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Mini Major West by SEVEN Details


Presented by Seven MX

The preparation is 6th gear pinned and we are stoked to be hosting another amazing event this week!  The Mini Major concept is now celebrating its SEVEN year Anniversary!  Expanding this year into a three round series we are excited to kick things off where it all started in Southern California. 

Since launching the event, the Mini Major and its title sponsor Seven MX, have created the largest mini-only event in the Nation!  We have upped the ante each year with new and exciting changes to the format and focussed heavily on the activities after the racing stops each day.  This year is no different and with great sponsors involved the vendor village will be packed with awesome brands there to support the racers and families.  Each of the following brands will have custom activations to visit;  SEVEN, Red Line Oil, STACYC, BTO Sports.com, KTM, Husqvarna, Gas Gas, Walters Mercedes Benz, Pro Taper and OGIO, 

Your last chance to purchase and reserve overnight parking can be found if you CLICK HERE  Spectator/Racer passes ($40), and Pit vehicle passes ($10) can also be purchased there.  There is no extra fee for Thursday practice although it is only available to registered racers.  The track itself will be looking a lot different with riders jumping under the finish line truss section and multiple unique branding all over the track thanks to our partner Zingg Inc.  The track layout will also consist of portions on the Main and Vet layout for those familiar with both tracks.  Day parking will be available in select areas for individuals not camping overnight, there is no fee for day parking.


Wednesday – April 27 – Gates open 12pm – 8pm

Pull in day 12pm – 8pm.  No track access.  Must have a reserved overnight parking space

Thursday – April 28 – Gates open 6:30am – 8pm

Group practice starts at 8am.  Barring delays we will work through the full schedule four times giving each group 15 minutes per session.

Practice 1 – Supermini / 85/150f / Age Groups

Practice 2 – 65cc Age Group (No Beginners or Novice)

Practice 3 – 85/150f Beginner / Novice / Girls

Practice 4 – PW/XR/TTR/CRF/JR (No KTM’s or Cobra’s)

Practice 5 – 65 Beginner / Novice / Girls

Practice 6 – PeeWee Age Group (No Beginners/Novice)

Practice 7 – PeeWee Beginner/Novice/Electric 50 (no PW/XR/TTR/CRF/JR)

20 minutes after the last practice we will host the Father Son Race!  This can be any combination of Mom/Dad and Son/Daughter on a team so long as there is one parent and one child on the team.  Riders will race 4 laps starting with the child racer leaving the starting gate.  The parent will take over after one lap and race the same motorcycle as the kid and riders will continue to switch off each lap.  We know the competitive spirit runs in the blood of all of us just remember this is for fun and we want everyone finishing the race healthy and laughing!  The riders who have the most fun are the winners on the day.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday – Gates open 6am – 8pm

We are racing a three moto Championship format.  The race order will be posted Thursday evening.  Overall points after three rounds will determine the Champions and finishing places.  Trophies in every class up to 5th place.  Keep an eye out for announcements about our custom holeshot awards from OGIO on select days.  Championship podiums will be complete with a time honored tradition of spraying the victory bubbly for top three finishers and all the action will be posted at www.swapmotolive.com and new for this year on www.vurbmoto.com as well!  Live timing will be available to follow along on the Swapmoto Race Series Results page.

KTM and Husqvarna Electric Challenge

This year we are once again super excited to have support from KTM and Husqvarna on their electric motorcycles the E5 and EE5.  We will have a full class this year all three days for anyone owning one of these electric minis!  You can find the class on the pre registration page and make sure you are registered for contingency dollars for all KTM, Husqvarna and Gas Gas brands!

STACYC GROMCROSS Friday 4pm – 7pm

This years STACYC GROMCROSS event will be held in the parking log at State Fair MX where the SX track used to be.  Pre registration is available and all STACYC spectators will be allowed in free. Classes are limited so make sure and get signed up before they sell out.  Tons of details on the pre reg page CLICK HERE.


No spoiler alerts throughout the day as SX will be a day race in Denver.  We will be replaying the event on the big screen in the Derby Room located in the parking lot at State Fair.  Come hang out with fellow racers and get something off their awesome menu.  There will be a photo step and repeat and lots of bench racing to be had.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Pre Registration is still open for all classes until Wednesday April 27 at 9pm.  On site registration will open Thursday at 1pm.  All riders will get a free event tee included with their registration.  CLICK HERE FOR PRE REGISTRATION

We look forward to everyone joining us this year at as many of the three rounds as possible.  This will be our first year visiting Freestone MX for the Championship final!  We are super excited to return to Monster Mountain this year on the East Coast!  Mark your calendars and make it out to one of the West or East stops so that you qualify for a premium gate pick at the Championship.

Please read the following carefully:

Unfortunately at the last couple of races there have been severe incidents involving people staying overnight.  State Fair MX has notified us that there will be a zero tolerance policy and to consider this as a warning to all who may have intentions that the race is a babysitter for kids or that partying loudly into the dawn is acceptable. It is not.  We have seen other tracks take extreme measures to prevent these kind of activities by banning pit vehicles or searching every single cooler and fridge that comes in with a zero alcohol policy.  These are conditions made because of a few that impact the enjoyment of all.  Let’s not take it too far.  If you bring a pit vehicle you will be required to sign an additional waiver pay $10 and present a sticker on the vehicle.  The track message is that these vehicles are only for transportation from camping to the track and back.  Kids riding pit bikes or driving golf carts across the fairgrounds will not be tolerated.  State Fair MX has gone to great measures to put up fencing in the allowed areas and it is clear where that area ends.  No pit vehicles should be in use after racing ends each day.  The California State Fairgrounds will not tolerate pit bikes wandering around the facility.  Bicycles are the preferred method of transportation after racing ends for all children.  This is state property and these actions can terminate our lease agreement.  If bikes or vehicles are found to be mis-used they will be impounded for the weekend.  No refunds will be issued.  Bottom line every space has been carefully planned and parking will be close in proximity.  There is also no spectators allowed on the race track.  There are signs posted and a clear area where you may or may not be.  Any arguing, cursing, or ignoring this safety rule required by the insurance company will result in removal from the event and no refund will be provided.  Riders will ultimately receive any penalties due to family members actions.  Respect your neighbors and use common sense.


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1 Comment

  1. Travis E May 17, 2022

    We were interested in this series and like the classes offered but most Texas racers aren’t going to be able to make the final. Thre are 2 big local series district races on the same date as the final. The race would be a much better success on a date that wasn’t so conflicting for the locals.