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Mini Majors Championships by SEVEN – Freestone TX 9/23-9/25/2022

We are excited to be realizing a HUGE step in the growth of the Mini Major events!  On September 23-25 we will be holding an East versus West Championships at the famous Freestone MX National Track in Wortham Texas.  Everyone on a mini is invited whether you raced a previous East or West Round this year or not.  It’s a great opportunity for everyone to try out the Mini Major experience.  Riders who did East or West rounds will get preferred gate picks in Moto 1.
The goal of the Mini Major by SEVEN in addition to running a smooth and professional event is and has always been to provide an opportunity for racers just getting their career going to experience a large scale event.  Mini Major provides Beginner and Novice classes as well as more traditional age group classes for a more inclusive racer experience.  We look to support those racers that are newer with lower entry fees and ton’s of giveaways so they have a great experience racing.  It’s super exciting to see the riders who have come through Mini Major making their pro debut’s in recent years.  This is the seventh annual running of the Mini Major and we look to keep improving every year.  Visit out pre registration page CLICK HERE and start with what should be your first class.  Are you a Beginner, Novice or fast Age Group racer?  There are recommendations for second and third classes after you locate your first class as well as Open class opportunities where you get a chance to race the faster riders as well.  Pre registration will close 9/21/22, at 8pm.  You can sign up on site starting Thursday afternoon at 2pm.  Classes will be $10 more on site.
Unique for this event with the help of SEVEN we made custom race bibs for all riders!  These will be worn by every racer to represent their coast with different colors for East and West.  These will be cool collectors items and a really fun way to know which coast is leading every race.  Ten Cent Boys will be on hand as well to custom print names and numbers if you like in the Mini Major standardized artwork.
Thursday – Pull in day!  All parking is dry without hookups.  Overnight parking for the entire weekend will be $70.  As soon as you get on site all will be required to have an event wrist band.  The wrist band for the entire weekend is $35.  Race staff will also be onsite after 1pm to check in riders and assign bibs (pre purchase from our registration page).  Practice stickers will be assigned as well so get by registration and check in.
Friday – Gates open 6am Practice begins at 8am.  Gates will close at 10pm.  Overnight Parking is $60 and wristbands are $35.  There is no additional fee for riders who are registered in the event to practice.  There are no fees or permits for golf carts or pit vehicles.  Please always respect the facility and make sure you aren’t using vehicles after hours.
Each practice group will last approximately 15 minutes.  Each group should get four rounds of practice barring any unplanned schedule delays.  This is one hour or practice per category so if you ride a 85 and a Supermini you have tons of time to learn the track on each bike.

Practice 1 – Supermini / 85/150f / Age Groups

Practice 2 – 65cc Age Group (No Beginners or Novice)

Practice 3 – 85/150f Beginner / Novice / Girls

Practice 4 – PW/XR/TTR/CRF/JR (No KTM’s or Cobra’s)

Practice 5 – 65 Beginner / Novice / Girls

Practice 6 – 50 Age Group (No Beginners/Novice)

Practice 7 – 50 Beginner/Novice/Electric 50 (no PW/XR/TTR/CRF/JR)

20 minutes after the last practice we will host the Father Son Race!  This can be any combination of Mom/Dad and Son/Daughter on a team so long as there is one parent and one child on the team.  Riders will race 4 laps starting with the child racer leaving the starting gate.  The parent will take over after one lap and race the same motorcycle as the kid and riders will continue to switch off each lap.  We know the competitive spirit runs in the blood of all of us just remember this is for fun and we want everyone finishing the race healthy and laughing!  The riders who have the most fun are the winners on the day.  Make sure you get by registration and sign up for this fun event that will create a lifetime of bench racing.

The weekend’s race order will be posted Friday evening on our social media and on site.    

Saturday and Sunday: Gates open at 6:00am – Saturday overnight parking is $40.  Saturday wristbands are discounted to $25 and Sunday wristbands are $15 (one or the other not both) so bring out your family that didn’t come for practice day!  Site lap begins at 8am where riders will be grouped into a bike size site lap starting with Supermini/85, 65, 50 and E50’s, then PW.  Then we will get right into racing.  We will also have site laps included in the race schedule throughout the day.

Make sure to check out all our awesome sponsors and vendors when you come out!  Every racer will get an event t-shirt and we will have all sizes available for sale as well.

