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All you need to know about the Mini Major East by SEVEN


We are siked to be heading into the Mini Major East event September 10-12 at Monster Mountain MX Park in Tallassee, AL.  Riders are coming out from all over the United States to come see what the Mini Major by SEVEN is all about.  Pre registration is now closed and we have over 160 more signups than last year!

We are super excited to announce that the winner of the SUPERMINI 1 class Championship will also get a special invite to join SEVEN MX at the World Famous Stewart Ranch!  More info will be shared on the @sevenmx_ instagram tomorrow so make sure to check it out!

We are also excited about a very special guest who is making the trip out with his kids and family to race.  Let’s just say the Father / Son race could get real interesting… You have to be there to see who it is.

Here is the schedule leading up to the event to hopefully answer any questions you may have about the schedule.

Thursday 9/9/21 – Pull in day – Gates Open 12pm – 9pm $70 for overnight parking.  Spectator passes for the weekend are $30 per person.

Friday 9/10/21 – Practice – Gates Open 6:30am – 8pm.  Overnight parking is $60 and wristbands are $30. On site race registration will open at 8am but classes are $10 more each than pre reg pricing. There is no extra fee for practice.  Group practice starts at 8am.  We will work through the full schedule four times giving each group 15 minutes per session.

Practice 1 – Supermini / 85/150f / Age Groups

Practice 2 – 65cc Age Group (No Beginners or Novice)

Practice 3 – 85/150f Beginner / Novice / Girls

Practice 4 – PW/XR/TTR/CRF/JR (No KTM’s or Cobra’s)

Practice 5 – 65 Beginner / Novice / Girls

Practice 6 – PeeWee Age Group (No Beginners/Novice)

Practice 7 – PeeWee Beginner/Novice/Electric 50 (no PW/XR/TTR/CRF/JR)

20 minutes after the last practice we will host the Father Son Race!  This can be any combination of Mom/Dad and Son/Daughter on a team so long as there is one parent and one child on the team.  Riders will race 4 laps starting with the child racer leaving the starting gate.  The parent will take over after one lap and race the same motorcycle as the kid and riders will continue to switch off each lap.  We know the competitive spirit runs in the blood of all of us just remember this is for fun and we want everyone finishing the race healthy and laughing!

Saturday 9/11/21 – Gates open 6:30 am – 8pm. ace Day Moto 1 – Overnight parking is $40 and wristbands will be $20.  We will race each class one moto.  The race schedule will be posted Friday evening on the instagram page @swapmotoraceseries.  Remember if you only sign up for one class you will only race one moto per day.  We have created Open classes and options so you should be able to race 2 – 3 motos.  If you try to race more than that you could find some motos are very close together.  We will be handing out HOLESHOT awards as well both days!  Some gate drops will have multiple classes on the line so these will be well earned trophies.

Saturday night we will host a STACYC GROMCROSS event for anyone with a 12″ or 16″ STACYC.  Start time will be determined based on the race schedule.  Come by and root on the smallest groms in the pits!

Sunday 9/12/21 – Race Day Moto 2 – Wristbands will be $10 (there is no way to pre purchase wristbands.  Costs are as posted for the day they are purchased, a wristband must be worn at all times.  Lost wristbands will have to be purchased at full price) Final motos and championship trophies will be handed out.  We are awarding 1st – 5th for every class.  By the end of Sunday we look to have some amazing bench racing stories from the weekend and safe travels home.

It’s a big risk to run this event all the way on the East Coast from our comfort zone.  We offer an environment that welcomes the grass roots racers and is less intimidating than a national level event but we still keep the large event vibe with marketing, branding and media.  We are so grateful you have chosen to spend the weekend with us.  Tell a friend they can sign up on site and let’s make it a great time!



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