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2022 Indianapolis Supercross | Race Report & Results


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Jett Lawrence | 1st Place | 250 Class

It was a wild night in Indianapolis for Honda HRC’s Jett Lawrence, however, he pulled through when it counted and had a perfect round of racing on paper. The 250 East Coast championship points-leader qualified in first place overall after laying down a blistering fast 43.826 late in the second and final session of riding. 

Though, things got interesting after Jett’s impressive start to the day, as the Honda HRC rider went into the first turn with the lead in his heat race. However, another rider on the inside of Jett was late to breaking and made contact with the points leader, tossing Jett off of his bike and flipping through the air. By the time Jett remounted aboard his Honda CRF250R, he was in 20th place. Jett spent the entirety of the heat race making his way to the top of the field and ultimately passed Kyle Chisholm for the lead with one lap to go to take the heat race win. 

Following his impressive charge from behind in the Heat Race, it was hard to argue with Jett’s flat out dominance in speed heading into the Main Event. Luckily for Jett, he had another great jump out of the gate and exited the first turn with the lead in the Main Event. Jett opened it up on the first few laps of the race, however, Cameron McAdoo then reeled in the Honda HRC rider and began challenging for the lead.

After a few attempts, Cameron went inside after the finish line and beat Jett through the following rhythm section to take over the race lead. As the race went on, Cameron and the lead group began to run through lappers. And just a few laps after hitting the first lapped rider, Jett went outside in the sand before the whoops and dodged a lapped rider to pull alongside of McAdoo in the whoops. As the pair exited the whoops, Jett had a few bike lengths on Cameron and re-took the race lead. Laps later, Jett cased a crucial triple and allowed Cameron to close back in. However, Jett opened it back up and rode his way to another impressive race win in Indianapolis.

Cameron McAdoo | 2nd Place | 250 Class

Cameron McAdoo gave it everything he had in Indianapolis. The Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider came out swinging in first timed-qualifying, as he laid down a fast lap at the end of the session to top the leaderboards. As for the second and final session of qualifying, Cameron bettered his time significantly and came within just over a hundredth of Jett’s best time.

Cameron’s success continued in 250 Heat One, as he put together a perfect start to finish performance and took the heat race win. The 250 Main Event started off just how timed-qualifying ended, Jett grabbed the holeshot and Cameron McAdoo was just behind. Cameron trailed the points-leader for a few laps before mounting an attack for the race lead. The Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider looked inside of Jett a few times before ultimately making the pass for the lead after the finish line.

However, as Cameron worked his way into lapped traffic, Jett began to close the gap. The duo entered the whoops side-by-side but Jett had taken an outside line in the corner before and ultimately had a better drive through the technical, chewed up whoops. Cameron fought back a few laps later and pressured for the lead again, but ultimately had to settle for a second place finish.

RJ Hampshire | 3rd Place | 250 Class

It was a quiet but successful night in Indianapolis for RJ Hampshire. The Rockstar Energy Husqvarna rider ended up fourth overall in timed-qualifying sessions, giving him second gate pick in 250 Heat One. 

As for the Heat Race, RJ sat just behind Cameron McAdoo for practically the entire race and crossed the finish line in second place. RJ seemed to have used up all of his good starts when the Main Event came around, as the Factory Husqvarna rider spent the 250 East Coast Main Event climbing towards the top of the field  and into a podium position. RJ had to wait until late in the race to pass Pierce Brown for the third place position, and RJ seemed to get better as the track got more chewed up. 

Although he was just outside of the action and the camera’s, Indianapolis was overall a solid night for Hampshire. The Rockstar Energy Husqvarna rider left Lucas Oil Stadium as the third best rider on arguably one of the most challenging and brutal tracks, yet. 

Eli Tomac | 1st Place | 450 Class

Yet again, Eli Tomac leaves Indianapolis on top, as the Monster Energy/Star Racing/Yamaha rider added to his win-streak and points-lead. After qualifying first overall with a 43.041, Eli was the man to beat from the second bikes hit the track in Indianapolis.

Although, 450 Heat Two didn’t go exactly the way Eli had hoped, as he crossed the finish line in third place. Though, that was the worst part of Eli’s day. As for the Main Event, Eli snagged a solid start and sat just behind Justin Barcia as they exited the first turn. Moments later, Jason Anderson jumped to the inside of Eli to take over second place and drop Eli into third. Malcom Stewart then made a pass on Eli and the Tomac fans began to stress. 

However, Eli fired back just a few laps later and dove to the inside of Mookie to make a perfect pass for third. Tomac then began pressuring Jason Anderson for the second place position, however, that prompted Jason to up his pace. As Jason went on to challenge Barcia for the lead, Eli was left to deal with a charging Malcolm Stewart, yet again. 

Jason ultimately made the pass for the lead, but Barcia took the Monster Energy Kawasaki rider down just a few sections later. That incident placed Eli in second place and seemed to re-spark the fight in the points-leader. Eli Tomac was slowly reeling in Justin Barcia by jumping a triple-quad in the rough track conditions. A few laps later, Eli jumped that very same jump combination and did so to make the pass for the lead. As the checkered flag waved, Eli Tomac grabbed his fourth-straight race win. 

Justin Barcia | 2nd Place | 450 Class

Despite the massive cut on his finger, that he suffered in a practice crash last week, Justin Barcia was on rails in Indianapolis. The TLD/Red Bull/GasGas rider was looking spicy the second he touched the course, as he qualified in fifth place overall with a 43.994. 

Though, Justin’s night didn’t seem to really come to him until racing started in the second 450 Heat Race. Barcia and Stewart swapped lines in the heat race and battled over the lead, though, Justin ultimately took the Heat Race win. 

As for the Main Event, Justin rocketed out of the gate and beat the rest of the field to the holeshot line to take the early race lead. Anderson and Tomac began to battle for second place, allowing Barcia to check out just a tad. However, the pressure Anderson was experiencing from Eli pushed Jason to up his pace. And after a mistake in the whoops from the number-51 GasGas rider, Jason Anderson made the pass for the lead.

Just a few sections later, Barcia aimed right off of the face of the triple and darted inside of Anderson to take control of the race again. Justin Barcia then began to log lap after lap and didn’t have to face another challenge until Eli Tomac made his way up to the rear wheel of the GasGas. After losing the lead, Justin continued to charge and nearly re-passed the points leader on the final lap, after Eli rolled a double, but had to settle for second place. 

Marvin Musquin | 3rd Place | 450 Class

Marvin Musquin had a really quiet night in Indianapolis, but improved each time he was on the track. The Red Bull KTM rider started off the day 8th overall in timed qualifying and over a second off of the fastest lap time.

As we mentioned, Marvin improved his result in each session of the race and maybe some of it had to do with his riding style and the technical track conditions. In 450 Heat One, Musquin raced his way to a fifth place result. Now for the main event; Marvin exited the first turn in fourth place but was just outside of the camera’s, as Eli and Anderson battled over positions ahead. Malcolm Stewart then made his way past Marvin, but went down late in the race and finished outside of the top-5. As the track broke down and became more and more challenging, Marvin slowly reeled in the riders in front of him.

At the end of the Main Event, Marvin crossed the checkered flag in third place and sat just 5-seconds behind Eli Tomac. 

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