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Joey Savatgy On The FLY Racing Swapmoto Podcast


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Have you kept track of all that’s happened to Joey Savatgy over the last twelve months? Things like his advancement to the 450 class via a ride with Monster Energy Kawasaki, the pack-leading performance at the Monster Energy Cup, a handful of top-seven finishes in Supercross, some mechanical woes outdoors, and an eventual departure from the factory team were the easy things to keep track of. But there was much more to all of those things than what one could see from the outside and now that the season is over, Savatgy has had some time to reflect about each. In this episode of the Swapmoto Live Podcast, we talk with the currently unemployed racer about the year, the Monster Energy Cup move over, misconceptions about reimbursement, the details of his departure from the team, and how close he is to inking a deal with another team in the pits.

This is a lengthy listen, so I understand that not everyone wants to sit through over an hour and a half of conversation. He explained the last Moto of the Monster Energy Cup, from his gate pick to the move over to the relationship between he and Tomac after. Per Joey, he was not paid a cut of the million dollars the way everyone assumed and by the way things played out in the months that followed, he regrets the decision and would not do it again. That’s discussed 33 minutes in all the way to the commercial break.

The second half talks about his relationship with Adam (cordial but not close friends), how it felt to have the 2020 team announcement come midway through the summer, and what he plans to do if a contract isn’t signed by Monster Cup or the three international races he is on the entry list for.

I’ll type out the key parts for a post on the site tomorrow for those that would rather read.

Michael Antonovich

Michael Antonovich has a wealth of experience with over 10 years of moto-journalism under his belt. A lifelong racing enthusiast and rider, Anton is the Editor of Swapmoto Live and lives to be at the race track.

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  1. Tom September 14, 2019

    A great interview that gave a lot of insight into not only Joey’s life but that of a professional racer. It did answer several questions regarding Eli Tomac that I had had. So sad to see someone in Eli’s position who either lacks the maturity or is just the jerk he has been portrayed as through the years. To be under the same tent with Joey for a year and not offer the slightest of acknowledgement is just flat out wrong. I was hoping it wasn’t true. Good luck to Joey in the future. He’s obviously very talented and I’m sure things will work out. I always appreciate class and I think Joey has demonstrated nothing but class through all his ups and downs. I will be a #17 fan and look forward to the coming years. Good Luck Joey!

  2. Lorraine September 16, 2019

    Another perspective on this is that perhaps Eli didn’t owe Joey anything because he was going to win the race fair and square on his own merit. If that were the case Eli would not have been happy at Joey doing what he did even though it was a nice gesture at the time. The post press interview says it all when Eli was asked if Joey would get 10% and his response was “no comment!”. I believe that Eli felt undermined by Joey’s move. My opinion anyway! I certainly wish Joey well and I hope that he gets a team ride.

  3. john c ryder September 20, 2019

    excellent pod great insight