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The Swapmoto Race Series by AMSOIL and Dirt Bike Kids is stoked to start a program that encourages racers to Start A Team!  We imagine this will start with a lot of questions so see the guide below to help get you started!  

Where does this come from?  

Current owners of the Swapmoto Race Series used to race BMX.  We are going back to the influences that came from when there were lots of teams where riders rode under a name and wore matching gear and families all hung out in the pits together.  Teams can submit a TEAM SHEET at registration for a chance to win a special trophy and series end prizes. Team racing is about the camaraderie of being part of a group effort.  Each rider competes for their own best effort and the best four finishes on a team sheet for the days standing against other teams finishes. Team racing can be strategy and it can be luck!

How do we start?

Complete a Race Team Roster.  Complete a Team Sheet for Round 1.  Read through the rules and points tables. CLICK HERE for the Team PacketPrint one out and bring the forms completely filled out to Round 1.

What classes are eligible for Team Sheets?

All classes above Starter are eligible.  See the points table to understand how points are awarded.  Higher points are awarded for higher skilled classes.

What does it take to create a team?

A team should consist of five riders.  You can enter a Team Sheet with a minimum of four riders.  A team needs to be matching in gear brand and color so they are recognizable.  Teams can consist of multiple skill level of riders.  Riders in higher skilled classes get rewarded higher on the points scale.  Pro’s and Starter Class riders do not earn Team Sheet points.  

What benefits are there for a team?

Overall we are trying to foster the camaraderie between families and support the benefits of a team effort.  Riders still compete for individual results but we see what other team sports have and feel like moto could benefit from some of those activities.  Customizing pit areas with tents, table covers, feather flags etc. are all fun ways to make a statement in the parking lot.  Matching team gear kits, graphics, team videos, and more are all great ways to give your race team exposure.  At the end of the first year (2023) along with the per race cash Swapmoto Race Series will offer a $1,000 cash bonus to the team who scores the most points on the year.  Use this for future entries, buy parts, or throw your own year end team party with the money!

How should I build a Team Sheet?

There are lots of theories on this and it’s part of the fun of managing a team.  Looking at the points table you can come up with your own strategy for having riders who can earn the most points for your team.  Just make sure and keep the fun element and remember these are amateur kids riding amateur level classes. 

How do I pick a Team Manager?

A Team Manager is basically like a spokesperson for that team.  They are the responsible party for turning in Team Sheets and will receive all prizes.  Any disputes or roster corrections will be made by the registered Team Manager only.  Pick someone that can be a central point of communication via team group texts and sponsors communications.  

What if we don’t have everything ready for the first round of the Fall Series?

This is a test run that we hope will inspire families to start their own teams.  We aren’t going to be super strict on requirements for starters but we want to work towards a formula that is very easy to recognize riders on the track as a Team.  We will be watching and listening during this Fall Series to see how things may need to be adjusted for 2023 and beyond but we hope that you are excited to participate and we hope that through family contacts teams can bring in non-endemic sponsors. 

How do we get sponsors?

When we did teams for BMX we were sponsored by major fast food locations, auto dealers, gas stations etc all from people who just had connections in different industries.  Think outside the box and work with your contacts outside the industry as well as in the industry.  Put together a professional proposal for brands to review telling the story of your rider roster and tell the story of what you are looking to accomplish as a team.  Swapmoto Race Series can help out with branding options from our race series sponsors.  

We look forward to supporting racers and riders no matter what the skill level.  Our goal is to continue to grow the sport.  It’s not our sandbox but we love to play in it!  We strive to create a high quality and organized racing experience for riders of all skill levels and bike sizes.  Even more, we strive to provide all this at a competitive price thinking of the overall expense of each family on race day.  We also value your time and are able to offer a compact race schedule with the most riders on race day due to our two track format.  Thank you for looking over this information and we appreciate your support of the Swapmoto Race Series by AMSOIL and Dirt Bike Kids.  We look forward to trying this out at the Fall Series and hope to grow into 2023!


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