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2021 Orlando Two Supercross | Race Preview


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Another Saturday, another Supercross. After a few days of work in the Sunshine State, the 2021 Monster Energy Supercross Series has returned to Camping World Stadium for the 2021 Orlando Two Supercross. For some, this is the eighth round in an excellent race season. For others, it could be the day that sets the tone for the rest of the tour.

Today marks the start of the 250 West Coast Region (yes, it’s weird that the west starts in Florida, but what’s been typical in the last 12 months), and as you’ll see on the entry list below, it’s a stacked field that will bring even more excitement into the Saturday night program.

Riders and teams will get an extended break after round eight, as the series will take its first weekend off since mid-January. As much as everyone is looking forward to a little rest and recovery, they want to end the first portion of the season on a high point.


Everything we’ve said about the 450 Class for the last three rounds applies: you have to finish ahead of Ken Roczen to keep a chance at the championship. Cooper Webb’s win last week was much-needed, as it cut three points from Roczen’s advantage, but the pressure must be maintained from here out. Eli Tomac is in a slightly more dire position because the defending champion is now down by a full race worth of points to the leader. If anyone can click off a string of wins at this point in the season, it’s Tomac, but that might not be possible in the class right now.

As for the 250 West Coast region, well, let’s just say we’re about to see an all-out fight. There are a handful of riders that expect to be in the mix for the number one plate and it’s a sure thing that we’ll see a first-time SX champion in this field. Take your pick between Jeremy Martin, Justin Cooper, Cameron McAdoo, Jordon Smith, Hunter Lawrence, and the like.


As we mentioned early this week, Feld Entertainment and Dirt Wurx decided to keep the layouts for rounds seven and eight very similar. With Camping World Stadium being an open-air venue and Florida’s sudden stormy weather, the track crew could not go through with the massive overhaul that they had planned.

The general layout is the same, and no lanes have been moved, but the entire track was “tuned up,” and new obstacles were built to change it up from last week. Elements like the starting gate, triple jumps, and finish line have remained in place, while rhythm lanes were reconfigured with jumps for a new flow.

This should be a much different track than last week, just because of the weather. There’s no call for rain in today’s forecast, which should keep the hard clay from being as slick and greasy.


6. Jeremy Martin

26. Alex Martin

31. Cameron McAdoo

32. Justin Cooper | The Monster Energy/Star Racing/Yamaha rider suffered a handful of injuries from separate incidents through the offseason, including a broken foot three weeks ago. He will be on the starting line in Orlando.

35. Mitchell Harrison

39. Carson Mumford

41. Hunter Lawrence

47. Jalek Swoll

48. Garrett Marchbanks

53. Jake Masterpool

54. Nick Gaines

56. Kyle Peters

59. Jarrett Frye

60. Chris Blose

61. Joey Crown

63. Martin Castelo

65. Carson Brown

66. Jordan Bailey

67. Stilez Robertson

68. Jace Owen

69. Robbie Wageman

72. Coty Schock | The FXR/Chaparral/Honda rider broke his collarbone during the offseason, had it plated, and returned to riding. He will be on the starting line in Orlando.

73. Derek Kelley

75. Ty Masterpool

77. Jerry Robin

80. Jordon Smith | The Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider broke his hand in the offseason but has healed and returned to riding. He will be on the starting line in Orlando.

90. Dilan Schwartz

91. Nate Thrasher

92. Chase Marquier

93. Hardy Munoz

112. Xylian Ramella

118. Cheyenne Harmon

119. Logan Boyd

120. Todd Bannister

121. Chris Howell

137. Sean Cantrell

138. David Pulley

142. Dakota Alix

150. Seth Hammaker

157. Hunter Calle

201. Cedric Soubeyras

204. Kyle Greeson

208. Logan Leitzel

220. Ramyller Alves

242. Garrett Hoffman

246. Chance Blackburn

247. Brock Papi

259. Corbin Hayes

272. Wristin Grigg

312. Marc Gonzalez

321. Bradley Lionnet

372. Hayden Hefner

412. Jared Lesher

428. Chad Stonier

446. Blaine Silveira

464. Dominique Thury

483. Bryton Carroll

538. Addison Emory

611. Calvin Fonvieille

647. Matthew Hubert

711. Tristan Lane

767. Mason Wharton

815. Colton Eigenmann

837. Bryson Gardner

951. Ryan Surratt


33. Derek Drake | The BARX/Chaparral/ECSTAR/Suzuki rider had a compound fracture of his femur in December, but is already back on the bike. He will sit out the Orlando race, but will join the field later in the season.

