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Mini Major West by SEVEN


After a super successful Mini Major East this year at Alabama’s Monster Mountain MX we are excited to be just over a month away from the original Mini Major West.  Some exciting plans for the track are coming together and there will be some unique changes for the race.  There are also changes off the track as we have secured an additional 30 parking spaces on the asphalt for this years event!  

Something new we tried on the East was the Father Son Race.  It was a HUGE hit and having CHAD REED there to partake was super fun to watch.  See the video here.  What former pro dad’s will show up this year?  Thursday night after practice we will host another Father Son event and as long as you are blood relatives you can race in any combination of Father/Son, Father Daughter, Mom’s and grandparents are welcome to pair up with the kids as well.  There will be a 65cc class and a 85cc class.

Friday is when the racing begins.  Due to the turnout for this event there is a three moto format.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday will host a full day of moto’s and we will adjust the start point each day to mix up who goes first and who goes last.  We will be looking to have lots of laps and longer than typical races for State Fair.  This is a championship format!

Also happening over the weekend will be the STACYC GROMCROSS event and more!  Pit bikes can be an issue each year so we will start the messaging here.  All pit vehicles will require an admission pass which is available on site or online.  The problem is unnecessary injuries and property damage from careless individuals.  The worst is having pit bikes racing across the fairgrounds where they are not permitted.  Please keep an eye on your kids and make sure to prevent any of this from happening.  There will be a no tolerance policy and State Fair will impound bikes for the weekend.

Back to the fun!  SEVEN MX will be in the house with their full display and viewing deck.  STACYC as mentioned will be there with the GROMCROSS but also with bikes for sale and any technical support you may need.  KTM and HUSQVARNA are back for the E Challenge which is a full three moto class championship on E5 and EE5 prepped bikes!  Ogio will be on hand with special prizes and product.  ODI is a long committed sponsor for the Swapmoto Race Series and the Mini Major.  They are planning some fun evening events.  Walters Mercedes Benz is the Sprinter dealer of motocross and they will be sharing some deals and displays in the parking lot.  Pro Taper will be on hand with product and rider support for the weekend.  RJR Motorsports will be on hand racing and providing rider support.  MX Pro Parts will have all your tire needs and parts on hand for staying on the track and of course there will be multiple food options for the event.  

It’s going to be a party and we look forward to seeing you there.  Below are some helpful links that will get you in the right direction for the event.  Don’t miss this National level event without the pressure of big titles.  We cater to the kids and early racers looking to provide a great experience that will get them ready for top level racing, but with more fun!

Reserve your overnight parking space starting Wednesday at noon.  All spaces are marked out 20×60.  One RV per spot.  80+ spots on asphalt will go first and fast.  Don’t delay.  You can also get your wristbands and pit passes.  There is no fee for vehicles and day parking.  CLCK HERE 

Don’t forget to pre register for this event.  It is $10 more per class to sign up on site.  PRE REGISTER HERE

Go back and see the fun from 2020 at State Fair MX and we look forward to seeing you there this year!!!





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