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2021 Fox Raceway One Motocross | Race Report & Photo Gallery


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The 2021 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship began its twelve-round, summer-long run with the 2021 Fox Raceway One Motocross. The opening round of any motocross season is always hard to predict, as every rider on the starting line has a clean slate and those with something to prove typically find their way to the front of the pack. That was certainly the case at this race and four different winners through four motos gave us plenty to ponder while we wait for next weekend.

250 Moto One

As the gate dropped for the first race of the day, Maximus Vohland was off to the early lead after a great start. Stilez Robertson slid into the first corner just behind, while Star Racing’s Jeremy Martin took third place early on. Maximus and Stilez laid down a solid first lap and were able to put some space between them and the rest of the field. Garrett Marchbanks began pressuring Seth Hammaker for third place, just as Jeremy Martin began reeling in Robertson. Marchbanks looked inside of Hammaker as they jumped through the final section on lap three, but Seth shut the door before they reached the corner. Back in the pack, brothers Jett and Hunter Lawrence worked their ways into the top-10 after a rough start in the first moto of the season. Stilez Robertson responded to pressure from Jeremy Martin and upped his pace, resulting in him catching Vohland and taking a second off of his lead. Meanwhile, Pierce Brown made a quick stop in the pits for some tweaking but then regained the course. 

As the first 250 moto crossed the halfway point, Maximus Vohland and Stilez Robertson continued to lead Jeremy Martin. A little further back in the pack, Jett Lawrence and RJ Hampshire were getting impatient and began battling over sixth with Justin Cooper. RJ Hampshire picked up the position and started pressuring Marchbanks for fifth. It took about half of a lap but RJ made the pass on Garrett and immediately focused his efforts on Hammaker and fourth place. Less than a lap later, RJ blitzed past Hammaker through the rollers and into fourth place. Jett Lawrence then made the pass on Seth around the outside and took over fifth place. Up front, Jeremy Martin made the pass on Stilez Robertson for second and began inching towards Maximus. Vohland got sideways as the duo dropped down the hill and allowed Jeremy to pull alongside. Jeremy Martin then beat the rookie to the corner and took over the lead, as Maximus Vohlands bike began to smoke. Keep in mind, Maximus and RedBull KTM already suffered a mechanical early in the day, in the first practice session. Jett Lawrence then put in a late charge and moved into third place after passing RJ Hampshire. Michael Mosiman followed Lawence’s charge and took over fifth place, as Stilez got shuffled back to seventh. Unfortunately, Maximus Vohland’s bike quit with 3 minutes to go. Jett Lawrence then took over second place and RJ shuffled into third. Austin Forkner and Hunter Lawrence charged up to Justin Cooper late in the moto, who held onto fifth place. Forkner then made a slight mistake and Hunter was able to squeeze by. As the first 250 moto came to an end, Star Racing Yamaha’s Jeremy Martin snagged the win ahead of Jett Lawrence and RJ Hampshire. 

250 Moto Two

The second 250 moto was off and Jeremy Martin was off to the early lead with teammate Justin Cooper alongside, Cooper then took the advantage as they went over the first obstacle. Maximus Vohland sat in third early-on with Jett Lawrence just behind. Jeremy Martin began pressuring Justin Cooper for the lead, but Justin responded by upping the pace just enough to keep his teammate behind for the time being. Jett Lawrence made the pass on Vohland for third place and focused his efforts on the Star Racing teammates ahead. Jeremy Martin continued to search for a line to pass his teammate for the lead, as he stayed within half a second of Justin Cooper. However, Jeremy made a slight mistake that allowed Cooper to pull away by a few tenths and Jett Lawrence to come up from behind and challenge. A few laps later, Jett Lawrence made the pass on Jeremy Martin as they entered the rollers and then immediately went after Justin Cooper. Justin was able to hold off the HRC rider for a few more sections, but as the duo ripped through the finish rhythm; Jett was able to pull alongside Martin and scrub his way into the lead. Jeremy Martin then began pressuring Justin Cooper for second. A lap later, Jeremy Martin replicates Jett’s pass but this time with him taking the advantage as he jumped past Cooper and into second. Cameron McAdoo went down hard in front of the mechanic’s area, ending his day. RJ Hampshire went to make the pass around the outside of Maximus Vohland, but the two collided and both went down. Late in the moto, Maximus Vohland reeled in RJ Hampshire after their mishap and was challenging for seventh place. RJ responded to the pressure and began challenging Hunter Lawrence for sixth. RJ Hampshire nearly had a pass on Hunter but then drifted off track, then after rejoining the track, a lapper went down in front of RJ and held him up. Jett Lawrence took the checkered flag first and not only snagged the second moto win, but also the overall at Fox Raceway. 