SEVEN – The next level in athletic performance. Founded by James Stewart in 2013 to take athlete apparel and protection to heights never before reached. With his fierce competitive nature and passion for performance, James set out to assemble a team of like minded creatives and visionaries that would ultimately help him see into the future. Now collectively as a team and a family, Seven will continue to push the boundaries, just as James Stewart has done his entire career. Seven – Redefining Limits…
SEVEN is also here supporting racers of the Mini Major.  They have tons of deals on products, free sticker packs, a selfie photo op with the Mini Major Monster and more.  Also make sure and stop by SEVEN to check out James Stewart’s KX125.
Red Line Oil – Since 1979, Red Line Synthetic Oil has been creating lubricants for the racing industry. Today, they manufacture more than 100 quality products, including motor oils, gear oils, assembly lubes, fuel additives and our popular WaterWetter cooling additive for the automotive, motorcycle, marine and industrial markets.  
Every racer gets a free bottle of 2 stroke premix.  We are sure you will find Red Line Oil to be the cleanest burning oil on the market.  Stop by the Red Line Oil booth and learn more about their line of products.
BTO SPORTS – BTO Sports is a worldwide online retailer of Motorcycle/Motocross gear, parts, accessories, clothing and more. Founded in 1999.  Over the course of several years working for brands in the motocross industry, BTO Sports saw a great opportunity for growth in a sport growing in popularity with each passing day. Armed with a handful of contacts within the industry, and a will to do anything for success.  BTO is a partner with SEVEN MX and you can get free jersey lettering when you purchase a SEVEN kit at BTOSPORTS.com.
Swapmotolive.com is the media partner for the Mini Majors by SEVEN.  Full coverage will be posted on Swapmotolive.com and free photos will be posted for download as well.  Check out SwapmotoLive.com for full coverage on all things moto, helpful how to videos and much more.
STACYC – What started as a Father Son project in the garage to share the love of riding has exploded into a movement between families all over the world.  STACYC supports a new generation of riders giving little rippers a chance to twist a throttle from a very early age.  We will be hosting a STACYC event and race Saturday after racing concludes.  Make sure and stop by registration and make sure your little ripper is joining in the fun.
For 30 years, ProTaper has been the leader in 1-1/8″ taperwall handlebars. They should be—they invented them. ProTaper’s invention set the benchmark by which all other motorcycle handlebars are measured. From handlebars and grips to sprockets and chains, our products are trusted by top athletes around the globe.  Stop by and check out the activation for product info and contests.
Are you new to Freestone MX?  This is an amazing facility that does a ton of racing throughout the year.  They have hosted pro nationals in the past as well!  Thanks to Clayton and the Miller Family for hosting this event.  www.freestonemx.com
Are you riding a KTM, Husqvarna or Gas Gas this weekend?  Make sure you are signed up for all contingencies offered this weekend.  KTM and Husqvarna each offer $325 per applicable class and GasGas offers $295 per applicable class paying all the way to 10th place.  We appreciate the support of these manufacturers and we are supporting their effort into the E Bike classes as we have created a special class the Electric Challenge.  It will be the quietest race of the day so don’t miss it!  
On site for this years event will be crew from Ten Cent Boys!  They will be on site to provide all your jersey printing needs and more.  They are will be hooking up all bib customization on site so get in line early as they will be cranking a ton of these out.  Cost is $45 for name and number on the bib. They have a full menu of services so check them out.
EMT Racing will be on site for all your parts and service needs.  They also come fully stocked with Dunlop tires!  Dunlop will be providing certificates for holeshot awards in every gate drop during Sundays motos.
Providing goggle service at the races will be BC Goggle Co!  With the industries youngest CEO (10 years old) make sure and check out their complete product line and say hi to Brinley when you are there!  She’s a true sport enthusiast and a great story behind a great brand.
We have even more in store and we are excited to be adding more details, support and potential giveaways this week!  Make sure you stay glued to our instagram page @swapmotoraceseries and get all the info for one of the most fun events of the year!  We look forward to seeing you at Freestone MX! 
Class descriptions:
Beginner – A rider who hasn’t attended a national level event before.  Someone who races locally in a Beginner class or lower.
Novice – A rider who could have gone to a national level event but doesn’t typically finish in the top 30 of an age group class or make it out of semi’s.
Age group – A typical AMA class rider who makes the Mains and qualifies out of semi’s
Race Age is same as AMA.  Age as of Jan 1 2022 is the age you race.
All classes allow mod unless specified by wheel size or “Stock”.
Contact aaron@cmxrs.com with questions or concerns.

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