main Track!  Our first event of the Fall Series will have all the normal classes but the ladies will have a little extra motivation to come out and represent.  We have see riders like La La Turner, Viviana Contreras and Sophia Phelps out there at Swapmoto events through the year showing the boys the hot lines and we look forward to getting as many as we can on the gate!  The initial donation is $1,000 for the kick off to the Fall Series at United MX in Bakersfield Sep 30 and the second event this will be split with is Round 2 of the series at Cahuilla Creek MX on Oct 28th.  Swapmoto Race Series will also kick in 100% payback to add to the purse and we are accepting additional donations to help these fast ladies out with their moto schedule.  Reach out to [email protected] for donations.  Additionally we will hold a 50/50 raffle to raise even more money for the purse!  Top 5 finishers will get cash or if there are over 10 riders on the gate the top 7 will get a share.

Also new for the Fall Series is an expanded Girls class separating the 65 and 85cc riders!  That’s a total of 5 classes at every race just for the ladies to shred!  Keep an eye out for pre reg opening Monday 9/18/23.


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