450 Moto One

As 450 Moto One left the gate, Cooper Webb was off to the early lead after an excellent start. Dylan Ferrandis slid into second place, with Sexton and Cianciarulo just behind. Adam Cianciarulo went from fourth to the lead in three corners, as he drove to the inside before the uphill and made the pass on Webb. Ken Roczen came into the picture in the back of the track and showed Ferrandis a wheel after passing Sexton. Aaron Plessinger then made the pass on Sexton and latched onto Roczen as he held down fifth place. Up front, Adam Cianciarulo continued to lead and laid down some fast laps to break away from the rest of the field ever so slightly. Back in the pack a-bit, Chase Sexton remounted a charge at Aaron Plessinger and after AP made a slight mistake, Sexton was able to sling-shot to the inside and take away the line, giving Chase fifth place. Dylan Ferrandis began pressuring Cooper Webb for second place, as Cianciarulo continued to build his lead on the duo. Ferrandis got caught off-guard by a rut up the face of a jump, causing him to loose his balance and roll the jump, which allowed Webb to break away momentarily. Adam Cianciarulo went down while leading and unfortunately threw away his massive lead. Cianciarulo dropped back to fourth place but was now racing a mangled machine.  Dylan Ferrandis then made the pass on Cooper Webb and took control of the lead in 450 moto one. 

As the first 450 moto at Fox Raceway reached its halfway point, Dylan Ferrandis continued to lead Cooper Webb. Adam Cianciarulo seemed unfazed by his crash, as he set the fastest lap of the group and worked towards Chase Sexton, who held onto third place. With 13-minutes left on the clock, the top-4 were within four seconds and Adam Cianciarulo, who managed fourth place, was the fastest rider on track. Chase Sexton used some outside lines and was able to pass Cooper Webb for second place. Justin Barcia reeled in the top group of guys, as he took the line away from Ken Roczen and made the pass for sixth. Just a lap later, Barcia scrubbed past Aaron Plessinger and into fifth. And another lap later, Justin Barcia dove inside of Cianciarulo before the up-hill and rocketed into fourth. Justin Barcia continued his charge towards the front, as he passed Cooper Webb for third place with less than two minutes left on the clock. Aaron Plessinger took fifth place away from Adam Cianciarulo and then began pressuring Cooper Webb for fourth with two laps to go. Aaron Plessinger pulled alongside and then pulled past Webb through the final rhythm section as they got the white flag. Chase Sexton put in a late moto charge and pulled alongside Dylan Ferrandis on the final rhythm lane. As they crossed the finish line, Dylan Ferrandis took the moto win just inches ahead of Sexton. 


450 Moto Two

The final 450 moto of the day was off and Aaron Plessinger was off to the early lead Cooper Webb just behind. However, Ken Roczen snagged second place just after the first turn. As they approached the back section of the track, Ken Roczen took over the lead before jumping up the hill. Cooper Webb got shuffled back to sixth place by the end of the first lap. Justin Barcia made a quick pass on Osborne, but Barcia made a slight mistake just after that dropped him back to fifth. Chase Sexton went down with a few others in the first turn and would spend his moto battling through the pack. Dylan Ferrandis made the pass on Cooper Webb and slid into sixth place. Ken Roczen continued to lead with just over 2-seconds on Aaron Plessinger, who sat over 5-seconds ahead of Adam Cianciarulo in third. Dean Wilson went down, ending his day early. Ferrandis closed in on Justin Barcia, who was challenging Zach Osborne. After trailing for a few laps, Justin Barcia made the pass on Osborne for fourth place. A few sections later, Dylan Ferrandis pulled alongside Osborne after staying low over a few jumps and completed the pass for fifth. Justin Barcia then kept his charge to the front going, as he made the move on Adam Cianciarulo as they raced down the hill. Dylan Ferrandis blitzed through the rollers and to the inside of Cianciarulo to take over fourth place. Up front, Aaron Plessinger reeled in Ken Roczen and was pressuring for the lead. Plessinger dove inside and showed Roczen a wheel as they ripped up the hill, however, Ken was able to hold onto the lead. As the duo continued to battle for the lead, they sat over 17-seconds ahead of third place. The wheels on the ground flag was out over the finish jumps, but both Ken Roczen and Aaron Plessinger jumped as they continued to battle. Plessinger then seemed to back it off a touch following jumping on the flag, allowing Ken to break away slightly. A lap later, Aaron drifted off track momentary after getting sideways, luckily, he had a large lead over third and remained in second. Adam Cianciarulo got shuffled back to seventh place and now had both Cooper Webb and Marvin Musquin knocking on his door. Marvin made the pass on both Webb and Cianciarulo in a section and moved into seventh. Christain Craig then made the pass on Webb for ninth place. Jason Anderson moved into fifth place late in the race, shuffling Osborne back a position. As the checkered flag waved, Ken Roczen took the second moto win at Fox Raceway. Dylan Ferrandis crossed the finish line in third, and with his 1-3 results, took the first overall 450 win of his career and of the season. 

Chase Curtis

Chase Curtis is an avid motocross and MTB rider, and he is the SML Video Editor. Completely self-taught, Chase is one of the best video editors in the sport and one of our biggest assets.

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