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Round #1 of West Coast Open Postponed


After careful consideration and consulting with multiple personnel and agencies we have had to make the tough decision to postpone the current first round of the West Coast Open scheduled for March 22nd at LACR. We are in a constantly changing environment with the current Coronavirus Pandemic.  Unfortunately, today we do not know what Sunday will bring, not to mention the extremely wet month we have been having. 

We have gotten several messages from racing families local and from out of state that want to make plans for this event and we feel the only fair thing to do is alert everyone as early as possible of the decision to postpone this first event.  We hope that in the time before our 2nd round on April 5th we will have a clearer picture of what steps need to be taken to protect the health of ourselves and others.

This is a global crisis that will no doubt change the way we act and interact with others for the foreseeable future.   There are many ways we can adapt and we will get through this.  The main thing is to stay calm and heed the advice of agencies and do not fall victim to panic.  We have included some links below for local agencies that we hope will be helpful to you.

Our priority is first the health of our racers, families, friends and neighbors.  We are committed to bringing you a quality race program with the necessary staff to do so.  This includes registration, score keepers, safety flaggers, EMT’s and local ambulance services.  When that is able to be confirmed and guaranteed we will commence the West Coast Open Series.  Stay tuned for further updates.

Thank you for your continued support.







  1. Matt Hollander March 18, 2020

    If we already signed up for this weekend, will we get refunded and need to sign back up?

    1. Tanya Havens March 19, 2020

      They keep on record of payment for 6 months. So next round you will just go up to the booth as normal.

  2. Frank Bravo March 18, 2020

    Will this round #1 event role the fees to round #2 automatic? Or will we need to signs up and pay again?

  3. Brandon Passno March 18, 2020

    Basically same questions as frank and Matt. Do we get a refund or will our fees automatically go towards round 2?