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Track Tested | Pro Circuit T-6 Stainless System



Track Tested | T-6 Stainless System


Price: $818.96

The 2019 Husqvarna FC 250 is one of our favorite machines in the 250cc field thanks to its quick, nimble handling and peppy powerband that makes it easy to go fast on.

Though we were impressed by the machine’s smooth power delivery and high-revving powerband, it didn’t take long for us to begin craving more power and a stronger initial hit out of the Husqvarna. That said, we called up our friends at Pro Circuit to see what they had to offer for the new FC 250. We were stoked when they sent out the complete T-6 Stainless System, which can be purchased through your local Pro Circuit dealer or online from Pro Circuit themselves.

Upon unboxing, we’d be lying if we said the stainless steel head-pipe, mid-pipe, and machined aluminum canister didn’t catch our eye. With the precise welds, the machined mid-pipe to head-pipe is truly a work of art that’ll get any moto-head excited. We couldn’t wait to log some laps and see the benefits of the T-6 system, so we bolted it up in a few minutes and loaded up. The system fit perfectly and installed with ease.

The Husqvarna FC250 is known to be on the quieter side, so our eagerness grew following the first start with the system installed, as the bike has a mean bark. In stock form, the Husqvarna FC 250 is undoubtedly one of the fastest machines in the class, but as we mentioned before; the power is delivered smoothly and lacks an initial hit. With the Pro Circuit T-6 system installed, we immediately noticed a gain in the bottom-end hit.

The newfound power delivery makes the FC250 an even more fun bike to ride, as the machine excels in the initial throttle roll-on while exiting deep ruts and loamy corners. With the significant gain in the bottom-end, we figured we would be sacrificing some of the power known to be in the engine’s high RPMs. However, to our surprise, the FC 250 seems to be just as strong in the high RPMs, if not stronger than it was with the stock exhaust installed.

Since installation, we’ve logged about 10 hours on the T-6 system and have yet to experience any downside or shortcoming. Not only has the Pro Circuit T-6 stainless steel system helped wake-up the Husqvarna motor, but it’s also catered to our love of a great sounded machine. You simply can’t go wrong with an exhaust system that looks just as well as it works.

Chase Curtis

Chase Curtis is an avid motocross and MTB rider, and he is the SML Video Editor. Completely self-taught, Chase is one of the best video editors in the sport and one of our biggest assets.

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  1. Brendon Bayliss May 30, 2019

    Exhaust looks 💯👊🏼

    I love the content, wide range of information, interviews with the riders is awesome!

    I guess to be picky maybe some tech talk would be awesome? A section about quick mods to new bikes that’s affordable.

    Keep it up swap I’m loving it.

  2. Joey June 4, 2019

    What’s up moto fam I’m here to tell you that this bike is truly a go getter. I recently saved up and purchased one of these huskyyys and their crazy good. Swapmotolive did a good job reviewing this bike and all it’s pros and cons and if I were you I’d go hop on one 🚀 Thanks for everything swapmoto and those dope magazines. I reviewed from an honest opinion because Ik everyone wants that beautiful ET1 Bell moto 9 helmet to put on your head for 2 minutes for one quick photo for the gram and put up on a shelf next to all your winnings. What a good prize to win

  3. Ryan Lyle June 11, 2019

    I personally love these tech tips! Something that I don’t see much of is topics on race fuels! Which fuels do run, there are so many different types and what does it look like when you start adding mods to your bike with pump fuel vs. a vp or renegade fuel? Is it really worth it and should guys be at least throwing some 110 octane in there machines? There aren’t to many guys out there that offer there work to really setup your bike professionally, I’m talking race prep from a pro. I do know a guy that knows his stuff and has a resume proving his skills and has worked with some big names, Tony Jeske. He would be a killer guest to do an article on and really dig into where he is now and what he offers the public. Not to many guys out there that offer up there professional experience to the public. Monthly jeske articles with do it yourself tips and tricks.