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Moto Model Gallery | Rachel Strait


Presented by O’Neal

The year is winding down and the holidays are drawing near, and November always makes us think of things we are thankful for. Today we are especially thankful for our friends at O’Neal, who have insisted on keeping the Moto Model section alive, in spite of today’s “woke” society. Haha! We’re also thankful for our good friend Rachel Strait, who’s a badass mountain bike racer, dirt bike rider, and new mom. Rachel and her husband – MTB freestyle hero Kyle Strait – are the proud new parents of an eight-month-old daughter, Stevie. 

Almost two years ago, Rachel earned the dubious honor of being the last-ever TransWorld Motocross Pinup and we teased that she was the reason the title was shut down. Of course, with a statement like that thrown out there, she knew that she had to make a triumphant return showing, post-baby or not! Follow her parenting and MTB adventures on Instagram @rachelstrait1


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