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2024 St. Louis Supercross | Pre-Race News Break & Interviews



The Monster Energy Supercross Championship is set to wrap up a six-week run with the 2024 St. Louis Supercross. Today’s race is going to be a big one with the riders of the 250 West Region and 450 Class running the Triple Crown format, plus the addition of amateur prospects in Supercross Futures.

The Gateway City has been a stop on the Supercross schedule 26 times since 1996, and given the wet weather the series has endured this year, a return to the Dome and the connected convention center is almost cause for celebration.

Ninety-four card carrying pros have signed up for today’s race, with 48 on the entry list for the 450 Class and 46 in the 250 West Region.

The Triple Crown format puts even more importance on Qualifying. The 250 Class will be split into A and B Groups for the afternoon sessions, but turnout for the 450 Class has prompted the inclusion of a C Group. Being ranked in the top-18 in the afternoon’s combined times earns a rider a spot in the night show, and anything worse means a trip to the LCQ, where the final four gates are determined over five minutes and a lap.

Here’s a reminder of the race durations and scoring for the Triple Crown: The 250 Class will go ten minutes plus a lap, and the 450 Class will go for twelve minutes and one lap. The rider’s combined finishes over the three motos will determine the results, with a low number being ideal.

This race is especially important for the 250 West Region, as 26 points separate the top-four ahead of today’s Triple Crown, the two Showdowns, and one standard Main Event left in their season.

The Midwest clay is widely praised by riders as some of the best on the circuit, and a climate-controlled building like the Dome will help the Dirt Wurx crew during a busy day. The layout covers most of the football stadium and features a sweeping first turn, high-speed flats, multiple rhythm lanes, and plenty of bowl berms.

Levi Kitchen is ahead in the 250 West Region with 131 points, RJ Hampshire second with 123, Jordon Smith third with 110, Garrett Marchbanks fourth with 105, Jo Shimoda fifth with 94, Anthony Bourdon sixth with 79, Julien Beaumer seventh with 78, Carson Mumford eighth with 75, Mitchell Oldenburg ninth with 67, Nate Thrasher tenth with 63, and Hunter Yoder eleventh with 62.

Jett Lawrence leads the 450 Class with 230, Cooper Webb is second with 214, Chase Sexton third with 207, Ken Roczen fourth with 192, Eli Tomac fifth with 190, Aaron Plessinger sixth with 180, Jason Anderson seventh with 177, Justin Cooper eighth with 134, Justin Barcia ninth with 122, Malcolm Stewart is tenth with 115, and Hunter Lawrence eleventh with 113.

Michael Antonovich

Michael Antonovich has a wealth of experience with over 10 years of moto-journalism under his belt. A lifelong racing enthusiast and rider, Anton is the Editor of Swapmoto Live and lives to be at the race track.

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