Amsoil Swapmoto Race Series | West Coast Open | Race Report

Amsoil Swapmoto Race Series | West Coast Open | Race Report


The AMSOIL Swapmoto Race Series has officially begun, as we kicked off round one of the West Coast Open series last weekend at Milestone MX Park. We can't recall a time period where Southern California has experienced as much rain as we have in recent months, however, the track crew at Milestone MX Park drained the newly formed ponds and created two perfectly prepped race courses! Over 500 racers filtered through the facilities gates eager to get back to racing. With excellent weather and dreamy track conditions, we couldn't wait to drop the gate. If you were in attendance at our first-ever AMSOIL Swapmoto Race Series event; Thank you!

The Pro classes held some great battles at the opening round of the West Coast Open series, presented by AMSOIL. With such a talented field, there was exciting racing for each position. However, South African National Champion Caleb Tennant and Japanese 250cc National Champion Taiki Koga grabbed most of the attention, as the two duked it out for the win in both the Pro 450F and Open Pro classes. When the dust settled, Taiki Koga took the overall win in the Pro Open class with two first place finishes and Caleb Tennant swept the Pro 450F classes.

If you didn't make it out to witness the action first-hand you're in luck, Donn Maeda strapped his GoPro Hero 7 onboard with Taiki for a moto so take a seat and enjoy!

Not all of the intense moments brewed from big-bikes, as round one’s 85cc and Supermini classes were full of exciting battles. Although the small-wheeled classes were full of talent, Ryder Garcia and his number 24 machine were the obvious threat amongst the 12-13 85/150F, Open Supermini, and Big Wheel Open classes. After six different gate-drops and holding off over twenty other racers throughout the day, Ryder came out on top in all three of his classes and snagged a total of five race wins!

There is no doubt that the 125cc Open class is one of the most exciting classes on the Swapmoto Live Race Series, who doesn't love the sound of two 125cc two strokes battling it out? At the opening round of the West Coast Open series, presented by AMSOIL, we were able to witness Carter Dubach hold his Yamaha YZ125 pinned around the course as he took a dominating win in both of the motos. After sweeping the 125cc Open class, Carter and his YZ125 took on the School Boy (125/250F) class; where he finished second to Caleb Stephens and his 250F.

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