45. Pierce Brown | The Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing rider experienced a long recovery from a 2020 knee injury. Although he is back on the bike and riding Supercross, he will sit out the Orlando race for further prep.


1. Eli Tomac

2. Cooper Webb

7. Aaron Plessinger

9. Adam Cianciarulo

11. Kyle Chisholm

12. Shane McElrath

14. Dylan Ferrandis

15. Dean Wilson | The Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing rider is dealing with a list of injuries on his leg after a practice crash, but will race Orlando Two.

16. Zach Osborne

17. Joey Savatgy

19. Justin Bogle

20. Broc Tickle

21. Jason Anderson

25. Marvin Musquin

27. Malcolm Stewart

28. Brandon Hartranft

34. Max Anstie | The Twisted Tea/HEP Motorsports/Suzuki rider sat out the first part of the season with a back injury, and he will return to action in Orlando.

36. Martin Davalos

37. Benny Bloss

40. Vince Friese

43. Fredrik Noren

44. Tyler Bowers

49. Mitchell Oldenburg | With Brayton uncertain, Muc-Off Honda has brought Oldenburg up to the 450 Class for the weekend, just in case.

51. Justin Barcia

57. Justin Rodbell

70. Henry Miller

81. Justin Starling

83. Alex Ray | The SGB/Babbitt’s Online/Maxxis/Kawasaki rider missed Orlando One due to a positive COVID case. He has since tested negative and will return to the track this weekend.

85. Kevin Moranz | With the 250 East Coast region on break, the Kansas racer has stepped up to the 450 Class.

88. Logan Karnow | The MADD Parts/DEMX/Namura Tech/TXS Productions rider has stepped up to the 450 Class.

94. Ken Roczen | The Team Honda HRC rider is the current championship leader in the 450 Class.

99. Hunter Sayles | With the 250 East Coast region on break, the Michigan racer has stepped up to the 450 Class.

114. Nick Schmidt

141. Richard Taylor

145. Travis Smith

193. Hunter Schlosser | With the 250 East Coast region on break, the Texas racer has stepped up to the 450 Class.

216. Devin Harriman | With the 250 East Coast region on break, the Washington racer has stepped up to the 450 Class.

280. Cade Clason

282. Theodore Pauli

309. Jeremy Smith

330. AJ Catanzaro

364. Chad Saultz | With the 250 East Coast region on break, the Illinois racer has stepped up to the 450 Class.

421. Vann Martin

447. Deven Raper

501. Scotty Wennerstrom

509. Alex Nagy | With the 250 East Coast region on break, the Illinois racer has stepped up to the 450 Class.

606. Ronnie Stewart

625. Jonah Geistler | With the 250 East Coast region on break, the Illinois racer has stepped up to the 450 Class.

637. Bobby Piazza | With the 250 East Coast region on break, the Pennsylvania racer has stepped up to the 450 Class.

722. Adam Enticknap

795. Aaron Leininger

805. Carlen Gardner

848. Joan Cros

916. Justin Rando

952. Ludovic Macler

976. Josh Greco

981. Austin Politelli | The HRT-backed privateer has been dealing with lingering symptoms from a concussion, but is on the entry list for Orlando Two. He will make a decision to race on Saturday.


4. Blake Baggett | A contract dispute with Rocky Mountain ATV-MC/WPS/KTM and recent surgery have put Baggett’s career on pause for the time being.

10. Justin Brayton | The Muc-Off Honda rider is out for Orlando Two after a mid-week practice crash left him with a severely sore chest. 

23. Chase Sexton | The Team Honda HRC rider will miss Orlando Two in order to further heal his shoulder from a crash at the Houston Two Supercross; he will return at Daytona.

46. Justin Hill | It’s unclear what Hill will do in 2021 following a split from the SmarTop/Bullfrog Spas/MotoConcepts/Honda team. 

83. Alex Ray | The SGB/Maxxis/Babbitt’s/Kawasaki rider will miss the Orlando One Supercross due to a case of COVID-19; Ray is the first rider to miss a race due to the illness.

824. Carter Stephenson | The privateer will miss the rest of the season due to a broken wrist, fractured sternum, and two broken ribs.

974. Brian Marty | The privateer suffered a separated AC joint, broken elbow, and broken rib in a recent practice crash and will undergo surgery to correct the damage. He hopes to be back later in the season.

Michael Antonovich

Michael Antonovich has a wealth of experience with over 10 years of moto-journalism under his belt. A lifelong racing enthusiast and rider, Anton is the Editor of Swapmoto Live and lives to be at the race track.

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