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Swapmoto Race Series by AMSOIL | Dirt Bike Kidz | Cahuilla Creek MX Nov. 12-13


Photos by @twenty_three_media

It has been a really, really long time since we visited Cahuilla Creek MX for racing but we are stoked to have them on the calendar for the next stop of the Fall Classic by AMSOIL and Dirt Bike Kidz.  Historically as the series grew larger we have only been to tracks who could accommodate two starting gates for our two track format.  We met with the owners at Cahuilla Creek MX a while back and discussed what it would take to host a Swapmoto event again.

This race will run a little different than our other locations due to track requirements but we are stoked to try it out and see how you like it.  Starting out with Friday, Cahuilla Creek will host a special practice from 8 am – 2 pm.  Gates will remain open on Friday night until 8 pm for anyone looking to stay overnight.  Saturday will host racing on the Main track classes only.  If you look at the pre registration page you will see the class structure clearly broken up by Main or Amateur Track.  Saturday will host all racing on the Main track only.  All classes and our normal two moto format.  There will be no Saturday practice on the Vet/Amateur Track on Saturday.  If you are racing the Vet/Amateur track on Sunday make sure to visit the https://www.cahuillacreekmotocross.com/  website for all their normal practice hours leading up to the race if you want some extra laps on this amazing facility.  We will extend the normal Sunday morning practice slightly to compensate for our Vet/Amateur Track racers as well.  

There are also some recommendations for making sure that you have a good experience while at Cahuilla Creek MX and equally as important that the track owners have a good experience with us and invite us back!

  • Registration – Due to our two day format and trying out a few new things it is super important to pre register for this event.  CLICK HERE to sign up and save $5 per class.  It helps us build the race schedule and we can post it sooner.
  • Schedule – Friday gates open at 7:30am practice 8am – 2pm.  Gates close at 8pm.  Overnight parking is $10 per night, no hookups.  Practice fees are $30 per rider.  Saturday gates open at 6am, Main Practice begins at 8am racing to follow immediately after practice.  Gates close at 8pm.  Sunday Gates open at 6am, Vet/Amateur Practice begins at 8am racing to follow immediately after practice.
  • Bring cash for front booth on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to help prevent a long line to get in.
  • The parking area is a bit limited and a big part of why we are racing only one track per day.  Make sure that when you come out to the event that you don’t sprawl out like you are at Ocotillo or we will run out of space.  Just work with all your neighbors and fellow racers to provide as much space as you can.
  • Trash service is very limited at the track due to its remote location.  The track asks that you take out whatever you bring in.  You will not find trash cans on site.  We will be happy to provide some large heavy duty trash bags at registration to help with this.  Let’s make sure we leave this facility as good or better than when we arrived.  Do not leave any tires or fuel cans on site as well as that is a constant problem for the track to dispose.
  • Riding after hours is not permitted.  As stated the Vet track will be closed on Saturday to be prepped and the Main will be closed on Sunday.  Cahuilla Creek has a bit of an off road loop to enjoy Friday but all bike riding will end when practice stops at 2pm on Friday.  This includes electric or gas bikes.  Make sure your racers are not going into equipment areas or damaging property.  I know it sounds obvious, but it has happened all too often.  
  • Never put hands on a flagger.  Yelling at them to get there attention to something they haven’t seen is fine and can be done respectfully but grabbing flaggers, shaking them violently, throwing them to the ground etc will be immediate cause for being removed from the facility with no refund.  A flaggers job is to warn riders of an accident in the area.  They are not expected to prevent 100% of accidents.  Please remind your racers that yellow flag means no jumping, no passing and slow down.

Cahuilla Creek MX is a great facility and unique with its elevations and sandy dirt.  We would love to include this location on many dates for 2023 but are on a trial basis due to negative past experiences with other promoters.  We strive to put on a well run race program that gets through the schedule in a timely manner.  Some of the staff at our events have been doing this for over 20 years!  We love our racers!  Thank you for supporting the series and stay tuned for some awesome promotions that will be present at this event from Dirt Bike Kidz, BC Goggles, ASV, AMSOIL and more!  See you at the races!



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  1. chris wilson November 9, 2022

    Hi, trying to find a race schedule for this weekend at cahuilla.Thanks