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Paris Supercross Recap on the Pro Taper Kickstart Podcast


Presented by Pro Taper

The biggest off-season Supercross of the year went down last weekend in Paris, France, and one-half of our staff was there to participate and document it, firsthand! Some surprises for sure, and lots learned in the City of Love, and we recap it all in this week’s Kickstart Podcast!


Donn Maeda

Donn Maeda is a 30-year veteran in moto-journalism, having worked at Cycle News and Dirt Rider before launching MXracer Magazine and TransWorld Motocross Magazine. Maeda is the Editor-In-Chief at Swapmoto Live and you can catch him on a dirt bike or in the saddle of a mountain bike on most days.

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  1. Rodney King November 16, 2022

    I don’t think Eli was really concerned about winning that race. He wasn’t going to put it on the line for King of Paris. Where as Kenny battling his mental demons and him constantly over analyzing everything acted like this race was so important to him. It seemed Eli let him by and then would stay right with him and if Kenny made a mistake he would go by him but he wasn’t going to get injured there.

  2. Dylan Reichert November 16, 2022

    ARay, was there any other raw meet consumed in Paris before the race that you didn’t mention on the pod? Uncle Jim would be proud.

    1. Michael Antonovich November 17, 2022

      This is good.

  3. Jim Krause November 16, 2022

    ARay, the new man of culture, “It’s called S-Car-Go.”

  4. Marcus November 17, 2022

    How many exhausts is yellow dad stocking up on for a-Ray 23 run?

  5. Logan Gocza November 21, 2022

    You should make a cycling bottle that looks like a gatorade bottle, but with the “sketchy” logo instead. I would proudly rock that on my mtb and bring it to the track!

    You could also make an “A Ray upgrade kit”. It would come with a new subframe, chain, eghaust, and replacement visor 😅