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2024 Indianapolis Supercross | Race Report & Results


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Round ten of the 2024 Monster Energy Supercross Championship is officially in the books, as Triple Crown racing went off in Indianapolis, Indiana. As expected, the track broke down quickly, which led to a challenging and technical race course for the evening. The fans inside Lucas Oil Stadium saw a thrilling night of close battles, crashes, and important finishes in the 250 East Region and 450 Class.

250 Race One

Jalek Swoll snagged the first holeshot of the night, but quickly got shuffled back to third after Daxton Bennick and Cameron McAdoo snaked inside of the Triumph rider. Tom Vialle then made a quick pass on Swoll on the opening lap to pick up third place. Bennick made a mistake on the second lap, which allowed Cameron McAdoo to make a pass for the lead. 

Tom Vialle then blitzed past Bennick in the whoops a few sections later to pick up second place. Shortly after being shuffled back to third, Bennick went down in the sand and fell back to 13th place. As Tom Vialle continued to hunt McAdoo and pressure for the race lead, Haiden Deegan joined the party and began reeling-in the leaders. 

While running inside the top-10, Max Anstie made a few mistakes and fell back to 22nd place. Haiden Deegan caught up to the rear tire of Tom Vialle and nearly went down after the whoops but managed to save it. Seth Hammaker and Coty Schock made their way past Jalek Swoll to pick up fourth and fifth place. 

With three laps to go, Tom Vialle went down in the whoops and dropped back to fourth place. Cameron McAdoo snagged the first race win of the night, 4-seconds ahead of Haiden Deegan. 

250 Race Two

The second 250SX start of the night went to Jalek Swoll, who had Haiden Deegan in tail. Cameron McAdoo and Seth Hammaker ran in third and fourth place. Seth Hammaker held the upper hand on his teammate on the opening lap, but Cameron was pressuring. On the second lap, Haiden Deegan tripled past Swoll in the long rhythm lane to takeover the race lead. 

Seth Hammaker went for a pass on Swoll, but he cased a triple in the rhythm lane and went down hard. Seth remounted quickly but now sat in tenth place. Cameron McAdoo now sat in third place, but Tom Vialle was just behind. Jalek Swoll made a slight mistake and veered off track, which allowed Vialle to advance into third place. Swoll came back on track just behind Chance Hymas, in sixth place. 

Pierce Brown was now pressuring Vialle for third place, as Seth Hammaker was down again after a fall in the whoops. Pierce Brown then went down, while in fourth place, dropping him back to fifth place. A few laps later, Pierce Brown made the pass on Hymas for fourth place. Haiden Deegan crossed the checkered flag to claim the victory over Cameron McAdoo in main event two. 

250 Race Three

Tom Vialle raced off with the race lead, while Haiden Deegan, Chance Hymas, Max Anstie, and many others were down hard in the first corner. Nick Romano ran in second place, as Pierce Brown and Cameron McAdoo trailed. Pierce Brown made a quick pass on Romano for second place. Cameron McAdoo then passed Ramano a lap later and picked up third. 

Jalek Swoll was out of the race with a mechanical issue, Triumph’s first issue of the year. Daxton Bennick passed his teammate Ramano for fourth place. Up front, Cameron McAdoo was giving chase to Pierce Brown and challenging for second place. Meanwhile, Haiden Deegan was up to eighth place after being down on the start. 

Haiden Deegan continued to charge forward, as he passed Coty Schock for sixth place. Coty then went down in the whoops and remounted in eighth place. Tom Vialle took the win in Main Event three, but Cameron McAdoo finished in second place to claim the overall victory in Indianapolis and take the points lead. 

450 Race One

The first 450SX holeshot of the night went to Ken Roczen, who was followed by Jason Anderson initially, but Jett Lawrence made a quick pass for second place on the opening lap. Chase Sexton and Cooper Webb shuffled McElrath back to sixth place after a great start. Cooper Webb then made a pass on Sexton to take over fourth place. 

Jett Lawrence began reeling-in Ken Roczen and pressuring for the race lead. Ken then drifted to the outside in the sand section after the finish line, which allowed Jett to rocket past through the inside and take the race lead. Cooper Webb then caught Jason Anderson and made the pass for third place. 

Chase Sexton followed just a lap later, as he shuffled Anderson back to fifth place. Cade Clason cross-rutted right in front of Webb, which sent Cooper into the dirt and dropped him back to 8th place. Eli Tomac was on a late race charge, as he passed Anderson and then went after Sexton for third. Jett Lawrence took the checkered flag to claim the victory in main event one. 

450 Race Two

Jett Lawrence snagged the second 450SX start of the night and had Aaron Plessinger in tail. Ken Roczen was extremely aggressive on lap one and passed both Plessinger and Lawrence in the matter of two corners. Aaron Plessinger then looked inside of Jett after the whoops and nearly passed him for second. Jason Anderson then entered the picture, as he was pressuring Plessinger and took him wide after the whoops to make the pass for third place. 

Justin Barcia went for an aggressive pass on Sexton but Chase managed to stay up, while Barcia went into the dirt and dropped outside the top-10. Cooper Webb made the pass on Plessinger before going after Anderson for third. Jett Lawrence pulled alongside and then to the inside of Roczen to take the race lead back. Cooper Webb backed off the pace a tad, which allowed Chase Sexton to pull alongside and past him in the rhythm lane. 

Chase Sexton then laid down another fast lap and blitzed Jason Anderson for third place. Cooper Webb latched onto Sexton and made the pass on Anderson as well, shuffled Jason back to sixth. However, Aaron Plessinger was on the move, as he passed both Anderson and Webb to move into fourth place. Despite making a few mistakes that allowed Roczen to close within a second late in the race, Jett Lawrence managed to lay down a few more sprint laps and take the win in Main Event two. 

450 Race Three

Ken Roczen just edged out Jett Lawrence for the lead at the start of the third Main Event. Chase Sexton trailed in third place and Cooper Webb sat just behind him. Ken laid down sprint laps immediately to build a 2-second cushion over Jett Lawrence. Chase Sexton reeled-in Jett and began pressuring for second place.

While running inside the top-5, Aaron Plessinger and Jason Anderson got together – resulting in Plessinger going down and dropping back to tenth place. Back up front, Jett was now on Roczen’s rear wheel and then pulled alongside to make the pass for the lead. The duo raced through three sections side-by-side before Jett perfected the pass for the lead. 

Chase Sexton was now pressuring Ken Roczen for second place, as he was on his rear wheel looking for a place to make the pass. Sexton then jumped to the inside of Ken and completed the pass a few moments later. Jett Lawrence grabbed his third win of the night to sweep in Indianapolis. 

Chase Curtis

Chase Curtis is an avid motocross and MTB rider, and he is the SML Video Editor. Completely self-taught, Chase is one of the best video editors in the sport and one of our biggest assets.

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