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Important info for the final round of the El Dorado Series 3/14/21


Due to the overwhelming support of the El Dorado Series by AMSOIL we have been searching for a way to offer riders and families a better experience at the series end.  We are very pleased to have a ton of new racers attending the Swapmoto Race Series however this has caused quite a lot of issues with scoring.  Riders without transponders, transponders mounted incorrectly, riders showing up on the wrong gate and more all wreck havoc on our skilled scoring staff.  Usually a small problem like a mystery rider in the race can take an extra 30 minutes to find and figure out why they are there so we can score the whole race correctly.  The scoring system also does not like these changes and it can cause ripple effects that change scoring accuracy which we always put in the time to correct in final official results.

Combine divisions and LCQ’s for first time racers and we understand things can get confusing.  We have tried a couple different methods for how to run the LCQ’s for those classes with divisions and the format we did at Glen Helen we found to work the best.  The way divisions work is that when there are more riders registered for a race than the track has gates the class is broken up into divisions.  The first moto will consist of splitting up that class so that we can get all riders on the gate and most commonly the second division will be on the second gate drop.  Remember second gate drops when utilized happen quickly so be prepared to go as soon as the first gate drops.  There is little or no time to prep the starting area so a quick broom of the start is all there is time for.  Divisions will automatically qualify riders for the main event usually leaving all but four spots on the starting gate.  The LCQ (Last Chance Qualifier) will run at the end of first motos.  This will put all the riders who have not yet qualified for the main on the gate and the top four finishers will get a spot in the main.  LCQ’s are quick 3 lap races.  The main event will then be held on the original moto number as moto 1.  If you do not qualify in the LCQ your day is completed.

Starting gate selection etiquette is something that we received complaints about not being honored.  Your racer may not select a gate to start from until the staging person calls their bike number.  Many riders went around the staging line up and selected their gates before the number was called and this is not permitted.  For moto 1 riders are called based on the order in which they registered for the race and in moto 2 they are called based on moto 1 results. 

As some of the racers know who have moto selections later in the day waiting on your class results and trophies takes some time.  (See the first paragraph to understand why).  To add on that calculations and scoring for a series end results using scores from five rounds of racing will put an added delay on things.  In the interest of making a better race day experience we are making the final at State Fair MX a two day event.  All racers on the Main track will race on Saturday 3/13/21 and all racers on the Vet track will race on their typical Sunday 3/14/21 schedule.  State Fair MX will host a special practice schedule on Friday for Main Track riders to accommodate and Saturday will host a Vet track practice schedule like normal.

Friday 3/12/21:

Gates open 11:30am – 8pm

Practice 12pm – 5pm Main track only practice fee $30 or Unlimited Pass

Overnight parking will be $20 and wrist band fee $15 good for the whole weekend


Saturday 3/13/21

Gates open 6am – 8pm

Registration opens at 6:30am

Practice for Main Track racing starts at 8am.  Racing to follow

Practice for Vet starts at 9am $30 or Unlimited Pass

Overnight parking is $20 and wristband fee is $15 


Sunday 3/14/21

Gates open 6am 

Practice for Main Track racing starts at 8am.  Racing to follow.

Practice for Vet starts at 8am – 2pm, Main track will be open for practice 9am – 2pm.

Wristband fee is $10

Reminder there are no pitbikes allowed due to previous mis-use, injury and property damage.

We understand this Saturday racing on the Main is bound to impact some riders.  We played out several scenarios and found that this would impact the least amount of racers.  Even though we have been running races for 20+ years as a group we are always looking to offer a better race experience.  Due to the majority of racers we have being on the Vet we will keep them on their normal Sunday schedule.  Thank you all for your support and we look forward to another great weekend of racing!

Thanks to all our great sponsors!  This year has started off on a record setting series!  Make sure to start saving dates for the West Coast Open Series which will be starting just 2 weeks after this final round at State Fair MX.



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  1. Geoff Walters March 10, 2021

    You guys may want to email all pre-entries for the main track about this. I just happened to see it. I would have been a little miffed if I showed up on Sunday to race and the event had already happened on Saturday.