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Track Tested | Thor Prime Pro MX Gear



Track Tested | Thor Prime Pro MX Gear

Price: $59.95 (jersey); $169.95 (pant)

Super lightweight, athletically cut motocross riding apparel is the latest trend sweeping through the sport, and when you look back at the baggy, heavy gear that we’ve worn for years, it’s a wonder that more high-performance apparel wasn’t created sooner. Thor’s first entry into this category was its original Prime Fit line, which was loved by its sponsored riders and well received by consumers.

Thor revamped the Prime Fit line in 2018 and rebranded it Prime Pro, and for 2019 the brand has nine colorways available in the premium line. We’ve been riding in our new Prime Pro gear for several weeks now, and are very impressed and happy with the fit, appearance, and performance of the kit!

We’re all friends here, so let’s be honest. In the past, we have not always been 100% happy with the fit of Thor riding pants, as they used to have a high-cut waist that we didn’t agree with. The cut of the new Prime Pro pants is amazing: the mid-rise waist is just right, and the overall design of the pant is great. This is a high-performance race pant. It is meant to offer protection where it’s needed, great grip at the knees with its genuine leather knee panels, and 100% freedom of movement with its four-way stretch materials. If you’re looking for a pant to hold up for years of abuse out on the trails while banging into trees and pushing through shrubs, this probably isn’t your ideal choice. Thor has the off-road specific Terrain line for that…

The pant has no liner and comes with a lycra compression short that can be worn beneath it instead of your typical underwear. The lycra compression short is comfortable, offers a nice amount of compression to help fight lactic acid buildup in your thighs, and is removable in case you want to ride in your normals skivvies. To be honest, the first time we rode in our Prime Pro pant, we got dressed in such a hurry that we didn’t notice the compression shorts and rode all day with them in the leg of our pant! They’re that thin and lightweight…we didn’t even notice! The pant itself is incredibly comfortable. The knee areas are snug, but thanks to the generous amount of stretch built into the fabric, they stretch right over knee braces and fit perfectly. The leather knee panels offer great traction against the sides of your bike, and also protect against exhaust header burns. It’s hard to believe how light the pants actually are. With no heavy thermal weld patches sewn on, and the thin, stretchy fabric, they weigh not much more than the matching jersey. The ratchet waist closure is easy to operate and offers a reasonable amount of adjustment. One downside could be the lack of waist adjusters on the sides of the pant, but hey…these are race pants and should fit snugly anyway. Laser-cut perforations in the thigh area actually flow a noticeable amount of air on hot days.

The Prime Fit jersey, like the pant, offers a ton of stretch and comfort. We like that the overall cut of the jersey is a little less athletic for 2019, and acceptable for non-elite athlete bodies to fit into. Haha! We’ve been impressed by the durability of the Prime Pro gear as it has held up great in the unfortunate crashes we’ve had in it.

All in all, we are really pumped on the fit, look, comfort and performance of the newest Spring release Thor Prime Pro gear. Definitely our favorite Thor gear yet! Check it out!

Michael Antonovich

Michael Antonovich has a wealth of experience with over 10 years of moto-journalism under his belt. A lifelong racing enthusiast and rider, Anton is the Editor of Swapmoto Live and lives to be at the race track.

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